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"I don't know, Sel. It looks kind of creepy," Jessica said, staring at the doll.

"Oh, come on!" Selena protested. "I think it's cute. It'd make a good souvenir."

"Why would you want such a freaky souvenir?" Jessica wondered, wrinkling her nose.

The two sisters were browsing through a small shop in Gresville, where they were vacationing with their parents for the summer and visiting their aunt. It wasn't exactly the sister's first vacation spot idea, but they had to admit the local stores were interesting.

Selena picked the doll up off the dusty shelf. "Well, I'm buying it, whatever you think,"she declared.

Jessica shrugged. "Suit yourself."

They carried Jessica's few books and Selena's doll up to the counter at the front of the shop where an old woman sat with an ancient cash register. "Yes, misses?" she said, peering at them through a small pair of spectacles.

"We'd like to buy these things," Selena said, dumping the items on the counter. The old woman charged each item and put it in a bag, but hesitated when she reached the rag doll. "Are you sure you would like to buy this, miss?" she said.

Selena rolled her eyes. "Is everyone going to have a bad opinion of this doll? Yes, I want to buy it!"

"It would not be wise to sell such a dangerous item," the woman muttered. "I don't want to be responsible."

Selena snorted. "Please. It's just a doll." She turned to her sister. "Am I right?"

Jessica nodded. "A disturbing doll, but just a doll."

"See?" Selena exclaimed, turning back to the woman. "Now can I just buy it, please?" She held out three five dollar bills. "I'll pay this much."

The woman hesitated, then took the money. "Be warned! You take responsibility for this item. I hold no guilt upon my conscience."

Selena stared. "Uh, sure, whatever."

The sisters left the shop. "That was weird," Jessica commented.

"Tell me about it," Selena agreed. "It's just a doll, right?"

That night, as Selena was brushing her teeth, Jessica was staring at the doll. "You are really creepy," she mused. "I still don't know how Sel thinks you're so cute."

The doll stared blankly back at her with large button eyes.

Jessica picked up the doll. "I'm going to put you downstairs," she said. "I don't want something like you in the room while I'm trying to sleep." She trotted down the stairs and tossed the doll in the living room, where it slumped on the couch. "Good night," Jessica said wryly.

Later, when Jessica was snuggled on her bed reading, Selena said, "That doll looks good over there. Nice spot, Jess."

Jessica looked up. Sitting on the dresser straight across from her was the doll, staring straight at her with shining, empty eyes. "But I put it downstairs," she said in confusion. "I threw it on the couch..."

Selena shrugged. "Guess you didn't. It's not like it walked up here on its own."

"As creepy as that thing is, I wouldn't put it past it," Jessica mumbled, half-jokingly.


"Nothing..." Jessica sighed, switching off the light.

A few hours later, when Jessica was asleep, she felt a tickle on her neck.

At first she thought it was in her dream, but then it woke her up.

"Sel...is that you?" Jessica muttered, still half-asleep.

The tickle turned into something rough and soft dragging across her neck, and Jessica swatted behind her. "Selena...stop."

But when it only started up more insistently, Jessica sighed in irritation, switched on the lamp and turned around. "Selena, what-AAAH!"

Selena was sitting slumped against the wall with two blood red lines crisscrossing across her neck, her mouth opened wide in a dead shriek. A spider crawled in her mouth, and Jessica felt a heave of nausea.

Jessica backed off her bed and shoved herself against the wall, thinking, "Omigosh. There is a murderer in this house! There is a murderer is this house!"

The same rough stroke against her arm started again, and Jessica looked around frantically, then screamed again.

The rag doll was standing against her arm, looking up at her with the same demented smile.

Jessica tried to shake it off, but it crawled up her arm with alarming speed. When it reached her neck, it stuck its eerie face in front of Jessica's, and she tried to rip the evil thing off. But it gripped with unnatural strength, and slowly pulled a loose thread from its mouth. It now slumped into a leering, evil frown.\

The doll slowly wrapped the thread around Jessica's neck...tighter...tighter...

Until her struggling arms went limp, and she fell against the bed.

When the girls' mother walked into the room to wake them up the next morning, she fell in a dead faint on the floor after seeing the sight in front of her. Her daughters sat slumped against each other, the same lifeless fear written on their faces.

And the doll was sitting on their heads, smiling its evil, triumphant grin, the loose thread dangling from the corner of its mouth.