Alright, so I couldn't decide exactly which ending I wanted to go with, of course, the sweet, loving one, but I thought I would post an alternate ending for you guys :) thank you so much for reading my story! I loved all of the reviews and you guys definitely inspired me through it! Thank you very much and, enjoy :)

"Hey, I'm all done." Josh said, walking towards the front and Sam nodded.

"Alright, you can go, I'll lock up. Thanks man." She said and Josh waved, leaving the café.

Sam did a quick check-over to make sure everything was done and she stood at the counter for a moment, leaning on it as she looked around the café. More than half a year had already passed by since she first opened in the city. Eight months since she had seen Brittany or Michelle or even…

Sam sighed and grabbed her keys, walking over to the light switch and turning off the lights. She walked out of the café and locked it up, then got into her car and began heading to her new apartment.

Ever since she had left, Sam hadn't been the same, but that's what she had hoped for. A new life, a new beginning, just a fresh start all over. Of course, she still kept in contact with Brittany and Michelle, but any time they tried to give her an update about Elizabeth, Sam just shrugged it off. She didn't want to know how great she was doing, if she was, that is. Anytime they brought her up, Sam would stop them and change the subject. They had finally caught on and stopped talking about her to Sam.

It was still very difficult, trying not to think about her and resisting to ask them how she was, or to even get into contact with her herself.

During the first few months after she had left, Elizabeth had tried texting her and calling her, but Sam ignored her attempts. She needed to, or she wouldn't be able to move on. If she stayed in contact with her, then she would stay forever frozen, never being able to move on and forget her. Forget the way she made Sam feel, forget the way her soft skin felt against hers, or the way she smelled; sweet and warm.

Of course, she could never forget the way she looked. She could never forget those beautiful, bright blue eyes, or that beautiful, perfect and shy smile. She could never forget the way her cheeks turned a deep rose when she blushed, or when she tucked a hair behind her ear when she was nervous.

Sam took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, running a hand through her messy hair. She needed to distract herself and reached towards the radio, turning it on.

When Sam finally made it home, she checked the mail before she headed up to her apartment. As she sifted through the mail, a particular envelope caught her eye.

It was from Elizabeth and Jason.

Her chest tightened as she continued to stare at it until she made it up into her apartment. Immediately, she was greeted by her Jack Russell Terrier, Jax.

"Hey boy." Sam bent down and petted him as she walked inside and put the other mail on the counter, still staring at the envelope. She opened it up and as she began to read, her stomach sunk a little and her chest tightened.

"Jason Tyler Ralston and Elizabeth Michelle Rye cordially invite you to the bringing together of two souls…"

Sam looked away and clenched her jaw. She raised the invitation back up and started reading again.

"August seventeenth, two thousand and thirteen…"

That was nearly a month away.

Sam tossed the invitation on the counter and walked out to the balcony, Jax following right behind her. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, taking a long, heavy hit. She couldn't believe they were getting married. Somehow, in some fantasy in the very back of Sam's mind, she had hoped that they would break up and she would come back into Sam's life, and they would finally be together. They would get an apartment together, and they would have Jax and she wouldn't need to work as much, or at all as Sam would take care of her.

Sam chuckled and shook her head as she took another hit. That was impossible now, and she watched as the fantasy slowly burned away from her.

She pulled out her phone.

'Brittany, call me as soon as you can. I need to talk to you.'

Within a few minutes, Sam's phone began to ring.

"Hey, Sam. What's up, are you okay?" Brittany asked with slight worry in her voice.

"I got the invitation." Sam said, getting straight to the point.


"Why did she send me an invitation, Brittany? Why?" Sam asked, trying to suppress the anger that was slowly rising in her chest.

Why did she feel so angry? Shouldn't she be happy for them? Sam let her go. She stopped fighting for her. She left her so she could be happy…

Finally, Brittany sighed into the phone.

"She misses you, Sam. We all do, but she really misses you."

Sam shook her head. She shouldn't be hearing this. She didn't need to know this.

"Well…I don't know. Shit happens, people move on." Sam said, frustrated. She had a million things to say, but no way to say them.

"Yeah, but did you?"

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, her eyebrows pulling together.

"Did you move on?"

"Yes." She answered right away. However, Brittany remained quiet and Sam knew that meant she didn't believe her. Did Sam even believe it, herself?

"…I don't know." Sam sighed into the phone, looking down.

"Then, maybe you should come." Brittany said and Sam was surprised.

"Why?" She asked, confused.

"Because maybe this will help you to move on. Maybe it will bring you some closure."

"I don't need closure. I am moving on." Sam said, irritated.

"Are you sure?" Brittany asked and Sam stayed quiet. She knew Sam all too well.

"I'll think about it." Sam said quietly.

"Okay. Do you want me to tell her or…?"

"No. I don't…I don't want her to think I am and get mad if I don't." She said and leaned back against the wall, closing her eyes as she clenched her jaw again. She hated that she still worried about how she felt.


"Don't tell anyone else either."

"I won't."

"I have to go now." Sam said, pushing off of the wall.

"Okay." Brittany said disappointedly. "I love you, Sam."

"I love you too, Brit." She said and hung up the phone. She gripped her phone tightly and felt like throwing it for a second, but she refrained and walked back inside. She needed a shower to calm herself down.

Once she was out and in bed, she laid there on her back, thinking.

How would life have been if she fought for Elizabeth? Would she be here with Sam? Would they be happy? She knew they would. They would have been happy together.

She sighed and picked up her phone, going to her pictures. As she went through them, she hated that she couldn't bring herself to delete them, even after all this time.

Maybe she should go. Seeing Elizabeth be given away to him, seeing the actual ceremony, maybe then Sam could move on and forget her. Maybe it would finally extinguish that small flame of hope she had that she could not smother out herself.

Over the next few weeks Sam was like a robot. She woke up, went to work, came home, hung out with Jax and went to sleep. She didn't go out, nor could she even remember the last time she went out anywhere. She barely even talked to Brittany or Michelle.

At last, the day had arrived and Sam was dreading it. She paced around her apartment, wondering what to do. Should she go? Should she stay home? She had pushed the thought to the back of her mind during the last few weeks and hadn't decided what she was going to do.

Jax sat on the couch with his head resting on his paws and watched her as she paced back and forth, running her hands through her hair and sighing. If she didn't go, Elizabeth would probably be upset, but if she did go, Sam would be upset. Finally, she stopped and stared at Jax, who raised his head up, tilting it slightly as he stared back at her.

"Alright, I'm going." Sam sighed.

She was nervous the whole two hour drive there. She was glad she bought a few packs of smokes, because she finished one off within the first hour and knew her lungs were going to be hating her by the end of the day. She finally found the place they were to be married at, and her heart was hammering in her chest. Maybe she should have told Brittany she was coming, then she could have met up with her, rather than walking by herself. At the same time, she didn't want to really see anyone and cause a big fuss about her being gone for so long without calling or visiting.

As she pulled in to the parking lot, she realized it was going to be an outside wedding. She watched as people walked by in nice dresses and button up shirts and tried to get out of the car, but her hands remained clenched on the steering wheel. She tried her hardest to move, but she couldn't gain control of her body and sat still in the car as her heart raced in her chest. She had butterflies fluttering in her stomach, but they weren't the good kind that made her feel like everything was alright in the world, they made her feel worried and almost sick.

Now, she was having doubts.

Maybe I shouldn't have come here… She thought as she watched the rest of the people walk through the gated archway and into what looked like a beautiful garden.

Maybe this was a bad idea…

However, Sam couldn't bring herself to move, at all. She couldn't drive away and yet, she couldn't get out of the car. She was stuck.

What would happen if she saw Elizabeth? How would they react? What would happen if she just drove away? Would they continue to never speak to each other, ever again?

She sat in the car for nearly fifteen minutes as these questions raced through her mind, making it hard to breathe. She felt like she was suffocating inside the car.

Could she really let Elizabeth go? During all this time, she felt like she still had a small hope, just a fraction of hope that somehow Elizabeth would come back into her life and now, it was all about to go away.

Could she really, truly let Elizabeth go?

Before Sam knew it, before her mind had time to even catch up with her actions, she found herself nearly running toward the gated archway, passed the people sitting at tables handing out the pamphlets, and down the stone path that led to the ceremony.

She was just beyond the line of trees surrounding the ceremony, but as soon as she reached it, a small group of men began to play the song that made Sam freeze, her heart speed up and feel like she had just missed a giant step. She was too late.

Everyone abruptly stood up and looked back, and Sam followed their gaze. Suddenly, her eyes landed on her.

She looked absolutely beautiful in her bright, flowing white dress with a baby blue ribbon tied around the waist. Her hair was curled and styled half up with her long, loosely curled bangs framing around her face and the rest of her hair spilling down her bare shoulders. She had a white veil on, but it was pulled behind her, allowing everyone to see her absolutely stunning, beautiful face.

Sam's chest tightened as she watched her walk with her father, her hand around his arm and holding it tightly while the other one held an arrangement of flowers with baby blue and white colors. She was smiling widely and blushing a deep rose.

As they got nearer, all Sam could do was stare at her, feeling her throat become tight and making it hard to swallow.

They were almost halfway down the aisle now, walking to the pace of the music and suddenly, Elizabeth looked over and their eyes made contact.

Sam felt a rush of adrenaline and chills run through her, making her feel dizzy as they stared at each other. Everything but her seemed a blur now.

Elizabeth's smile slowly faded and her face held a slight hint of shock to it as she hadn't looked away yet. It felt like time had slowed down, and seemed like no one was paying attention to what she was looking at, not even Jason. Sam could see tears slowly starting to form in her eyes. Suddenly, a memory began to force its way to the forefront of Sam's mind, and she couldn't stop it as it began to replay in her head like a scene from a movie.

"You sound like my brother." Sam said, shaking her head.

"You have a brother?" Elizabeth asked and Sam nodded.

"An older brother. We were a lot alike growing up."

"Did he sleep with a lot of girls too?" Elizabeth asked and again, Sam nodded.

"Yeah. I guess you could say I picked it up from him. He didn't believe in love either, until he found this one girl. Now he's all head-over-heels for her." Sam laughed, rolling her eyes.

"Well, there you go." Elizabeth nodded. "If he fell in love with a girl, then you will too." She smiled with confidence and Sam shook her head again, laughing.

"We'll see about that." She said.

"We will. And when you do, you know what I'll do?" Elizabeth asked.

"What's that?" Sam asked, intrigued.

"I'm going to tell you "I told you so"." She said and Sam chuckled.

"Okay, you do that."

Suddenly, Sam knew this was the right thing. This was how it was supposed to be, and as they continued to stare at each other, Sam gently smiled and nodded her head as she felt tears stinging the corners of her eyes. She was in love with Elizabeth, she couldn't deny that anymore, but it was just not meant to be. This is where they belonged.

She saw Elizabeth suck in a breath, her cheeks becoming even more red as she held back her tears and she tried to smile, her lips quivering into a frown, but she looked happy.

Finally, she faced forward and Jason smiled widely at her.

For some strange reason, Sam felt better as Elizabeth slowly approached Jason. She felt like a weight had been lifted and she could breathe for the first time in months. She had finally let go, and she knew she could move on now.

Of course, Elizabeth would always have a special place in Sam's heart. A place that no one, not even Christina, could ever touch, fill, or replace. It would always and will always belong to Elizabeth Michelle Rye, and Sam was okay with that.

She finally stuck her hands into her pockets as the priest began to talk and with one last look, she turned and steadily began to walk away.

"When you kiss the person you love it may only last seconds, but inside us it lasts forever."

The End.