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Celeste looked up to her father and she saw his eyes filled with love for her. She didn't understand. If her father loved her so much, why did he still have to leave her? Couldn't he take her with him? Her father picked her up and hugged her tightly.

"Don't worry, honey." he said, "Daddy will be back soon."

"Daddy, I want to go with you!" she said and held on tightly.

"Now now, dear, don't make this harder on your father than it already is.", her mother said, "Look at your sisters. Don't you think they will miss you awefully lot if you leave them?"

Celeste heart was filled with fear when her eyes met her mother's. The woman standing in front of her, became her mother when Celeste was only five years old. When her father got remarried, Celeste was so excited that she would have a mother like all the other kids. Even more wonderful was that she no longer would be an only child. She would get two sisters around her age.

Her happiness was crushed when she found out that mothers weren't as loving as people always said and her sisters weren't the friends she had hoped they'd be. Life was much happier when her family only consisted of her and her father.

Each time her father came back from work, she would still find her happiness again, because her mother acted nicely towards her then and told her sisters off when they tried to bully her. Even though her father leaving was still very difficult for Celeste, she had somehow adjusted herself to the double life she was leading.

Her father mounted the carriage that was waiting for him. When the carriage started moving he waved to her as she waved back. She comforted herself with the thought that her father would be back in a month for her tenth birthday.

Never did she expect that she would never feel the happiness of her father returning again.