Chapter 9

(Erika's PoV)

This girl, Louisa, was so different from me that it was actually quite fun to see how she would react to he different situations that her life threw at her. During the week that had been in her head, she had been given 2 surprise quizzes in geography, had to baby sit her 2 little brothers on a night she had wanted to go to the cinema with her friends and been given 5 detentions for grabbing a kid by the ankles and dangling him out of the window… well, I guess the last part wasn't so different from myself.

On top of all this, the girl had to take lessons for 4 different instruments (Viola, piano, flute and acoustic guitar) and her parents made her take a ballet class on top of it all, it was any wonder that Louisa had any time to sleep in her life!

For all this time that I spent in her body, I still couldn't find a way out, and to make matters worse, it seemed that I was just an observer in this other person's body, unable to control anything in the events around me, I doubted that the girl even knew I was here.

At first, like most people would have in this situation, I thought that this must be a dream, something my mind made up to hide the fact that I had died falling from the roof in gym, or dulling the boredom of being in a comatose state, but then I began to think of other things. Maybe I was being shown this for a reason? Or maybe I really had died and I was just haunting this girl for some, as yet, unknown reason! Which ever it was, I soon found myself wishing for the latter, but wouldn't a ghost be able to do SOMETHING rather than just watch? Or did all the horror movies get it wrong?

After the first few days, I stopped trying to fight this new arrangement and decided to just settle in and enjoy the ride, it had to end some where, and if it didn't, so what? It wasn't like I could do anything about it!

This night, she (we?) was sitting on the floor writing an essay and watching T.V at the same time (yes, women are amazing at multitasking like that boys!), though I must admit, the program was incredibly dull, just a report on some train accident that happened a few years ago, and I was beginning to nod off. For a long time, she stayed like that, with her pencil scratching on the paper with a strange rhythm, and eventually, she decided that it was late enough to go to bed without getting strange questions off of her parents.

After showering and getting changed, she was just beginning to climb into bed when the set in her room, which she had unplugged the night before, lit up for some strange reason. Obviously, we were both curious about this, (who wouldn't be?) and without thinking, though I doubt it made much difference whether I thought about it or not, we moved forwards to get a better look at the flickering images that were dancing across the screen in a fevered frenzy;

Bright shots of obscure objects were quickly replaced the darker clips of faces, faces wearing expressions that would make you blood run cold. At first glance, it would look like they were just distorted by the computer that created the whole video, but, from the viewpoint that was mere inches from the screen, we could see what they really were, they were faces distorted in grimace of extreme agony, their mouths stretched in a soundless, wordless scream that would haunt our dreams for many nights to come.

All of this, and more, happened in quick succession, horror after horror appeared in front of us and all we could do was sit there, unable to do anything to help these suffering people or erase their images from our minds, it was like their wordless pleads for help were being burned permanently into our souls. Never once had I seen something like this before, and I pray to God that I never have to live through something like that again, it only lasted just over a minute, but it was worse than any other thing I had ever experienced in the whole of my life…

As soon as the advertisement finished, the T.V turned off and immediately, the room was plunged, once more, into darkness and, frozen to the spot as we were, there was no way to remedy this situation.

After this, the night passed and we did not even move from the floor, when the dawn light came, we were frozen to the bone and ashen as a sheet, this day was the beginning… the beginning of the end!