I wish that you were here
To wipe away my tears
Get rid of all my fears
And whisper words into my ears

But I know it will never be
Yet I want you back so badly
I know it sounds so whiny
But I can't help the need inside me

So now I sit alone
With darkness overwhelming
My fate set in stone
And my heart awfully breaking

I slowly cut my wrists
And felt the pain that followed
It cuts so deep beneath
But still, the agony doesn't compare to my sorrow

And now as I close my eyes
I see your beautiful smile
I imagine your deep blue eyes
As it bore into mine

This is gonna be my last night
But why do I feel so right?
The answer is because I got nothing left
When you were gone I became dead

But I know one day we will be together again
Together forever in the life after death
With this in mind I smiled to myself
A tear esacped as I took my last breath...