You know those stories where the princess falls in love with the guy with rags? Well, I'm rags, and my prince? He doesn't know I exist. the least I could do was to be near him.

"Ashley! If you slash like that, you're not going to kill anyone, let alone a dummy," My father said, obviously bored, as he was leaning against the wall.

I had a boost of adrenaline and beheaded the straw dummy in several slashes. My eyes flashed red. "Don't mock me," I gritted thorough my teeth.

My father nodded, approving me. He then grinned. "Now, shall we begin training?" I had my father and my mother, and I was the only child, my father wanted a son, to teach military and all that. That was because he is the trainer for the kingdon's soldiers. So, I'm not exactly all rags. Just...compared to the prince, I am.