Chapter 2

The car was traveling along a road with forest on either side. King Nothing by Metallica played on the radio. Automatically, my foot tapped and head bobbed to the beat.

I stared out the window at the passing trees without really seeing them. Lost in thought, I didn't notice the dragonflies dancing between the trees, keeping pace with the car.

I didn't ask for a new family, I thought, a replacement family. I just want my own parents back.

With a sigh, I turned away from the window to focus on my new parents. My new 'mom' was thin and tall, with long, brunette hair. Her blue eyes sparkled with happiness, probably the happiness of adopting me. My new 'dad' was tall and muscular, but with kind, green eyes. They seemed like very nice people. If I had to be part of any family, I would want to be part of theirs.

I shifted my gaze back to the window. Suddenly, houses started appearing in between the trees. Sometimes, there was a driveway where the house was out of sight. The car turned along one of those driveways.

After about a mile, the house suddenly came in sight. My jaw dropped at the beauty of it.

Hey! This is Spar. Sorry for such a short chapter. I just want to ask you readers a couple things. I don't know what to name the parents, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I also want to know if the house should be a giant tree house or a hobbit home. Thanks for reading!