A Plank of Red Wood

I'm in the art museum

Modern art

Looking at a plank of red wood

The inscription says

Red Sun on a Moonlit Plain

It's as if the artist just thought

"Hey maybe I'll paint this wood red

Then I'll give it a spiffy title

And everyone will think it's really deep"

I don't understand it

It's wood

Red wood

Nothing special about it

I could do this

I try and think

All I can come up with is

What is our society coming to?

If we think that a plank of red wood

Is art

da Vinci must be rolling in his grave

And maybe that's what the artist was going for

Trying to show that they can give art the middle finger

And paint some wood red

While the world stands back in awe

At something I could paint when I was five


I wouldn't be able come up with such a weird title

But still

Or perhaps it is art

A representation of how simple life is

Or some other philosophical crap

I'm sure that someone could give me a deep insight

But no one does

And I'm stuck here

After looking at 300 years of art

Staring at a red plank

And I've probably done just what the artist wanted

I thought about a stupid piece of wood

For over an hour