To me

Pink is the first color I think of and even the first thing that attracts me to a clothe's rack in a store.

Weather its Baker Miller pink, fuchsia pink, or even magenta pink.

Pink is all around us in this world.

When I think of pink

The first thing that comes to mind

Is the color I and other people's cheeks turn

When they're embarrassed or thinking of their crush...

The color of the medicine

That relieves




Upset stomach


From cotton candy

Bubble gum

To pink lemonade

There's even a hotel

Nicknamed "The Pink Hotel"

In Honolulu



That's something to say!

Not to mention

It's the famous Barbie's signature color

The color of strawberry milk

And October's birthstone

Most importantly

Pink represents compassion


And love

You see

The color Pink is so contagious

You can even get "pink eye."

That proves that June 23rd(national pink day)

Or even the thought of pink

Affects people all over the world

Who knew by just mixing red and white

The result is a whole new outcome of an intriguing color

That fascinates the wonder of our 5 senses

A color that whether you hate or love it

It's always gonna be here

And its here

to stay.