Title: One Life To Live
Summary: Beth is a Welsh farm girl who dreams of doing something different, and she works to make that different happen, taking her to new and unexpected places as it does.

Hey, this is the first time I'm putting something up on here, but. Here is some back story on why I wrote a backstory. I have been roleplaying Bethan for a little under 2 years now, but I've been writing about her for a little under 5. The same basic character is my OC in every fanfiction I have ever written, and if you followed my CM stories over there, you'd know her as Hotch's second wife. This is the view of her in my roleplay world. Thanks for reading, if you do.

I'd never had problems attracting attention. When I was a child I'd sing, dance, do gymnastics. Almost anything I could to get attention. I took lessons in anything I could. Got 11 As in my GCSEs.

My teachers thought it was a waste of intellect that I wanted to be a copper.

So what, they didn't know anything, right?

They only knew the "me" they saw at school. They didn't see all the work I pulled on my parents farm, or the fact that not one member of my family had moved off the farm, or gone to college or university.

The farm had done well all my life, and my parents had enough money to teach us all to drive at 17 and to help my older brothers convert the barns that were scattered all along the trail.

The legacy of Rhisiart and Morwen Callahan were there six kids. I was the 4th, and the only girl. Rhisiart Jr was 8 years older than me, and had always been the brother I was closest too. My entire family just called him Rhys and left it at that. Baddon was next, at 5 years older than me. Caradog was right there next to me, only a year older.

Then came me. Bethan Anwen, The surprise baby. Me mam didn't even realise she was having me til she was halfway through. Always having had such long breaks with the boys. They took another long break after me. The twins Addolgar and Owain arrived when I was almost 7.

Being the girl, I was always in charge of the henhouse. Something my mother had expected to do all her life, cook and do the Hens.

I look back now on the weekends where the boys would be out round up the sheep or dealing with the cows. Getting them ready for market. While me and mam would be in the farmhouse kitchen with the babies. Making the bread, the butter and the cheese that we'd take to the market at Clarach on Sunday. Always freshly made. Mam still runs that stall now. Even though the market is nowhere near as popular as it once was.

We lived near the town of Machynlleth, on a mountain called Brynmelyn. The name literally translates to English as "Yellow Hill". When my brothers and I were free from our farm duties, the mountain was ours. We could go do what we liked. There was no fear in any of us. Sometimes, we wouldn't see each other for hours. Games of hide and seek could last all day.

We weren't crop farmers. Nobody in our part of Wales was. We were sheep and cattle farmers. I was brought up to marry another farmer. But from a young age I knew that wasn't going to happen. When I started excelling in school I started looking at what I could do to help people. Then one day, when I was 9, a friend was run over, my mind was instantaneously made up. I was going to be a copper.

I also knew in school I wanted to do things nobody else in my family had done. I wanted to go to college and university, I wanted to be more than just a farmers wife. I wanted there to be more than baking and having children in my life.

When I told my parents of all of this. My father was scandalised, he didn't speak to me for two weeks, but my mother supported me. She wanted me to be happy. So when I was up, studying for my exams, Rhisiart or Baddon would sit with me, making sure I got everything correct.

Like I said earlier, I left high school with 11 A's. I got a job in the closest city, Aberystwyth, and started saving for my life after college, when I would go to university. I made my mind up that Aberystwyth was going to be my choice. I'd be close enough to home to visit, I'd be far enough away that I could begin living my own life.

It was that decision that changed my life.