My name is Emily, and I'm currently writing this from a beach house on Galveston Island that I'm sharing with my wonderful family. My dad is receiving treatment for his cancer, and he's doing very well. After my experience in church, and going to healing masses, I now know better than the doctors do that my dad will come out of this, and as God said, stronger.

The titles to the chapters are, yes, Maroon 5 songs. 'Nicki', who's name is actually Bri, shares my love for Maroon 5, and we refer to them for everything, including this book. We decided to write it after Bri's desire for closure turned her towards the art of the written word, and shortly after, we had the idea to write coordinating accounts of our experiences this year.

'James' is now in college, and far from here. He still has my heart, but even as I write this I can feel it coming back to me. Slowly but surely.

I'm still strong headed and bitter to my peers, but I'm learning to accept people and let them accept me. 'Jackie' and 'John' are struggling with their feelings, but I can see the direction in which they are heading (together) almost as clearly as I can see my dad's future.

Bri and I lean on each other when we need to, knowing that even when we can't explain our feelings for 'James' to anyone else, we have each other. And we both know exactly how the other feels, we're never alone.

I have many friends and family members standing behind me, supporting me, and putting the pieces of my heart back together.

As much as I'd like to keep writing about how well I'm doing, I have to go...my heart is beating again.

And my 'Jace' is calling.