Title: Take time to realize

Summary: There are some things in life that people just don't realize...

Take time to realize, Christopher Columbus didn't discover America.

Native Americans were here first.

Europe is wayyyy to small to be a continent

And Egypt is in Africa.

Take time to realize, God is not human... so he doesn't have a face...

Angels don't need wings.

Take time to realize this along with many other things...

A house is not always a home.

Maybe you can't survive without your phone...

But it can without you.

Where is Switzerland again? You don't have a clue.

Take time to realize, Warning labels are there for a reason.

Your favorite dress, wont always be in season.

Your best friends don't always have the best advice.

Take time to realize, snapping turtles bite, and so do dogs.

Climbing trees has disastrous results.

You want to be daring? Read a book!

Care, but don't complain about the way you look.

Take time to realize, that you're probably not even listening to me...

But then take time to realize, you're only as smart as you want to be.