Chapter 3

My mother was not pleased about me moving. Not one bit. She yelled and cursed; saying that I didn't know the group of people, and that they could hurt me. I scoffed when she said that, reminding her that James was in the group.

"That does noh make meh feel any vetter!"

The woman had a valid point.

"Mama, seriously, I've been fighting since I was sieben*," I told her, "I think I can handle myself."

She scoffed, but knew she wouldn't win this argument. Once the Council had decided something, it was agree or die. In other words, I didn't have a choice.

I wasn't exactly happy about it either, but my mother was just making a scene. She hated not getting her own way. In a lot of ways, she was kind of like a child. And I was getting tired of being the grown up. So, I was kind of excited to move out. When James had moved out, I had been angry that he was leaving me to deal with our mother. The jerk.

Eventually, I got my mother to calm down, and then she pulled boxes out of the storage room for me to start packing. "Danke mama," I said, and leaned to kiss her cheek. She rolled her blue eyes and went to the kitchen to make her afternoon coffee.

Packing sucked. I had too much stuff. Not clothing. No, I had too much art supplies. I sighed angrily as I realized that I would have to make two trips to get it all to the house. Damn.

I kept a few pairs of clothing unpacked, so that I would have stuff to wear until I was unpacked. When I had the rest of my things in boxes, I sat on my bed. I looked around and realized that I really didn't have much that belonged to me. Just clothing, my guitar and my art stuff. I wondered how much stuff Jessica and Garret would be packing, and shuddered.

After a while, I pulled out my sketch book. I doodled randomly for a while, and then moved to a new page. On the page I sketched from memory the skull of a vampire.

Vampires weren't like Twilight. They didn't sparkle, and they couldn't survive on animal blood. Vampires looked human, but hell, they sure didn't act like one. Vampires are nocturnal creatures, and really do hate the smell of garlic. They're essentially color blind, and if you push on into sun… POOF, no more vampire. All you are left with is a big pile of ash to clean up.

If you spray them with Holy water their skin pretty much melts off their bones. Its nasty and I don't recommend doing that while children are around, unless you want to be paying for a shrink.

Vampires could live for around one thousand years until they start going a little loopy. After living for so long, their mind just…shuts down, and they become ruthless killers. They stop bathing, or putting on clothing, which is a horrifying sight. Soon their human disguise drops, and their wings show. Their fangs become so long that they don't fit inside the vampires' mouth, and they grow long, sharp claws. As soon as a vampire hits this stage in its life, us Dhampirs are sent out to find and kill it. They're not hard to find either. Just follow the trail of blood and the stench of death.

There are a lot of ways to kill a vampire. Staking being an obvious one. But come on, if you were to stake anything, it would die. Last I checked, getting a sharp object to the heart was pretty lethal. You can also chop their heads of, or cut them up into little pieces and burn them.

One thing about vampires though, they're damn fast. Faster than Dhampirs. So catching and killing them can often be super annoying. Plus they can fly. That alone is a pain in the ass.


I jerked my head up from my sketch at my mother's call. "Yeah?" I called back.

"Anruf fur sie!" Phone call for you.

"Es warden in einer zweiten!" Be there in a second.

I sprung up from my bed, completely confused as to who was calling me. I didn't exactly have any friends who would call, seems how most of them were posted all over the world.

My mom was waiting at the bottom of the stairs with the phone. She handed it to me as I drew near.


"Blake? It's Bri."

I raised a brow, shooing my mother away, who scowled at me.

"What's up?" I asked. A better question was probably: 'How the fuck did you get my number?'.

"Is there anyway you could move in by Wednesday? Tyler is giving us a contract earlier than I expected, and I need to brief you guys on it. Not to mention that we have to train, get the house ready. And fuck we don't even have any food-"

"Calm down, Bri," I said. That was probably the most I had ever heard Bri talk. It was freaking me out, "Yeah I can get in by Wednesday. Don't worry about getting the house ready, or food, I'll call the others and have them buy some stuff," I paused, "Do you have their numbers?"

Bri was silent for a second, "I can call and ask them…" she trailed off for a second, "Sorry for freaking out, I'm stressed."

I frowned, "It's no problem, I under-"

"No. You don't," she muttered.

She was probably right.

"I'll see you on Wednesday."

The line went dead.

'Oh fuck what did I do with that key?'


Wednesday morning found me grumpy and annoyed. My mother kept nagging me about how I should pack my stuff into my car. Not to mention that she woke me up the god awful time of seven-thirty. We then decided to put my stuff in her pick up truck so I could bring my bed with me. Well, the mattress at least.

When we were done packing, my mother drove me to the house. She hugged me tight and told me to be careful. I reminded her that I would only be fifteen minutes away. That seemed to calm her, and as I unloaded the last of my stuff, and waved her off, I tried to get the image of her deep blue eyes shinning with unshed tears.


"When the hell did you find time to do all this?" I asked, staring around the basement.

A wall had been made, separating James' room from the rest of the basement. The walls had been painted a deep grey, and a huge shelving unit spread from one wall to the other.

Bri shrugged. "Had a lot of time on my hands."

The floors of the room were covered in crash mats. Three punching bags hung from the ceiling. In the shelving until held an assortment of weapons: From guns to wooden staffs, to knives and daggers. My eyes were drawn to a Katana I saw on the top shelf. 'Oh just wait 'till I get my hands on you, baby.'

I had been the first one to the house, besides Bri. She had been kind enough to help me drag all my stuff up to my attic. She raised an eyebrow at all my art supplies, and I just shrugged. "I'm an art junky." I explained. She had nodded once and proceeded to lift boxes.

When I got my stuff in the attic, Bri showed me the basement that she had renovated. She explained that we could train down here, and it seemed like a pretty kick ass idea to me. I wasn't sure how James would take it, but the little bitch would have to suck it up.

Jessica and Garret were next to show up. With a moving truck. A moving truck. I wondered if they realized how small their rooms were…

The size of their rooms didn't seem to bother them though, and soon all their stuff was set up in their rooms.

James showed up last in his leather jacket and biker boots. Instead of his bike, he had a silver pick up truck with his stuff in the back. Of course the bike was in the back as well. I rolled my eyes at him. He didn't notice and asked, or rather ordered, if I would help him take his mattress downstairs. I agreed, but only because I wanted to see his reaction to the renovation Bri had done.

James pretty much dropped the mattress as soon as he saw 'his' basement.

"No fucking way!" he hissed, "No! Fuck no!"

I snickered as he started freaking out. He yelled about how he was going to mount a flat screen on the wall where the shelves were, and get a mini fridge and a pool table. Haha, sucked to be him.

Bri came down to see what all the yelling was about, and that's pretty much when all hell broke lose.

They wound up screaming at each other, and I swear, if I thought Bri was scary before, she was downright terrifying when she was truly pissed off.

James knew all the right buttons to push, going as far as to call Bri a stupid bitch, among other things that I will not mention. That's when I knew I would be patching walls, because James went flying. The roundhouse kick Bri had sprung on him had probably hurt. But hey, he had it coming. After all the stories we had heard about Bri and her temper, it was kind of expected to not piss her off.

But then there was the dumbass who I was ashamed to call my brother, who just couldn't back down from a fight. He probably had the same temper as Bri, but he was a little more controlled.

James sat up against the wall, glaring at Bri. And that's when I smelled the smoke. I groaned.

"James, bro, please try not to burn down the joint," I whined, "You have no idea how much all that art supplies cost me!"

Of course, neither of them paid me any attention, although James did get away from the wall. There were two black hands prints left behind.

Bri growled. And when I say growl, I mean that she actually growled. Like an animal. James hissed, showing off his fangs. I sighed and decided that enough was enough. Something had to be done before they killed each other.

"Guys," I said, "I hate to interrupt you two, but we have better things to do than argue and puts holes in the walls." I eyed the big hole in the wall. I knew that I was going to be the one patching that up later. Damn it all.

James' Gift was sure to get us all killed one day.

When a Dhampir turns seventeen, they develop a gift that is close to their own personality. James had the gift of Fire. Which surprised no one, as he had always loved to watch flames. He had set more things on fire than I could count… and half of them had belonged to me!

Because Garret, Jessica and I were all sixteen, we would develop our Gifts next year. Bri would be waiting two years.

I wondered what Bri's Gift would be. Maybe the power to rip someone to shreds within five seconds? Or massive strength?

I shuddered at the image of Bri ripping a vampire in half with her bare hands. Jesus wouldn't that be a sight?


"The point of this contract is to find the vamp, and take him out," Bri was saying.

There was a vampire in town that was killing young teenage girls around thirteen or fourteen. The death count was five so far. Each of the kills had the same pattern: Broken legs and arms, punctured airways, to keep the victim from screaming, and drained of all blood. Honestly, the vampire was one of the stupider ones out there. It was like he wanted us to find him. He left all this victims out in the open in high traffic areas. Stupid.

"Why don't we just send Blake out to lure him out?" James asked suddenly, "He looks enough like a teenage girl."

"Hey guess what James, fuck you." I hissed, un-amused.

James smirked, "Come on little bro, you've got the hair for a girl! Seriously when was the last time you had a cut?"

I snorted, "Look who is talking, Mr. Ponytail."

"Ladies please!" Garret interrupted, "Stop your bickering and let Bri talk."

James and I shut up, both of us glaring at each other.

'Did he just call us 'ladies?'

"Anyway," Bri muttered, and sent James and us a look that said: shut-up-right-now-before-I-kick-your-asses-so-hard-you'll-taste-my-boot, before continuing, "We'll split up into two groups. One group will go at the vampire head on, and chase him to the other group, who will be waiting to finish the job," Bri instructed, "In the first group will be Garret and Blake. You two are the fastest in our Group, so you'll be doing the running,"

Garret and I nodded. I wrinkled my nose at the side glance Garret gave me.


"The second group will be Jessica and I," Bri turned to James, "You'll be on standby in case something goes wrong."

James nodded.

My brother had never wanted to be a Medic. It wasn't something that he had chosen to do. I knew that he would rather be fighting with us, but his duties as the Medic were just as important as the rest of our jobs. And besides, James was a really good Medic. He may be an asshole, but he had pretty decent people skills when it came to caring for injuries and such.

"We'll head out tonight, be ready when I call."

We all headed our own ways in the house.

James disappeared to the basement, Bri went to her room, Jessica and Garret stayed to lounge on the couch while watching Jersey shore (ew…) and I went to the kitchen to find something edible.

There wasn't a lot in our kitchen yet. We had yet to go shopping for anything for the fridge. So far we only had dishes, utensils, glasses, bread, crackers, peanut butter and cereal. Not even good cereal. It was Rice Krispies. The stuff has a three minute time frame in which you had to eat it before it because a big pill of slop in your bowl. Blek. Besides, there was no milk.

I settled for a peanut butter sandwich. By the end of it, I was really wishing for a nice cold glass of milk to wash down the peanut butter, but had to go with a glass of water. The water was gross. The metallic taste of it made me wonder if the house had copper plumbing. Judging by the age of the place, it probably did.

A quick glance at the clock on the stove told me it was five thirty. It was dark outside, but I could see that it was snowing. A slow grin crept onto my face and rushed out to the backyard.

I may have been sixteen, but the child in me never died when it came to snow.

In the backyard I stood with my face raised to the sky, mouth open, and tongue out. I probably looked ridiculous, but I didn't care.

"Blake what the hell are you doing?"

I turned me head to the house and saw Bri with her head out of her window. She was watching me with a confused expression on her face.

"What? I like snow!" I said with a grin.

Something passed through Bri's eyes that I couldn't distinguish.

"We leave in an hour," she muttered. Her voice was quiet, but she didn't need to be loud for me to hear her.

I didn't have time to ask her anything, because she slipped her head back into her room and closed the window. A few seconds later the window was covered with her drapes.

I stayed a little longer out in the snow, watching it fall from the sky and settle onto the ground and trees around me, before I made my way back inside the house.

"You're covered in snow," Jessica said as I sauntered into the living room, "Ew! Don't shake your head! You're getting it everywhere!"

I rolled my eyes and shook my hair out once more. The silver locks stuck to my forehead and matted in the back, but I didn't care. Though James was right, I really did need a hair cut.

I settled on the couch next to Garret to watch re-runs of CSI with him. I wasn't really paying attention to the show though, as my gaze kept going to the window, to the snow. I really loved the snow.

A while later, Bri called down, "Guys get ready! We leave in ten!"

I rushed upstairs to my attic. From one of the boxes with my clothing in it, I pulled out my leather jacket that I wore while hunting in the cold. I also grabbed my blue and grey stripped hoodie and threw it on under the jacket. My army boots were next to come out a different box.

I jumped down from my attic and onto the floor below me. I didn't bother retracting the stairs behind me and rushed downstairs to the basement. Bri and James were already there, discussing what weapons would be best to finish off the vampire.

I eyed the hole in the wall with malice.

'They're going to make me patch you up. I just know it. Curse you.'