The Story told in the Snow

Authors Note:

It would be best to read this while playing some relaxing piano musical pieces. Like "Aria Stagione- Tooi Kobune", "Santa Claus no Sora", "Mirai Nikki Ost Vol. 2 Track 5" and some creepy music like "Nox Arcana- Annabel Lee", "Nox Arcana Living Dolls". You will know when to play them as you progress throughout the story

Some dialects that you might not understand:

Ate – A Tagalog dialect that refers to an older sister

Pabitin- A Philippine festival game for kids, kids at heart and kids twice removed

~ !

In the black abyss of the summer night sky, the stars lavishly hung themselves in its empty vastness. Smiling ever so gallant in their sparkling resonance, the goddess of the moon wore her pale melancholic grin. The joys of the heavenly bodies above was a denial of the chaos of the living below.

Infrastructures that used to aim their heights to the sky was humbled down in pieces as the Earth shook in its angered judgement. Mountainous cities was leveled from below, their geometric shadows rained thunderous screams emblazoned in pain and pandemonium. Gigantic slabs made to be secured in peace, pelted the world, showering its sharpened shards in a nightmarish anthem that was lost within the storm of screams.

The goddess of the land, not even bothering to halt to observe the majesty of her demonic art decided to enslave the rhythm of the hellish song. Soundlessly, the world was instantly filled in the grand waltz of outbursting fire. The flaming jubilance spread its wings and flew with little ease, staining everything with her scorching grace of red, tangerine and black. Leaving the hymn of her merry crackle to forever haunt those who will survive to tell the tale.

When the phantasmagoria of dancing hell had finally settled down and let the curtains fall, no applause was given for its dramatic orchestra. What it had instead was a picture of a land that has met the end of its existence. A picture painted in the bloodied remains of dreams whos ashes has been taken by the lonely wind. A picture that was painted in muted screams but was hung on the wall in a deafening silence.

A silence that was broken by the echoing infant cry.

A girl about the age of five. , stood above the fallen monoliths. Her purifying cries was the single sliver of green to the achromatic universe of cruelty.

"Don't cry" a soft voice tried to soothe the girl down. The silhouette of another girl of the age of 15, tried to lift her battered body out of the shallow gravels "Don't cry"

But the child didn't seem to hear her. Lifting her body again, she discovered that her legs just wont move anymore. In a desperate attempt, she crawled to her place. Then she enveloped the child into her warm embrace. "Don't cry" she whispered again

As blood drips from her eye, raindrops soon fell from the sky.

…+…10 Years Later…+…

(Rachel Sinclair)

When the school alarm blared out and the teachers has called out the class to be dismissed. It was expected that each and every single student was in high spirits when they came out of their respective classrooms. It was the long awaited Christmas break and until spring has returned, the shall be no assignment not even a single textbook to be opened. Everyone is excited except for me.

I was the last to come out of out room and instead of initially setting my winter plans into action, I sluggish pulled my body into the Comfort Room. Without any glances to secure that I am alone, I faced myself on the mirror and re-identify myself. A semi-long black hair, a pair of glassy blue eyes and a light physique suitable for my age. I am "Rachel Sinclair" 18 years of age, a college scholar and a survivor of "The Tragedy" that occurred a decade past. With a deep breath in, I gathered my courage into my lungs

"Yes!" I yelled practically to myself "Yes I can!"


With that single misplaced word all my false courage collapsed under a lethal case of made in China. From a brave posture, my image was horridly festered in gloom.

"What am I gonna do?" I cried "I cannot just let this day pass. This is probably my only chance"

"Chance for what?" And then, I saw that I was no longer alone. I look at the mirror and saw that behind me was my classmate- "Jazz" (short for Jasmine). Short brown sunbeaten hair and green eyes. She is the athlete of the school. "Oh my god!" she squeeled like a female pervert "Don't tell me you finally found a man!"

A mind greener than a lovers envy, that's her personality.


Just as what one would expect from the winter, the sun was setting very early but to my surprise, its not cloudy at all. The sky was empty of the black clouds that signals a snowfall/ Whether or not global warming was at fault, it is the least of my problems. I just enjoy the ambiance of the rejuvenating breeze and the bright orange sunlight as we went out of the school premises

"You wanted to give your sister a thankyou present?" Jazz wanted me to clarify

"Pretty embarrassing but yes" I gripped my sweater tighter as we descend down the stairs "Ive always wanted to thank her for everything but I just cant find the time and courage."

"How boring" Jazz groaned. "Just when I thought that your cold heart has finally seen the sun"

I just shook my head silently, she can never understand how much I owe to my sister. And how serious I am in showing my gratitude.

"You cant be a virgin forever, yah know" Jazz said

"Men are the least of my priority." I declared coldly "I see no point in having man, nonetheless"

"I wanna hear you say that when you found the right guy" Jazz teased. "Say, who is this sister of yours anyway? I never met her once but seems like you cant live without her."

"My sister?" I thought of the best was to define her but just when we were about to pass through the gateway of the school and out of its territorial claims, I stopped for I saw her

The on the side of the gate was a lady of golden hair sitting in a wheelchair. Wearing a white and blue winter coat, she sat patiently with a book opened as she wait. Then she raise up her head and the world saw how her pretty face was stained by a medical eye patch that covered her left eye, giving her a mystique image

"She closed her book and smiled at me "Hey" she greeted

"Sorry, did I made you wait?" I returned her greeting

"Not much" she replied

"Shall we get going then?" I asked and she nodded in reply. I moved on to her back and started to give her chair a push. But she made me halt when she noticed Jazz.

"Oh, you must be Jasmine, the ace tennis player of the school" she greeted Jazz. "Ive heard about you"

I was taken aback in wonder when I saw how frozen Jazz was. She was pale and her feet was planted deeply on the floor which really piqued my curiosity. "By any chance…" Jazz started "Could you be…"

"I am Rachel's older sister. My name is "Lailah Sinclair" she introduced herself and gave her hand for Jazz to shake.

"Oh sweet Jesus Christ!" Jazz exclaimed and suddenly pouncing on my sister's hand and shaking it ferociously. "I-I-I cant believe it! I-Im a great fan of your books"

"Which one?" Lailah asked.

"I have read all of your book and seen the movie adaptations. I love ALL of them, Especially "The Storyteller's Dream" Jazz let go of her crushing grip and excitedly pulled out a book out of her backpack. Her whole body was wildly shaking that it fell as soon as she pulled it out.

My sister picked it up and wrote her autograph on it before handling it back."Thankyou for the appreciation"

When Jazz got her book back, she locked it in her embrace like a kid and a new prized stuff toy "No mam," she objected "Thankyou for bringing us such enlightening novels"

"Enlightening?" My sister tilted her head out of wonder. Then she giggled


The sun was already out and it was already dark. The road was silent, not a single car nor an ordinary civilian dared to break the tranquility of this peace. As I pushed my sister up the roadside, one by one, the street lamps that lined the lane came to life in a fevered resurrection. Their luminous presence was synonymous to servants of time bowing as they welcome their guests to whatever the future holds. The world was practically ours

"I cant believe you never told her that you are the sister of an author" Lailah complained

"Correction, A very famous author" I corrected her "You may not have published a lot of stories but all of them has received significant attention"

"Don't change the topic!" she scolded "Are you ashamed of me?"

"Of course not!" I yelled out of shock "Just why in the world would I be ashamed of you"

"Then why?"

"Because aside from the fact that no one asked, if a lot of people has learned about you, they will have high expectations to me and my literature." I got her there and she finally settled on her seat

A few minutes of equal silence was exchanged between the two of us. Then out of the blue, she spoke again. "I better ask my publisher to start using a pseudonym for me."

"What? Just why would you do that?" I asked "Once you hid your identity, you fame will have to be restarted."

She giggled. "Its just for the sake of my fun"

Just for fun? Her words left my mind empty. Pushing her chair blankly, I fumbled my thoughts till it hit me. I do not know how long it was but when I had deciphered her cleverly hidden message, A warm tear rolled on my cheeks and it landed on an unhealed would calling the painful past back in.

Lailah turned to face me in a look of concern "Are you crying?"

"I am not!" I lied, picking a handerchief out of my pocket and wiping my face "I just got something on my eye"

It was a torment for me too see her looking at me like this, So after I cleaned my eyes, I just pushed her chair again and asked. "May I asked, what exactly was that book that Jazz made you sign?"

"Its "A Dishonest Heart", a story which I based from "The Saranggola People"

"What is it about?"


The air was moist and the unique odor of mold reeks on the leaning walls of the ancient Church. On heavy steps, a man in his mid 20's climbed up the tower that was barely lighted by incandescent lightbulbs. He was the newly acquired priest for the town and this was his first month in service. He knows it himself that he was too young for such dedication but if it what the Lord desires, then so it shall be.

He stopped walking when his cellphone rang and a message was sent to him by a friend name "Isabella".

We need to talk, where can we meet?

He replied to it: "There is nothing to talk about. This is what I wanted"

Then closed his phone and resumed his trail up to the clearance of the Church bells for his moment of meditations.

His eyes cannot believe what he saw then. Wearing a thin lacy white dress with a ed rose as an ornament to her chest was Isabella herself. Her long vibrant hair softly wavered with the sunset wind. The scent of her classy perfume was as alluring as her eyes. Just as how the priest remembered her from the past, she was still as gorgeous as the angels of the altars.

Trying to hold her feelings, the priest coldly asked her "What are you doing here Isabella?"

The dark orange hue of the sunset bathed her image as she stood up "I was supped to be the one asking that" her soft voice replied

"I am a priest, it is my duty to be-"

"Duty for what?!" Isabella has lost herself and she just burst out "We promised to each other that we will be married right here, right on this church, right on this hometowm. But what did you do?"

"It is my wish to offer my life in service to the Church. You'l never understand it."

"Quit lying already!" Isabella said "I had known what happened. Your parents are religious leaders and they never stopped influencing you to be a priest. It was so easy for you to deny them once, when they were still alive but on the day they died on the crash, where is that courage now?"

"Your parents are dead! No one will object to us no further but you cannot let go of the past but you cannot let go of the past so you left me. Thinking that it will bring them back. They will never return, you are only burdening yourself and me,"

All the emotions that Isabella had been keeping for so long has now been set free and now she feels so light but still in the pain of reality. Her shaking body collapsed on its own weight, crying her heart's out

Leo was disheartened to see someone in so much bitterness. And even more to relize that he was the one holding the whip. Afraid to see more of himself hurting someone he loves, he turned his back to her and simply said: "I will repeat this once more. It is my wish to be with the Lord. You will never understand it"

"No, I understand it very well" Isabella's voice was no longer angry nor sad. He heard Isabella's feet stepping out of her chair. She was now about to leave, Leo thought

"You love the dead far more than the living don't you?" Isabella's voice resounded in a melody of a happy tune. That's when curiosity has finally taken the better of him,. His eyes dilated and his heart drummed in a panicking fright when he saw Isabella standing right above the safety walls. "Get down from there at once!" he yelled

With the wanning shine of the dying sun shimmering behind her back, Isabella gave him a mourning smile, Her hair billowing with her dress as her weeping voice came to take form "If I died here right now," I sabella continued "Will you love me then?"

Then Isabella let herself fall.


"And then what happened after that?" I asked, nudging her to continue her story and take me further away from reality.

"After that, Leo's sanity started to unwind. Driven by his madness, he hid Isabellas body away from everyone and kept it preserved in a freezer. For days he was in a desperation and I described what he sees. Until when he noticed something behind the monstrance. The brick wall was loose and he found a little something from breaking it down- A metal briefcase"

"Inside it, he found some vials and syringes of unknown chemicals, some paper documents, a voice recorder and a USB device. He injected the chemical to her lost lover and slept the night away. The next morning, he saw Isabella sleeping beside him. She does not remember anything and does not even know how to speak. She was exactly like a new born child.."

"The next chapters was a happy-go-lucky adventures of the main characters in a relationship that seemed like a father-daughter stuff. Everything was fun until when Leo soon learned the origins of the chemical, who made it, how it was made, how it came into his possession and of what he should be expecting next"

"Everything came as it was told, an ordinary brain cannot contain the chemical for so long that Isabella's first symptom was a massive amnesia and what followed was she started to become animalistic. The story ended with a bunch of agents wanting their medicine back, Leo gave it but they still shot him to avoid witnesses. Unfortunately for them, Isabella saw it. She went berserk, killing everyone in a gruesome way. An oil lamp fell to the carpet in the middle of the shoot out, which started a fire."

"With the slaughter over, Isabella rested beside Leo whos final words was "In the end, I still failed to make up with my wrong doings" Then, they were consumed by the fire. The end"

I was silent in reflection for a while I commented: "That sounds like a neo-classical vampire love affair"

"Nope, I see it more as a necrophiliac's wet dream. And a blasphemy to the zombie genre." She admitted "But can we please stop talking about my book? Are we there yet?"

"Just up this hill and were there"

I can sense it in my bones that she can hardly wait any longer for it. It was the last day of the school semester and the forecat said that the weather will be fine. Then just in luck, my sister was in a vacation mood. I saw everything as a perfect event. So I invited her to have a stargazing and a midnight picnic. Just the two of us

"Ate Lailah, we have arrived" Then I pushed her chair at full throttle till I attained the summit of the hill.

Looking up at the effervescent twinkle of the stars knowing gaze

The thirst for meaning has been ablaze

Like a mountain river streaming endlessly

The majestic colors of the Northern Lights swayed steadily

Like the divine oath and a brides holy veil

On its celestial trail, our souls had set sail

"Its amazing" my sister breathed "The stars are so many I feel like they are about to fall"

"Indeed, the sky is clear tonight"

"How did you discovered this place?" she enthusiastically asked

"Don't sweat the small details" I said, laying down our luggage for the night. "Say, can I leave you for a while?"

"Sure thing"

With her permission to leave, I started to walk to a nearby vending machine.. There, I made sure that no one was watching and restated my plan. First, I will buy a drink to set up the mood, then…Amassing my determination, I acted out my imagination. Out of my sweater, I pulled a small box laced with ribbons then said. "Ate Lailah, for all the years you had helped me through, T-T-Thank you very much!"

Relieve that I could speak it afterall, I took our pushed the button for a warm drink of a canned coffee, then I returned back to her. She was rummaging through our bags when I reached her. "Here, I bought you a drink"

"Thanks, Im feeling the thirst for a sec-" a second after she grasped the can, an unexpected gust blew away the medical patch on her eye. Hasten by her reflexes, her hand jumped to catch it before it flew away but it was in vain and the cost was for her seat to tilt out of balance and she crash landed on the hard concrete.

"Ate!" I screamed, coming right up to her rescue "Are you alright?"

"Im fine" she tried to get up using her own strength and I lifted her by the armpits. She was heavy but she has no resistance at all. "But more importantly, I need to get that patch"

"Its just a piece of cloth. Let the wind have it"

"No, I don't want t walk without it. Its too cold." On the day of the tragedy, one of her eyes was taken together with the functionality of her legs. Without the medical patch, no one will be able to resist staring at that empty void on her skull. As a girl, I can understand her insecurity.

"Alright, you win, lets go searching"

And so we searched together. The quest for that small piece of cloth was not that easy nor hard at all for the sky lights are overlapping and we both have a flashlight with us. Shuffling through the bush she spoke. "Say, do you think that glass eyeballs will look good on me?"

"Glass eye? Aren't those cold?"

"I just thought of wearing one, I think I will look nice to have one. Only question is, what color should I choose?"

"Color? Are you planning to fake a Heterochromia-iridium?" I asked. Heterochromia-iridium is a condition where an animals iris has a color different from the other. It happens mostly to cats and most people sees it as very attractive.

She giggled "In one way or another, ye-" her simple "yes" was cut and replaced into a: "I found it!"

It was a quick search. But when I checked our her location, I had a hard tying containing my laughter. The damned cloth was caught by a leafless branch., a branch right above her head, A branch that is only an inch away from her reach. All because she cannot stand, she was in the funny figure of a child in the festival game of "Pabitin". With a sigh, I just grabbed the branch and pulled it down.

"Thanks alot" she tied the cloth back to cover her missing spot and this time, she made sure that it was tied good. "Being in a wheel chair stinks. Im so grateful you had always been there whenever I need you"

"I know that I should have said this long ago but…" Her hands reached something out of the pockets in her winter coat. A little box wrapped in a white scented paper and laced with shinning ribbons "Rachel, for all the years you helped me through, Thankyou very much."

"That…" That kind and bright smile that sent me to a daze, that kind and bright smile that I can never efface. I was stunned and I felt all of my weight, a holy sin she help me create.

"That…" My lungs was able to breath My heart fell in an eccentric beat This woman is not the one I know, she is the treacherous angel of the snow

"Is something wrong?" she asked a question dipped with her trickery

"That's…" I breathed once more "That's cruel!"


"That's cruel!" I repeated the words as I started to cry. I was festered with the memories that I wanted to die. On my knees I fell and used my hands to clogged my ears. Banging on my head was the retelling of the story I never wanted to hear.

(10 years ago)

Once upon a time, in a city where it is uncommon to have a crime. There was a family of four who always opened their door. The father was a dignified man of politics. His wife was too bland for a critic. Their daughters was 2, one was a girl of the age of 5, the other was of 15. They were a happy family at its best. But destiny has prepared a cruel jest.

On the day of the tragedy, in order to protect the little girl, the older one lost one of her eye and rendered her legs forever useless. Too strong to be divided by a mere accident, they rebuild from the wrath that heaven sent. 5 years passed, the little girl was no more and her older sister whom she adore, published her first book which in every bookstore cannot be overlooked.

However, turmoils was stirred and this they cannot deny. Their father started to grow cold. Never returning home, never answering the phone. Stuck with job they were told. Their mother was not convinced, she's became insomniac ever sleeping forever waiting. She started to worry too much, as if hallucinations on her very soul has latched

"Does it really had to be so long?" the girl asked

"It will be just a month. I will keep in touch with the internet." Her older sister replied. She has left the house with a warm goodbye for the sake of the movie for her book. Totally unassuming on what is to come.

On the first seven days, the girl noticed how her mother wont even talk any more and their father never comes through the door. But as long as her sister can be talked with, she ignored them both. Then on a fateful day, she saw her father by the bay. School was over, she should return home. But her curiosity piqued and she followed him

From questions growing, she felt a bad reckoning when her father has led her to the orphanage, peeking through the glass panes, she saw the evil that they staged. Children years younger than her, without anything to wear, assembled before her father.

"You came early" The nun who manages the facility greeted

"I cant abandon this children" he said grinning pervertedly

"Today, we had 2 new lost sheeps, would you like to be the first to welcome them to the herd?"

After handling his payment of a few papers, the rest of the children was led out and only those needed has remained. A girl and a boy-twins the girl was only standing idle but the boy started to cry. Her father stopped him by whispering to his ear "whatever it was that you had suffered, I want you to leave them all behind"

They were too young to learn about what his father was doing to them, younger even for them to even know what it was called. It was only through instincts that they felt it was wrong. How longs has this place existed? How long has her father been involved to such acts? She do not want to know.

When her stomach cannot take any more of the sickening, she turned away and run faster than what she thought possible. Her mind was half broken, inknown to what action to take, she returned back to her mother. The door was locked but she banged her fist on it, Then the knob opened and the horrors descend.


Teeth gritting in anger, eyes burning in rage and voice thundering, her mother took her by the hair in a chorusing grip. Then threw her on the floor. Then gave her a solid kick, robbing her out of her breath.

"How dare you to return home so late!" And kicked her once more . Writhing in pain her mother dragged her body to the basement where a dogs cage waited for her and locked her inside it.

All those times, she never saw that her mother was mentally ill. Now that she lost it, it was already too late.

As she lay there, reminiscing her injuries, breathing in vain. Her mother cried endlessly while muttering in her solemn voice was messages that she can barely understand

"Your father does not return anymore…"


"Your sister has left us and then you also plan to leave me don't you?"

Mama, please…

"I thought that I had done everything to be a good mother and a wife. But you all hate me don't you?"

Mama, please, listen to me…

"Im sorry, I don't belong to this family anymore…" Her mother turned off the lights and went out. Sealing her battered daughter within her madness.

Within that cage where only the deafeaning silence as her company. She hugged herself tightly. She has leaned of her fathers misdeeds but her words was taken before she could speak. She has never been to so much pain, never thought it was possible.

"What should I do?" She asked to no one "What can I do?"

Without her sister, she cries alone tonight.

For a week, her mother kept her from any contacts to the outside world. She was barely fed and most of the time, she was given grass to eat. Grasses that get stuck to her throat and her mother will just watch as her body rejects what she was given. After that week, her father has called that he will return. Galant in joy her mother has recovered from her confused state and set her daughter free at last

She was a mess, thin as paper and carries the scent of decay.

Eyes staring blankly and mind prevailing in agony. Thoughts drifting to the waters surface to pack things up and leave was her first ace. But she digress/ If she told this to her sister, things will get worse. She has failed to notice her mothers schemes what more to someone who is lucky if she can scream?

Then she laugh, the answer was so simple, it cant even be a goal "I just have to fix my family before my sister arrived!" her body quivered in excitement

"Let us out of here, you don't know what your doing!" her father yelled at her as he tried to pry open the steel bars

"You monster!" her mother cursed "Why did I even bother raising you?!"

This was her plan that succeeded so effortlessly. She drugged her parents with sleeping pills then took them to the same cage her mother took her. The amazement that she feels as she sees her parents so close again made her lose tract of time. They were histerical in tryingto get out and begging her to set them free. But her only response was a teaseful smile.

What a beautiful couple they are to unite for one goal. They shall spend the night together , to trust each toehr again. Father shall admit to his crimes then Mother shall forgive him. Their family shall be happy again and her sister will be surprised with the change.

"Goodnight, Papa, Mama" those were her only words before she turned the lights off and locked the door.

She does not plan to make them suffer the same thing she did, it will only be for a night. The end shall justify the means.

Then she slept with an optimistic smile on her face

However, she learned too late that good intentions fueled by bad actions can never bear fruits to a happy ending.

It was the cover of all news

The same story, told in different views

A family was murdered

The accused cannot be rendered

The father was found in the basement

Inside a broken cage, his neck was strangeled till it bent

The mother was found on the basement

She was eviscerated from neck to pelvic base

Her tongue was bitten off from the rough fall

Blayed sprayed so heavy it splashed on the very wall

The youngest daughter was found in her room

A place reeking in suffocating gloom

She was found holding a knife

Her eyes was devoid of life

All over the walls, demonic words are beaming

Written in inhuman penmanship: "The dogs are coming"

She was still alive, much to their surprise

But her mind was so broken, its better if she dies

As for the eldest daughter,

She prefer to be seen, never

I had been locked in an asylum. With such a tragedy, my sister was supposed to suffer the same trauma as I. But she stayed strong and had been with me all those times. They said that no one who was confined to an asylum was ever allowed to be part of the community again. But we proved them wrong.

It took me three years before I gained back my rightful thinking. I was tested and tried, but they cannot understand how it happened. The doctors dismissed my case as not a mental breakdown but just post traumatic stress. To be a part of the community again, the government sponsored our rebuilt by giving us new identities. I am now named "Rachel Sinclair" and my sister is "Lailah Sinclair".

As I cry there, desperately trying to block my ears and stop the voices, and fight the shock trauma that is emerging, I spoke in a frenzy: "The dogs are coming, Ate Lailah, the dogs are coming! They blame me, I am not the bad one. They are not real, right? Please tell me they are just my imaginations. Please talk to me, Ate Lailah," I begged "PLEASE TALK TO ME!"

In a benign compassion, she fell down from her seat and crawled to me. Her lenient embrace, locked me tight. I can still feel that soothing warmth that she blanketed to my frightened self. Then she held me to face her lambent smile, "Its alright, I will always be with you."

Then she kissed me

Two people living in a life that we do not own. Soon, people will know our true identities, but for now, we shall live in the comfort of lying.

~ D~

Authors Note:

Goddamn it, this story was supposed to be finished about 1 week earlier. But thanks to depression from family problems. I kept on being slowed down! Oh well, screw them

I spent a lot of time in thinking of ways to mess this story up. (e.g. Rachel waking up to realize that she was just dreaming or her sister was the dog she was referring to, or some rapists jumping out of the bushes.) But nah, I guess sweet stories such as this isn't so bad once in a while. Whats that? You don't know that:

Incest = Easy Target.

Lesbians = Magical Creatures

Lesbians + Incest = Too pure to masturbate to. Almost

One of my wishes is to continue this story, wherein the next chapter will be Lailah hiring "you" as their maid. (Bet you know where this is going) Being the only man on the house, Rachel will not trust you at all. And she will always threaten you with gunz blazing that if you ever try to do "that". She will find you and torture you till you wish for death. Yay!

Unfortunately, I have better things to do.

Oh by the way, the "Saranggola people" thing was something that I made up, its has nothing to do with the story but just entertainment purpose. You can forget about it