(Declan's PoV)

"… Then I said… hey, Dec, you even listening man?"

"huh? What sorry?"

"For crying out loud, do you ever listen to people when they are taking to you?"

No, not when people start talking to me about soccer, but that wasn't the reason why I was absent minded today, that was because I had just caught sight of the small group of students sneaking through the bushes toward the old school building.

"Hey.." I had to think for a minute to remember this guy's name, "Joseph, who's that running across the yard?"

"Hmm…. Oh yeah, your new so you probably don't know them, they're just a group that go round doing stupid things, its best to just ignore them, even if those two girls are kind of…"

At this point he goes off onto a long spiel about how the girl with the purple hair, Melody I think he calls her, is exactly his type, but she ignores him every time he tries to ask her out.

This goes on for the rest of the lunch hour and I find myself drifting off to sleep so when I first see them running out of the old building across the sports field, I dismiss the faint shadow I see following them, thinking that it is just my imagination, but still I keep thinking about it, especially the way it seemed to cling to the red haired girl as she stops fro breath right outside the school entrance. For some reason I can't explain, I want to shout at her to run…

The bell that signified the start of 6th period pulled me out of my thoughts, and to distract myself from the strange emotions twisting inside me, I start to listen very intently to the teacher and take very detailed notes on the lecture of modern history.

Before I know it, the lesson is over, and Joseph comes up to me again, he is acting as my guide in this school, not that I need it, when I lived in Pandora, I attended a school 10 times the size of this one, but I just keep nodding pleasantly and following him round like a good little student, no need to make an enemy on my first day.

As there are so few students per year group, the three different classes in each year have P.E together so that they can split the boys and girls while still having enough people to call a class. This is why, when the teacher dismisses us, I end up following around fifty other boys down to the outside locker room.

I will admit, this is the lesson I am looking forward to least today, and not just because it is roasting hot outside and I will have to be out there in a track suit. The reason why this is my first day, even though we are technically we are half way through the first semester, is because of my poor health. Just two weeks ago I was hospitalized because if a seizure that left me unconscious for a full day, now, because of this, I'm not allowed to take part in any unnecessary exercise such as sport lessons and I will just be sat on the side lines for the hour and a half lesson, watching the other guys in my class have fun… great!

For the first half hour, things are going fine, even if I am bored out of my skull, the temperature isn't all that bad and a cool breeze is there to cool my face as I watch the others pretty much just fight on the rugby pitch. However, as the time drags on and I spend more time in the glaring sun, my head begins to feel light and I feel like I'm about to pass out;

"Teacher! The new kid looks like he's about to faint, want me to take him inside?"

The speaker, of course, is Joseph, the one who seems to think it is his job to look after me at this school, but by this stage, I am feeling so bad that I don't object when he pulls me to my feet and helps me to the shade by the side of one of the older buildings on campus before he apologises and goes back to join in. I'm alone again, but at least the shade is helping and the world begins to stop spinning around me.

I have only been sat there for five minutes and my head is feeling a lot clearer, but, as I start to think about going back over to my class, I hear a loud bang… then the screaming starts.

Without me actually telling them to move, my feet take me to the door about three meters down from me and I run inside the building that I now see is a gym. In the room, it is easy to see where the screaming is coming from; all the girls are gathered around something on the floor. Again my legs move without orders and I find myself looking over the shoulder of one of the girls at a figure on the boards laying in a growing pool of blood.

Although I don't want them too, my eyes move up to the girl's face and my heart almost stops beating… It's the red haired girl from earlier, the one that the shadow was following!