Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a princess stared down at her kingdom in disdain. It was becoming a daily occurrence, actually. Whenever she found herself dwelling in silence, she would pull open her curtains and glare down at the sight below her. Of course, she was always met with the same image everyday. Nothing ever changed. Although for the sake of her sanity, she held onto that miniscule hope that one day, her prince would swoop in and save her.

Below her, the kingdom was bursting with life. Merchants were shouting their bargains, hoping to catch the attentions of people passing by. Children's laughter danced around the streets like a chorus of music. She could even hear the faint sound of a blacksmith hard at work; the clashing of metal and metal. It never failed to amaze her to see the multitude of people living in the crowded streets. Houses were all cramped, and yet they never tarnished that image of beauty. If there was one thing her kingdom valued, it was most definitely the reputation of grace that it held.

Her kingdom was busy. Everything was. Her palace, her own home, felt like an endless series of balls, events, and… well, more balls. She was hardly ever alone. Of course, life as a princess made it quite impossible to be alone, what with all the intruding people. Her life was a blur; it was too quick for her to savour the meaning of it. And yet in all the chaos, she still felt alone. In a world surrounded by people, she was still isolated.

Groaning, she pulled her curtains close once again. Almost immediately, her room was engulfed in darkness. She didn't mind. Darkness was pretty. It hid the meaningless things from her eyes. Sighing, she threw herself onto her bed and stared at her ceiling. She remembered when she was little, she drew countless stars on the ceiling, hoping that they would keep her company in the darkest of nights. But of course, the stars never shone for they were just crayon. Useless colour would never give her hope. The only hope she had was the thought of her unknown prince sweeping her away one day.

He would courageously battle the dragons that were her parents and rescue her from the chaos. Upon seeing his face, she was certain that she would instantly fall in love with him. But of course, she would not be shallow. She would fall in love with him for the right reasons. He would be gallant, brave, funny, charming, and perfect. He would be her hero; the one she had been waiting for her entire life; the one who would rescue her from this meaningless chaos. Together, they would escape hand in hand into a world so peaceful and perfect, full of flowers, butterflies, and stars. Stars that glowed like little fireflies in the midnight sky; and one glorious day, her dreams would most definitely turn into reality.

In the darkness of her room, underneath the stars that never glowed, the princess waited.

I wrote this for my english homework and I was pleased with it so I decided to post it here too. We were supposed to do a theme on isolation.