Gilbert and Vivian spent the rest of the evening atop the D'Cain building's observation deck together, usually away from the rest of the group.

The next day, they headed to the New Bristol Amphitheatre to watch the LVSO perform the medley. It was a fabulous performance that even impressed Rusty and Gilbert (somewhat). The show lasted from 11AM to a little past 2PM. Afterward, they were allowed to go souvenir shopping.

Finally, at 4 o'clock, they checked out of the Abernathy Arms and walked to the train station, where they boarded the 4:45 train to Wacovia. They all looked out the windows of the speeding train for a final glance at the buildings and streets around them as they sped towards the trestle across the straights leading back to Manitoulin.

As they crossed the trestle, they all took one last view of the great city of New Bristol as it receded into the distance, the tips of the highest skyscrapers finally being lost over the horizon as the sun began to set in the west.

Gilbert and Vivian were happy, and once Herr Grausamkeit had retreated to the club car for another bottle of Schorschbrau and the day's issue of Verity, the two new lovebirds snuck off to the back car of the train together.

Chrome Bumper and Susie had lost the printing plate before they could give it to someone in authority. For all they knew, it might sit at the bottom of that elevator shaft for decades or even centuries until somebody discovers it when the building is being remodeled or demolished. But then again, at least they didn't have such a heavy weight on their shoulders anymore. The government would be fine.

Rusty was sitting alone, smoking pot in the bathroom, since his usual pot-smoking buddy was busy with his new girlfriend. Lorelei was asleep next to Evan, who was sipping a cocktail and reading an issue of This Old House.

Clarence, meanwhile, was sitting in a booth, glancing out the window occasionally, and writing down everything that had happened for his girlfriend, Marie, to read when he returned home. He couldn't wait to see her again on Monday at school.

New Bristol, he thought, man, what a city, where to begin… How exactly do I capture the full grandeur of this city—of this trip? He wasn't quite sure at the moment, but he would figure out a way to do so.

The End