When the person you love

Hurts you

Cry a river

Build a bridge

And get over

Sounds simple



Its not something

That can

Be easily accomplished

When you're all alone

And brokenhearted

They say "get over him. He doesn't like you Back."

That's not too hard,

is it?


It takes times.

Not minutes, hours, or even days

Because it may take over a year

Or even a whole life time

Just to get over

That one special Guy

You hopelessly fell for


The cycle begins

All over again


In the midst of everything

You wonder

"why did I like him?"

Even if you knew

This person will never like you

Or you just didn't have a chance with that person

Nothing is wrong with that

Its just that everybody wants to be wanted

So you'll go to great extremes

Just to get what you want

For example,

Get that one Guy

With the warm brown eyes

To fall head over heels for you.

But then,

There's an unexpected bump in the road

And things don't turn out as planned

So then all you want to do is turn back the hands of time

And wish you can tell yourself what you know now

And sadly,

That's not possible

But no need to fret

Because life is about taking risks and holding onto chances that come about

And one rule of life that's important to share is

"Its better to have tried and failed then to not have tried at all."

Because you'll never know the outcome of something

So when life brings up surprises and unexpected twist and turns

Seize the opportunity And make the best of every situation.