Presidential election 2012

Vote Obama

Vote Romney

Slander, lie, make bull shit for an ad and pay for it yourself

How do I know what you're saying is true?

You never do what you say you will do.

'Fix the economy!' 'Lower our debt!'

You say you can fix everything

It's like a damn notch in your belt and you know it

And somehow

People like you

And maybe you've done one good thing

To help our country

Like slaying the snake named Osama Bin Laden

Who terrorized our country

On September 11th, 2001

The day so many people died.

Or maybe you're republican

You're stuffy and rich

Somehow I don't believe you give an inch

About poverty or the homeless.

My family and I have never believed in you

You've said remarkable things

Won people over with speeches

Increased taxes on the lower class

And lowered them for the rich.

How is that fair?

'I make less so I should I should pay more?'

You republicans may not all be the same

But one thing remains true

The last republican president

Drove us into a financial hole

And the country, oh the country

No longer is it quite blue.

Nor is the country red anymore

Though the democrats have the idea

Why not increase taxes on the rich?

They have plenty, so shouldn't they share?

Why can't they downsize? Why can't they share?

Because the rich lie under the protection

Of the republican politicians

And the badge of the 1%

Who make much more than the 99%

But still, you're rich

And republicans are the majority still

Republicans make all the rules

I'm only 13 and though I don't know much

I know more about what's right for this country

More than you.