A/N: This is just a freaky oneshot based on something I saw on Flipnote Hatena. Oh, and to the one reviewer of iNsAnItY: I didn't claim to have made it up. I said it wasn't mine. Jerk.

Anyhoooo...on veeth ze story.


I'm lying here in my bed, on quite possibly the freakiest night of my life. We (me, my mom and dad) moved into this huge, ancient house a month ago, and I haven't gotten used to it a bit. I'm way more comfortable in our rather small, newly built house back in New York. This creaky house in Maine (the setting for a LOT of horror novels!) is an entirely different story.

But I never had any say of where we were moving. I don't even know why we moved. As far as I could tell, we were perfectly happy in our old house. But mom apparently loves nature and all that crap now, and as she said, "Maine is so woodsy! We'll nearly have to live off the land! It'll be fun!" Yeah, sure, mom. 'Fun.'

It didn't make the house any more enjoyable when she and dad randomly decide to leave me alone one night to go to a party at their new friend's house. They said they wouldn't be back until midnight. Fun, fun, fun all around.

So now I'm huddled under my quilt in this creaky bed at 11:26 P.M. completely unable to sleep. The tree branches scratching against my window aren't helping matters. Neither are the ominous creaking sounds that mom always said was the house 'settling.' Sure.

The only comfort is the moonlight filling my room with a soft glow. Any light at all in this house is a comfort, since it's usually so dark, my room especially.

The creaks are louder now, and accompanyed by a steady scraping sound. A very faint one, but still, it's there. I scrunch up smaller under the blanket. At the very least, the sound is huge rats. Maybe I could buy mom's house settling story for a while, but come on. Houses don't scrape.

Then, all of a sudden, every noise stops. Completely, like a music track cut off. The silence is even worse! It presses against my ears, like a smothering blanket. Like invisible, thick shadows.

Another noise starts, far away out of the darkness. It's very faint, but it's there. It sounds like a little girl singing. I can't tell what she's saying.

Okay, now I'm scared. Maybe the scraping was tree branches, and the creaking just the house 'settling,' but now I know there are people in my house, and that is scaring the crap out of me.

I get out of bed softly, slipping my feet into my worn slippers. I am going to beat this person into next week and get them to stay the heck away from my house. This place is scary enough without those sounds.

But...why are they in my house? Are they thieves? Suddenly I'm a lot less sure what I'm up against. I pull out the heavy frying pan out from under my bed.

Yes, I'm paranoid. This house would do that to you, too. Shut up.

I silently shuffle across my room and open the door, peering out. It's much darker then my room lit with moonlight. I hesitate.

What am I doing? The people could be taking things right now. I need to get up my courage.

I creep out into the hallway, gripping the frying pan's handle tightly in my hand. The singing is louder now, though I still can't tell what they're singing.

I walk down the hall to the stairway. The singing seems to be coming from downstairs, maybe from the living room or the dining room.

As I go down the steps, the singing grows steadily louder. I can now discern what they're singing.

"Ring around the rosie...a pocket full of posies...ashes, ashes...we all...fall...down."

I'm gripping the pan even tighter now. The voice is that of a little girl, and like from the back of a cave, it's echoing ominously. After each time they sing it, there's a slightly insane, ethereal giggle from the same voice. It's terrifying. I almost don't keep going.

I walk towards the room the voice seems to be coming from; the living room. I push open the door and scream. The singing halts abruptly.

In the room is a little girl, completely see through, with red streaks on the lower part of the old-fashioned nightgown she's wearing. She turns toward me and smiles an insane smile, then sings the end of her tune.

"We all...fall...down."

My knees buckle, and I collapse on the carpet. I suddenly feel weightless, and stand again. But now when I look down, I see myself lying on the carpet. I look at my hands and see straight through them. I smile an insane smile and smooth the skirt of my nightgown. I join hands with the other ghost, and we sing the song.

"Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies..."