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(a/n: Thorne College Prep is unique in that, it lets students enter only sophomore year, ages 15-16. Being a private academy, it has its own set of rules and admittance)

Chapter 1

This all wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gotten lost on my first day of school.

After improving myself for the better as a result of my horrible experiences of middle school (bullying, overweight, heartbreak, etc.), I was determined to have a memorable high school debut. With the help of my fairy godmother (Sean, my five-year older, gay best friend), I was able to study my ass off, lose a lot of weight and gain acceptance into the prestigious Thorne College Prepatory.

Everything was already delivered to the dorms, so the only thing I had to do was show up for orientation on time.

I couldn't even do that.

This place was too damn big.

"Yeah, I'm heading there Nikki," I said on the phone with my only friend here at this school, she was waiting for me at orientation, "I'll see you soon."

The truth was, I had no idea where I was and wasn't even sure that I would make it on time. The sad thing was, there didn't seem to be any students around for me to ask directions.

I saw a flash of blonde-a student! I quickly chased him around the corner before tripping on nothing (happens a lot). When I looked up to find him, he was no where in sight. I cursed, the only person I had seen so far and he was gone just like that.

I checked my watch, five minutes until orientation time.

I stood up and dusted myself off-

"HEY!" someone screeched, "STOP!"

I flinched and instinctively dove behind a set of bushes again. God, I hope whoever it was didn't mean me.

Someone hopped out of the window that I just tripped in front of.

It was a guy, guy wasn't the term, god perhaps? Dark hair, green eyes, tall, his shirt unbuttoned, tie unknotted-he just screamed mischief. The girl behind him struggled as she hopped out of the window while buttoning her shirt, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

He turned to her, his face in impassive, "What? You got what you wanted, now leave me alone."

"Saying that you're 'bored of me' right after we've done it!" she screeched at him, "Isn't that too much!?"

He smirked at her, "Too much? You're the upperclassman who seduced a new student like me to sleep with you. I complied, what more do you want?"

She blushed, lost for words "Y-you!"

"Shut up," he turned away from her and began to walk toward my bush, "I was just asking you for directions. It's your fault that you were so easy."

She slapped him, ouch, "Jerk! Go to hell!" she ran away.

I was about to sneakily move to the next bush to avoid him, before stepping on a twig. So much for being sneaky.

His head snapped to look in my direction, "Who's there?"

After deciding that there was no point in hiding anymore, I stood up, red-faced in embarrassment, "I, uh-I'm sorry."

"Enjoy the show?" he said rudely.

"No..uh-" I tried to stutter my way out of it, "You see-I'm new and lost-and..."

He frowned and interrupted my lame excuses, "What you saw was kind of troublesome for me, especially since reputations are so important here," he stepped closer and closer to me until he had me up against the wall, he leaned in so that his face was within inches of mine, half of his arm was against the wall, the other hand was down near my waist, blocking my escape. He was a head taller than me so he had to lower his head so that his eyes could pierce mine as he said, "So you're not allowed to tell anyone what happened, okay?"

The smolder. He was actually using the smolder.

"..W-W-w-What..." I began.

He smirked, sensing an easy victory.

"...What an ASSHOLE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Honestly, I had just enough with these douchebags thinking that they can do or say anything, I pushed him away, "HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN!?"

He looked taken back, "What?"

"NEVER!" I yelled in disgust, he was just like the jerks from my old school, no he was way worse, "Have I ever met such a conceited jerk like you! UGH!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" another voice broke the silence that followed my outburst, the boy that I had seen before, the blonde hair, hopped down from the tree, his eyes sparkled with delight, "BOTH OF YOU ARE SO AMUSING!"

We gaped at him, what the? Did he just come from a tree?

He was good-looking for sure, a similar build to asshole here, but he was way more cheerful and had nice grey eyes to complete the look. He grabbed both of us and said gleefully, "I like you two! You both are funny, let's be friends! I'm Kieran! "

Who is this kid?

"What were you doing in a tree?" I asked lamely.

"OH!" he laughed and shook his hair free of leaves, "Funny story, I'm new here and I was trying to get to the orientation, but I got lost, so I decided to climb a tree and look for the building!"

The asshole and I could only stare at him: What a weirdo.

There was an orientation that I was supposed to go to, and I was still here with these idiots. I pulled out my phone and tried to get a GPS going, before-

"HEY YOU THREE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING BEHIND THE SCIENCE BUILDING!?" the teacher yelled from the window that the asshole climbed out of, "What are your names?"

Too late. Caught.

Kieran smiled cheerfully, his grip still on both of us, "I'm Kieran McCutcheon!"

I glared at the floor shamefully, "Riley Pierce."

The asshole said reluctantly, "Caleb...Vanderbilt."

He's a Vanderbilt?!


So we were punished. Detention the very first day. What a fabulous way to start school.

High school debut: officially tanked.

"Where were you dude?" Nikki asked, "After you hung up I couldn't find you."

I ran and hugged her, "I have detention on the first day!" I wailed.

"What?" she laughed as she pat my head, "Why? Never did I imagine goody two shoes Riley would get detention on her first day of school. When I first met you at camp, you were always on time for shit. I must be rubbing off on you, little fucker. " (A/N: I apologize for the foul language, necessary for character development)

"Honestly Nikki, I don't know how a Yankee like you got into this school, that mouth of yours alone should never have made it past the applications let alone the interview," I teased. This is my friend, Nikki, she swears like a sailor.

"It's called faking it baby," she flipped her hair, "Just smile and say 'sir' and 'miss' and you're hot to go. Anyway, what is this about you getting in trouble?"

"The teacher caught me missing orientation...with two guys," I frowned.

"Whoa, back up girl. I haven't even begun to hunt and you've already gotten it on with two guys? Slut!" she punched me, "You could have shared!"

"It's not like that," I pushed her back, with Nikki I was never afraid to leave my shell, she already broken through all my defenses with her persistence at camp, "They're not even worth your time! One's like a total douchebag, enemy-of-all-women player and the other is like... a monkey."

"Monkey boy?" she winked, "They are quite skillful in the bedroom department."

I blushed, she was never shy about that stuff...I was, "I cannot believe you just said that," I shrugged, "Anyway, I'm hoping to never see them again."

"Why? We talked about this! Interaction with the opposite is sex is good for you," she groaned, Nikki was totally convinced that I was on tract to becoming a 40-year-old virgin and was determined to save me from that path of destruction, "Were they ugly or something?"

I hesitated, definitely not, but they were bad for the high school plan that I was having, "They're trouble."

"We honestly have to work on your people skills, you might look the part, but the boy department for you is a big fat ZERO," she ruffled my hair, "Too innocent you are."

I changed the subject, "There! Homeroom!" School, classrooms, yes classrooms were safe. A place to study and not be bothered by social problems. I opened the door and nearly crashed into monkey boy-I mean Kieran, and next to him...asshole, enemy of all woman, Caleb. We were all in the same class.


Kieran instantly recognized me and grinned widely, "HEY! It's YOU!"

Caleb sighed and sat down in the nearest chair, "Wonderful."

I clung to Nikki, "That's THEM!"

Nikki looked at both of them in surprise, and yelled with no shame, "Fuck are you serious! They're as hot as hell!" No need to announce it the entire class; already the female student population were looking lustfully at the pair. In contrast, the male population were gaping at Nikki who, at fat camp, turned into a real babe.

"Hi," Kieran smiled charmingly at Nikki, "I'm Kieran. You must be Riley's friend."

"Nikki," she smiled flirtatiously like she did for every guy she met. Nikki was a little shallow, especially when it came around to boys, but she had a good heart and had helped me out a lot at camp. She was my first real friend. As they engaged in a conversation, I turned and walked past Caleb and went and sat at the furthest seat away.

I was determined to avoid both of them as much as possible. I just wanted a simple, normal high school debut. The least thing I wanted to do was to stand out...

Yeah, guess what? Life doesn't work that way.

You know why? Seating arrangements.

My seat was next to the window on the last row of desks, sandwiched right between Kieran, in front of me and Caleb behind me. I wanted to cry after the teachers read our names in that order. Nikki winked at me before sitting three desks to the right of me.

I put my head on my desk.

This was a joke, they were most certainly laughing at me up there.

Caleb slammed his foot on the back of my chair, "Move up! I need more room!"

I glared at him, trying to sound mean, "Don't think you should be treating me a little nicer? After all, I could tell everyone about your little fling."

He smirked, amused, "Do you even have the confidence to do that virgin?"

"What?" I blushed.

"Please, I can tell that you have zero experience," he leaned closer to me, "Would you like me to fix that?"

I blushed as I leaned away, "H-h-h-"

"Hey," Kiran grabbed me into a hug, away from Caleb, "What are you doing Caleb? Stop harassing Riley, she's too cute for you!"

"YOU'RE the one harassing me now!" I blushed, trying to pull away from his crushing hug, "Let GO! Please!"

"Please," Caleb laughed, leaned back and crossed his arms, "I'm not interested in that little mouse."



I was angry again, "Listen you jerk-If I'm a mouse you're a big, pig headed-"

"Vanderbilt! Pierce! McCutcheon! Shut up!" our mid-20s homeroom teacher scolded us, "I already know about your detentions! Do you want me to give you another one?"

Great and now the class knew about it. Thanks teacher.

I vigorously shook my head and then shrank back down in my seat. I just wanted a quiet first day of high school, a normal debut. I just wanted to make a few more friends and then live happily in peace. I just wanted to live a normal life.

"Alright then, I'm going to hand back your first quiz; this will decide your starting rank in the class," the teacher shuffled some papers. One by one he read off our names. I received my paper: 100. I collapsed in relief, finally something that went right today. Hard work does earn you better grades.

I stretched satisfied.

"Kieran," the teacher handed back his paper, "Based on your grades on the entrance exam, you should be at the top 3 at this school, yet you only scored two points in the language section?"

Kieran laughed good heartedly, "I guess my mind is only wired to science teacher!"

"And lastly, Caleb," the teacher frowned, shamelessly announcing other students grades to the class, "Why would you hand in a blank exam? I thought you were some model student?"

Caleb shrugged and slugged back to his spot behind me.

The teacher frowned, "Since you both have begun so poorly in this class, how about we have you both be tutored by the top student of this class? Miss Riley Pierce?"

My mouth dropped.


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