Snow part 1 by Disneyluver

Summary: I thought this poem up when I was at RV in 2004 and I was watching snow fall to the ground. at the time i was going my my old pen name of disneyluver. Please read and review! - BigKidatHeart

Tiny fragments of frozen rain whip around in the air

They glue themselves to everything- the ground, coats and even your hair

They at first are slow

But they soon cover everything with a white glow

When you go outside it is only a few minutes before you're covered from head to toe

It stings when they touch your cheek.

So it's the heater that you seek.

When a snowflake settles on your tongue from the air

It feels a small icicle has landed there.

The field is covered beneath a layer of ice that is covered by many layers of snow

It seems to go through your boot right down to your toe

The snow beneath your boot does crunch.

And you pray that there is something hot for lunch.

First written on 03-08-04 -