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She woke up just as the sunlight fills her room. She stares at her window and the warm, sunny glow that is slowly filling her room. It's seemingly calming effect embraces her and if she was one to decide, she wouldn't ever want to let it go.

After a few seconds, she got up and walked out of her room. Lost in her thoughts, she almost fell from the stairs. "Oops..." she whispered as her foot almost missed a step. "...Okay, no more thinking for me..." she says as she went to the bathroom.

She let the water fill the tub, and as it did, she looked at herself through the half-body mirror across from her. 'Ugly' she thought to herself. 'You're so ugly that nobody ever wants to be with you... Not even your own parents...I hate you...'

Her whole family died in a fire accident in their family home two years ago. She was the only one who survived, her whole room miraculously untouched by the fire. Because of that, she blamed herself for her family's death.

Her family belongs to the upper class; their savings and properties were enough to keep her alive her whole life. Yet, all of it didn't mean anything to her anymore, for she had lost everything.

With the help of her aunt, she used some of her inherited money to buy a suburban house on a subdivision several blocks away from her school. She found a new mother in her aunt. And she loved her dearly and treated her like her own mother.

The first few weeks after her family's death, she refused to sleep or eat. Her aunt would usually go to her new home just to check if she has eaten or if she has been sleeping well. Having her aunt take care of her helped her in her recovery. But after a few months, her aunt died in a car accident on her way home. And again, she blamed herself for this. Every progress she made during her recovery went back to zero. And again, she found herself almost lifeless with every passing day.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror again, 'I hate you…you should've died…you only cause trouble to everyone…no one needs you…'She turned around to face the bathtub. She turned the faucet off and went into the water. She tried to stop her tears from falling. After her aunt died, she made it certain that nobody will ever see her cry because she didn't want to see anyone dying because of her again.

After her bath, she got ready for school and slung her bag over her shoulder. Before she went out, she wiped her eyes to make sure there are no stray tears.

She found herself staring at sunlight coming in through the windows in the classroom again. She then looked straight ahead and she saw him. Ever since her family and her aunt, he was the only one she ever loved. She loved him so much that she'll give her own life for him. Her life doesn't mean anything anymore anyway.

She fell in love with him because he makes her happy for no reason at all. And he doesn't even love her back, but his happiness means everything to her. They became friends, but when he found out about her feelings, he distanced himself from her. Sometimes, he'd talk to her again, and the next day he wouldn't. His behaviour affected her very much. Whenever he stops talking to her, she would hurt herself and cut herself, and blame herself for everything until he talks to her again. But she goes to school all the same, as if nothing wrong ever happens. She manages to have a few trusted friends, but nobody ever knew about her self-inflicted injuries.

A day before her 17th birthday, she found out that he has heart disease, and that he needs to get a replacement heart or he'll die in a few months time. Then on the day of her birthday, she wore a very beautiful black dress with white accents. She went around the neighbourhood and talked with everyone. She went to each of her friends' homes and spent time with them and hugged them tight. She said goodbye to each one of them tearfully that they even teased her about saying goodbye as if there's no tomorrow to come. She just smiles at their jokes and lastly, she went to visit him in his home.

As she saw him, he went over to her, smiled at her, and said: "Hey Emily. I just wanna say sorry for everything. I know I've been such a jerk, and now I'm being punished for every wrong I've done. We can still be friends if you want. I'm sorry for everything." She can see that he is trying hard to hold back his tears. "Don't worry about it. You didn't have to say sorry. Just keep in touch, okay? Promise me you'll always remember me?" She said as she smiled, tears streaming from her eyes. "Promise. Don't forget me too when I'm gone, okay? You can still talk to me even when I'm dead. I'll always be listening." He said, his tears finally too strong to hold back. "I'll always be listening too, don't worry." And as she was about to go, she gave him a small hug and whispered "I love you Louis, I hope you know that. Nothing will ever change that. Not even death." She said and he nodded, speechless. Then Emily handed her a small package with blue wrapping paper and said, "Open this after your surgery, okay?" he nodded as he took it and watched as Emily bid him goodbye.

After that, Emily went straight to the hospital, signed some papers and left.

That night, Louis kept playing what Emily said in his head over and over. "I love you Louis, I hope you know that. Nothing will ever change that. Not even death." He couldn't believe someone can say that to a jerk like him. The thought of it kept him up all night, tossing and turning. He grabbed his phone to call his bestfriend, Ern. As soon as the other line accepted the call, he said, "Hey Ern, uhh…sorry to bother you at this hour…I just can't…I can't keep this anymore…I think…I am in love with Emily..." he was cut off by a loud crashing sound coming from the other line. "Ern? Ern are you alright?" he looked at his phone as if it could possibly explain what just happened and he finally realized it. HE CALLED EMILY INSTEAD. "No, shit..." he brought the phone up beside his ears again and said, "Emily? EMILY?" he heard no answer.

He kept walking around his home, thinking he'd find Emily there and she will explain what just happened. But he knew it was impossible for that to happen. Somehow, he feels something wrong has happened to Emily.

The morning after, the doctor called him and said they finally got a heart for him and that he can have the surgery as soon as he is ready. His dad decided that it would be best to get the surgery then so they drove to the hospital and he got admitted.

The next thing he knew, he woke up in the hospital room with different machines connected to him. He reckoned that he already had the surgery and that it was a success. He contemplated about texting Emily, and then it all came back to him. The phone call. The loud crashing sound.

And then he remembered the gift Emily gave to him, he brought it with him to the hospital so that if the operation is successful, he will be able to open it like Emily asked. He saw it in the desk beside him, he removed the blue ribbon and opened it. He saw a letter inside.

"Dear Louis,

If you are reading this right now, I guess the operation was successful. I am so happy for you. You know as I'm writing this, I am planning to stop by your house later, and give you this. And maybe give my one last goodbye to you. I don't know how you will react. I hope everything will be okay between us.

And, please don't bother looking for me now. You won't find me anywhere anymore. I will be in a much better place by now. And I want you to know, in case I wouldn't be able to say it later to you, that I love you. And you were the only one who made me truly happy without even trying, besides my family. And I want you to know that I was the one who gave you your heart. Please take care of it. I can't stand seeing you hurt or whatever. And my life doesn't mean anything anymore anyway. I lost my family and my aunt. But you still have a long life ahead of you.

Please take care of yourself and please always be happy. I will forever be happy even in death, as long as I see you are happy.



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