Prompt: "Write a short scene with two people who are hiding a secret, but they don't reveal their secret to the other person, or to the reader."

Here's my response. Enjoy!

Matt walked into his house and dropped his backpack on the floor. He sat down on the couch, picked up a remote, and turned on the TV. Or tried to. The remote didn't work.

Matt walked over to the TV and turned it on via the button on the side. He headed upstairs for new batteries for the remote for the second time this month. He didn't understand how batteries could run out so quickly – it was almost like someone was sabotaging the remote.

He ran into his sister Caroline standing outside the closed door of her room.

"Hey Caroline," he said, "Have you been messing with the remote again?"
"NO!" Caroline yelled quickly, surprising Matt. "I did not do anything to the remote and I never did before so you have NOTHING to blame me for! Why are you home so early?" Caroline shot at him.

Matt could hear the TV on downstairs. It was set to National Geographic, talking about the defensive instincts of hyenas.

"Sheesh. Relax. I'm not blaming anything on you." As he talked, Matt slowly walked in a semicircle around his sister's door. She matched his movements while still looking at his face.

"But why are you home so early?" Caroline repeated.

Matt hadn't expected her to ask again.

"It was half hour. I mean, half day, at school," Matt said, his voice wavering almost inconspicuously. "Why are you home early?"

"I thought half days at your school are only on Fridays."

"They are," Matt responded. He wished she would get off the subject of half days. "This was a special half day. Um, winter equinox."

Caroline stared at Matt suspiciously, while still guarding her door. "Go get your batteries."

Matt walked tensely over to the closet. As he opened the door, he saw that Caroline hadn't taken her eyes off him. He grabbed something and shut the door.

When he passed his sister, he switched the object to the hand opposite Caroline, and continued walking without looking at Caroline. He walked downstairs and sat back down on the couch.

He realized that he forgot the batteries. He heard a door close. Matt definitely wasn't going back upstairs any time soon.