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by: urtenshii

Chapter 1: Platonic Lanes

"Hi friends here is me!" Jane Trevors declared and plopped down on an empty seat beside the ever-talkative Heather Valentine who was going on about the laziness of their English teacher. She was a very tall girl with a very slim build and a pretty face. Shoulder-length black hair framed her small head. Her eyes were big and often playful while her usually unpainted mouth was often seen smiling or emitting a very loud laugh that she was very famous for. However, what people won't fail to notice are the blushes that seemed to impulsively show on her face whenever she was lying or having a very good time.

On the other hand, Heather had porcelain skin. One that was to die for. You wouldn't call her cute nor beautiful. But she had a unique face, one that was not going to leave your mind for days. A little shorter than Jane, she was plumper by a few pounds. Her almond-shaped eyes seemed to be always wary while her smile was strictly for her friends. She talks more than the average human being with a voice that could certainly turn your head around.

As different as these two girls are, one thing remained. They're both heartbreakers though neither one would admit it.

The moment Jane's friends noticed her presence, all conversations ceased and five heads swiveled to fix their curious and speculative eyes at her. If she hadn't known her friends well, she would have promised the move was choreographed. However, she did know how their crazy minds worked and how weird their thoughts could sometimes become one without the need of conversations.

"What?" she asked as innocent as she could but she was sure it sounded very much guilty on their ears. As if on cue, their mouths all broke to wide, teasing grins and she couldn't help the little laugh that escaped from her mouth. "You all look so weird right now."

"At least we're not guilty," the ever perceptive Noelle Tracy replied still with that huge grin. She swears that the girl has the instincts of a tiger and the senses of a wolf. Her eyes bore through you with that depth of knowledge no one was capable of ever deciphering. Her smile always held meaning and though she couldn't be considered beautiful, she was striking with a certain air of confidence and sureness, anybody couldn't help but notice. She was tanned but the color suited her fiery yet bubbly personality. With high cheekbones and a stubborn chin, she always seemed to have something to say to any situation and to any person. It was a trait all recognize and respect. She also has a gift of making people laugh with her weird antics and wit.

"Guilty? Who's guilty?" Jane went on the innocent charade. After all, there was nothing to tell, was there? It was just a simple meal with a friend. Nothing special. Nothing worth sharing and nothing romantic.

With an eyebrow raised, Stephanie Price told her, "I don't know. Maybe some girl who went on a special date with a special someone. I just can't seem to recall her name. You know her Stel?"

Stephanie Price, friendly and talkative, had the magic of never boring anyone. She's charming with that ready smile and punch line that's bound to send you to hysterical laughter. With bangs that fashionably adorned her face, she was the most artistic and girly of the group. She had brownish skin that suits her face and she's slim, though she continually claimed that she's already fat. She's not anorexic, though; something that her friends are still thankful for. As evasive as she could be, you still wouldn't be able to help liking her, as she has an uncanny ability to make you laugh.

"That girl? I think it was J-something. I can't seem to remember," was the grinning answer of Stella Vincent, the group's socialite and partygoer. She came from a good family, better than most, anyway. Though she was the calmest out of the group, she was wild on the dance floor. She was short with a pair of deep dimples that makes her look cute and irresistible. However, her eyes remained seductive and inviting, giving a lovely contrast to her face.

"But I do know that she was thin. So utterly thin, she could be blown by the wind," Heather added, brows furrowing in fake concentration.

"Oh really?" Melissa Yale gleefully stressed the 'R' in the way that was so Melissa. She's naïve to the point of ignorance, much to the frustration of her friends. She has this way of tuning out of a conversation and then tuning in afterwards, with that infamous punch line, 'What was that again?' She had a pair of wide eyes with long lashes and a tangle of threads she calls hair. These all add up to give her that innocent and confused appearance she was famous for. Her eyes swim with questions while her smiling lips often speak of them. Not so tall, slightly chubby and happy-go-lucky, she retained an air of naïveté that's so rarely seen in others.

Looking at the five of them, Jane could do nothing but roll her eyes. 'Some friends they are,' she muttered before giving up to the inevitable.

"Okay. Okay. We went out. Not to a date but to a simple dinner. It was nothing special, really. Just two adults eating food. What's the issue?" she blurted out in one fast breath. Later on, she'll have to wonder why she could be so hugely affected whenever they were teasing her.

"Right. Two adults eating food. No issue there. Certainly none," Steph told her but the evil glint in her eyes told her otherwise. She kept quiet. Being too defensive would obviously work in their advantage. However, she forgot that even being too quiet worked against her, too.

"Of course, Stephanie dear, nothing's going on. I mean, it's just a boy and a girl eating dinner together in a restaurant in Valentine's day. I mean, like, that's just so unromantic," Noelle explained which only made her friends smile grow wider. She could swear it reached their ears. She'd never met anyone who could smile like they could. Then again, she'd never met anyone like them.

She laughed loudly in spite of herself and controlled the cursed blush to spread in her cheeks. Some may consider it a God-given gift. She, however, considers it a pest, a nuisance and a barrier to lying.

"C'mon Jane! We want details! Sweet, juicy details!" Heather announced rather loudly, drawing the attention of the students in the next table. The group, however, paid no heed as this was routine to them.

With a sigh and a roll of the eye, Jane narrated her evening as flatly as she could. In the back of her mind, she continually wondered why they would think she and Noah Parker would become something more than friends. Sure, they were real tight and he may have hinted having some romantic feelings toward her but they were friends. She was sure there was an unwritten rule somewhere that prohibits relationships among very close friends. She hoped that somewhere would be planted in her friends' mind.

She went on and finished the tale but however void of emotion she may try to be, it has no effect on the five star-eyed people in front of her.

"Isn't he the sweetest thing?" Steph remarked with that dreamy look. "I can already imagine your thin and tall babies running around!"

They all laughed. She, more bothered than most. How could they even begin thinking of those babies when they aren't even in a relationship? Not that she's wishing to be on one. It was way, way below in her list of priorities, if she would have one anyway.

"So, are you together already?" Melissa asked with all the innocence that seemed to be engulfing her very being.

"Of course not," was her very basic and very quick reply.

An instantaneous roll of eyes followed the statement.

"Girl, are you seriously gonna torture that boy for a very long time?" Stella blurted out.

"He's not poor, Stel. In fact, his family is quite rich," she joked and five bland looks were sent her way. Friends really do have a weird way of expressing their affection for each other.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny, Jane. I'm rolling on the flour laughing out loud," came the sarcastic reply of Steph.

"Yeah, like ROFLOL," Melissa commented sending them all to another bout of endless laughter with remarks of 'Whatever Mel' or 'That's so Mel.'

Before she could thank the Lord for the diversion, Noelle spoke up. She was a hard nut to crack and if she puts her mind to it, she would rarely be side-tracked. Jane knew this and cursed her friend.

"Seriously girl, are you never going to give him a proper answer?" was the ever-dreaded question.

Jane could tell them the truth or she could lie. Simply, with her usual smile and blushing cheeks, she told them, "Guys we're friends and we're staying that way. We don't have any secret feelings for each other, other than friendship anyway, and whatever you're thinking right now is simply a product of your very wild imagination." Somehow, she had no idea if this was truth or not.

Noelle, undeterred, continued to look at her with those soul-searching eyes, "You can go on and pretend you don't have any feelings for him but please do not turn deaf and blind to his obvious show of affection. You're neither dumb nor slow. So I expect that you already caught up by now."

Cue agreement from friends. At this point in her life, she felt completely alone and forsaken by her supposed-to-be friends.

"Noelle, is it so hard to understand friendship?" she whined.

"Girl, what you and I have? That's friendship. What you and Noah have? That's more like a dance."

"Noelle, I don't dance neither does he. You know that."

"Shut your trap and listen. You're dancing around each other, trying to skirt around the inevitable. You can waltz, jive and boogie for now but someday, someone's gonna tire and when that person decides that the song is over; you have a choice to make."

When Jane tried to look away, Noelle's hand tightened on her arm until she turned her head back to meet hers. She didn't want to hear but apparently, she had no choice.

"Jane, listen to me. Whether you like it or not, that song's gonna end, and then, you're gonna decide if you'll continue holding on or forever let go. Do not fool yourself in believing that you have friendship because even that, in itself, is currently based on the need that you have to be near each other for a totally different reason. If you continually shove him back on the platonic lane, he might never want to step out of it and you might just regret that day," and though the end of Noelle's long speech fueled the nonstop teasing about her immense experience and wisdom, her words echoed in the mind of her very thin and confused friend.