A/N: Hey guys. I don't know if I'll continue this, but I may. This is based off of real experience. Oh, by the way, where I live, middle school starts in 5th grade instead of 6th grade, so you don't get confused. If I decide to continue this, it'll go from 5th grade up to the end of 8th grade.

I took a deep breath and walked through the door. This was my first day in 5th grade. My first day of middle school. I couldn't be more nervous.

A brand new school with tons of kids who are older than me and who may possibly beat me up. How could I not be nervous?

I guess I could just leave everyone alone and stay with my friends. I don't really have that many though. I mean, I do sit with a lot of people, but I'm really shy and I don't talk that much most of the time. Maybe this year that will change.

I walked down the hallway, not completely sure where to go. I've never been inside this school that much. I knew I was supposed to go into the cafeteria, but I had absolutely no idea.

I walked up to an all-too-familiar counselor and asked him where it was. He told me so I smiled and said, "thank you." quietly.

Stepping away from him, I walked into the direction he told me, soon finding the place I was looking for. When I walked into the cafeteria, I honestly didn't know if I'd be able to find my friends. This place was a lot bigger than the one that was in the Elementary school. But luckily, they were at the first seat I saw.

I took another deep breath and walked over to the table, sitting next to one of my friends. I gave them all smiles and they smiled back, then went back to their conversations. I shared a few hugs with some of my very best friends and then I just sat there in silence, looking at them while they talked and laughing with them when someone said something funny. As I said before, I didn't talk that much.

Soon, everyone quieted down as the principal yelled for us to. Everyone turned their attention to her.

She said the usual old thing. Welcoming the new 5th graders into middle school and welcoming the rest of the kids back. She also went over all of the rules we all know about. I don't really see the point in that, I mean, we've all heard these rules every year, right? Why do we need to hear them again? I guess they are for new kids or something. I don't know.

Now they are calling up the grades to get their schedules. They are putting us in line in alphabetical order so they can hand out the schedules just fine. I was somewhere in the front because my last name starts with an A.

Oh, I never even told you my name! I've been talking to you about coming into middle school and I completely forgot to introduce myself! Anyways, my name is Megan. I'm not telling you my last name because that'd be a little personal, wouldn't it? Like you'd need to know my last name anyways.

Okay, so, what was I saying? Oh yeah! We were getting our schedules. I walked up to the desk and got my first schedule handed to me. Yeah, I never had a big schedule like this in elementary school. I mean, in 4th grade, we had 3 periods, but never this much. Now we have like, 9. I didn't know if I'd be able to keep track of all it, but I was sure I could.

I walked back towards the table, carrying my schedule with me and examined it all. Honestly, I didn't really know much about where these rooms were. I knew some of them though because of Move Up Day last year.

I sat down and some of my friends asked to see my schedule, so I nodded and handed it to them, looking at their's as well. I was stunned to see that most of them had the same exact schedule as me. It wasn't mixed up at all, like I thought it would be. Well, I guess it's good that way though! I was pretty thrilled to know that my best friends would be in the same class as me. But a whole lot of my other best friends weren't in any classes that I was. That was the sad thing. Not even my crush was in the same classes as me.

Now that sure sucked. I felt pretty bad about it, but I was sure I'd get over it.

They called my name for me to line up for my first period class. Sighing, I stood up and looked at my friends. After that, I looked away and went into the front of the line. As I said earlier, my last name begins with an A, so that's why I was in the front.

The rest of the class was called, including a couple of people I didn't really know. I knew them, but they didn't know me. They weren't in any of my classes before. I guessed that they must have gotten held back.

Honestly, I didn't know that one of them would have such a huge impact on my life. But that's not the story right now. We'll get to that, don't worry!

Anyways, I had to walk all the way up two flights of stairs just to get to this classroom. This was going to be kind of a struggle. My elementary school didn't have any stairs. I'd get used to it though.

Once I got up the stairs, the classroom was the second door you'd see. I walked inside of it with the rest of my class. The walls were all blue. I'd never been taken to this room on Move Up Day, I don't think. I shrugged and walked to the seat I wanted to sit in. As always, on the first day of school, you'd get to pick whatever seat you'd want to sit in on the first day. After a couple weeks or maybe even days, you'd get seated.

I don't know why, but I sat in the main front. I think it was because I left my glasses at home and I couldn't really see anything.

My friend, Britney, sat in the seat next to me. Wow, I hadn't been in Britney's class since Kindergarten. She had been my best friend for a long time now though. It was great to have her in my class again! I gave her a smile and we talked for a little while before our teacher came in.

She gave us all index cards and told us to write our name, our parent's names, our phone number, and all kinds of other weird chiz like our favorite candy. That one confused me for a second, but then she told us it was for when it was our birthday, she'd give us that candy. I thought for awhile before writing down butterscotch.

This class was Language Arts, by the way. It lasted for 2 of our periods.

The rest of the day went mostly the same. You know how first days are.

I rode the bus home alone as usual. Britney did ride my bus, but really sat with her that much because she usually had someone else to sit with. When she got off at her stop, I looked out the window and gave her a small little wave. She waved back and then turned around, beginning to walk up her hollow. She lived in a hollow just like I did, but my mom usually was there at the end with her car to drive me home.

When I got off at my stop, my mom was there, of course. I got into the car and laid my backpack down in the floor, pulling my seatbelt onto me.

"So, how was your first day of middle school?"

I looked out the window and said, "It was fine."

That was my usual response to when she asked how my day was.

Anyways, well, that was the first day of middle school for me. Not much went on that day, but there was a whole lot more to come.

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