I find myself in darkness that cuts like a steel knife the air is cold as moonlight and clammy. I wait a moment for my eyes to adjust as they do I see that I am in some sort of hallway which looks as if it never ends the walls are a dark purplish color and look as if they are covered in slimy black tendrils snaking in and out of the wallpaper much like the patterns illustrated on the box I found. I walk forward trying to make sense of where I am.

I walk tentatively afraid of who I might find in this terrifying place


The voice I hear sounds more like that of a mouse not my own.

"Hello." I say gathering my courage

"Is anyone there I am very lost at the moment, so if someone could offer me some help it would be very much appreciated."

"Who's there!?" Stipulates the foreign voice of a man, which sounds about my age, which I have never heard before.

"My name is Cerise La'tro and I am looking for someone who can tell me where I am won't you please help me?"

"Leave me," he growled menacingly

"What? But sir I don't know which way is out!"

i sence a light starting to take form behind me as my shadow elongates and the room become brighter I turn around to see I was indeed correct. It is coming closer and closer towards me, with each breath I take, and every time it nears me it is beginning to seem to be more and more…human. Yes, the flickering silhouette of a man has become clearly focused now. The strange glimmering light inches toward me. As it draws even closer now I see the outline of a chiseled chin and high cheekbones that of a sculpture's. His attire seems to be that of a modest cobbler's with various frays and tears around the seams which are anything but complementary compared to his skinny yet muscular build. His eyes feel as though they can pierce straight through me they are the color of a raven's feather black and ominous yet it is as if those two eyes hold all the world's sorrows, pain and agony as I look at them I feel as if I could cry for this man and the pain he must feel as it shows in his eyes. His cold eyes become narrow as they see me as if he is trying to make sense of all this just as I am. He speaks in a gentlemanly tone, which he uses unseccessfully to mask his frustration and confusion.

"I don't know how you got here mademoiselle but I implore you to turn back before-"

"Before what!?" I interrupt him

However before he could retort back to me for the unconventional way I speak to him, being a woman, the black tendrils peels themselves from the walls and slowly snake around his feet grabbing hold of his ankles so there is no way he can escape the darkness which is slowly consuming his body.

I let out a terrified scream

"What are those things?!" I exclaim in terror.

"Dammit you stupid girl don't just gawk at me! Run!"



The tendrils tighten their grip now he is covered with snakelike black restraining tendrils. Then they start to draw his blood. It spatters onto the floor a crimson rosy puddle of red is at my feet and streaked droplets coat my face. I touch my forehead in disbelief and see the scarlet gore reminisce on my hand. I let out a blood curdling scream. The man writhes in agony while I watch him horrified at what I am seeing. This man who has done nothing wrong is being tortured in front of my very eyes. The tendrils shudder as if amused by his agony. I finally find my footing and run for my life absolutely petrified from the scene I have just witnessed.