"Write a short scene with two people who are hiding a secret, but they don't reveal their secret to the other person, or to the reader!"

I wrote this story without any previous idea of what it would be about. This was just a quick scene, and I challenge anyone who reads this to do the same. Please contact me so I can read it.

Rebecca Peters, who insisted on being called Becca, stood alone in an empty classroom. The classes had long since ended, and she had been hanging out at the school after hours with a group of her friends. With her lack of luck, she'd been the one 'volunteered' to go back to their classroom on the second floor, on the opposite side of the school, in the dark, probably five minutes from their hiding place. Anxiety rose up from within her chest as her eyes darted back and forth, making sure no one would see her in the classroom.

Her horrors were suddenly acknowledged when the door slammed against the wall, and she whirled around to find her classmate, Alex, frozen in place with shock just as powerful as her own. Both girls were frozen, staring into each others eyes from opposite sides of the room.

Of all the people who could have appeared, it's Alex! Kill me now! Becca nervously felt the heat rising into her face. She resisted the urge to lay her hand against her cheek to check just how bad it was. "H-hey, Alex. What's up?" Alex reflected Becca's anxiety, showing she seemed just as worried about the meeting as the latter was. Alex seemed to be pulling a mental blank in search of a response, until she suddenly began to speak.

"A-ah, hey. I'm just grabbing a book I forgot in my desk," she stuttered out unevenly. She quickly made her way to the desk at the back, avoiding eye contact with her classmate. Going to the desk required closing some of the distance between the two, making the atmosphere grow thick. As Alex looked for the journal, she watched Becca out of the corner of her eye, as if waiting to see what she would do.

I can't do this, retreat! Becca thought cautiously. "Well, I'll be leaving now." Both girls jumped at her speech, breaking the silence. She swallowed dryly, "Bye!" Becca had to restrain herself from sprinting away, clenching her fists. As she padded back to her friends, she could feel Alex's eyes on her back, giving her chills. Once out of view, Becca started to go faster until she was running at full speed, panic filling her like when she was a girl and ran to her parents' room after a nightmare.

Safely welcomed into her group, who began to pester her with questions about her journey. She relayed the result of her trip to the all, but in the back of her mind, a small voice of logic in her decided to make itself known.

"Alex's desk is at the front of the room, not the back."