A Not So Hideous Birthday

'I should probably get her a present,' I thought. I will just get her a gift card for Stop & Shop, and while at it, get a bag of chocolate covered pretzels for myself... But it's her birthday. Fine. I will get her a gift card for Target instead. It's not too far from here, and Target has food too.

When I got inside Target, there were a few people walking and talking in the aisles. I was walking to the snacks section when I stopped. There were the hideous skirts on hangers Abby wanted. When we went to the mall, she kept going on and on how those skirts were "so pretty" (that was where I mentally barfed). They were white just-above-the-knee skirts with huge flower heads of various colors with pink petals and smiley faces. I told her to shut up. And I swear the smiley faces turned to frowny faces. But nearby those skirts, looking at some more attractive clothes, was the stupid gossip girl clique from school.

I rolled my eyes and continue to walk to the snacks. I got the pretzels, and then got the gift card. It was the one that said Happy Birthday with the bright colors. But I thought of the skirt Abby really wanted and I wasn't sure if I should get her that or the gift card. Well, the gift card is cheaper, but the skirt is what Abby probably wants. And it's her birthday.

Sighing, I put the gift card back in the plastic slot and walk back to the skirts. But the girls were still there. 'Darn it.' If they see me get the skirt, they will automatically think I changed into a weirdo and the girly type of person. No! I'm still the bad girl that doesn't talk to anyone, gets bad grades, but got better because of Abby, and drinks, but that's been decreasing because of Abby. I'm thinking of going back to get the gift card. 'No! Just do something nice for once for the kid!'

Okay. Maybe I can convince them to go away. I can tell them there's a cute jacket on the other side of the store. But that wouldn't work because all the clothes are kept on one side, and they wouldn't believe me anyway. And now that I think about it, they wouldn't believe me on anything, even if I told them a hot guy from school asked me to tell them to meet him at the video games section. Because, why would a hot guy talk to me? After thinking some more, I realized I'm looking like an idiot standing in the middle of the aisle, so I moved to stand in the area with the belts and accessories. If I can't think of any ideas on how to get rid of them, then I will just have to drive to the other Target, which is thirty minutes from here.

As I give up on ideas and arrive at the cash register to pay for the chocolate covered pretzels, and then start to go out the door, I see the fire alarm on the wall. I smile, knowing that I won't have to drive thirty minutes to the other Target, and that I will worry a lot of people. Including the annoying clique.