"Alexander! Get up now! You're not sleeping the day away." My father demands as he slams his fist against my bedroom door. I groan, but don't get up or even open my eyes. "If you're not up in five minutes, I'm taking that damn computer!"

"I'll be up!" I promise in a hoarse voice. My voice never sounds normal in the morning. I let out a huge sigh as I slowly sit up. As much as I hate giving my Dad the satisfaction of being able to control me, I love having my laptop more.

"Five minutes!" He reminds.

"I heard you the first time!"

"Lose the attitude, Alexander Ryan."

"I don't have an attitude!" I call back and wait for him to respond, but he says nothing. He must have walked away before hearing me, because he always has to have the last word. But then again, so do I.

Some say that my father, Phillip, an ex-navy SEAL, and I are a lot alike when it comes to our personalities, but I don't see it.

My Dad has always been the macho man. Anyone who knows my father will agree without hesitation that he is a tough guy. He served ten years in the Navy, and now as a forty-eight year old father, he expects my older brother and I to follow the Huston family history and join some branch of the armed forced. Every male in my family has served in some branch of military.

Julius is my older brother. He is the real carbon-copy of my father. Both have tall, muscular frames and black hair that is even cut in the same flat-top style. Julius is just as concerned with working out, and keeps his ripped body with ease sense he is still enlisted in the army. He's currently visiting home, but had to leave in two days. He and my father get along perfectly, which just confuses me even more when people say I'm more like my father. Julius always told me it is because Dad and I have the same personality, and that's why we don't get along, and why I am more of a 'momma's boy', as he calls me.

My mother, Tina, is a wonderful woman. She gets along with everyone, and is the glue in our family. She isn't a work out freak like Dad and Julius, but she is naturally thin. We boys tower over her because she is barely tall enough to reach five foot one, and we were all pushing six feet tall. Her brown hair goes just past her shoulders, and all her features are common so she often blended into the crowd.

I'm the black sheep in the family. I have a similar build to my brother and father: I am the same height as them, and muscular, just not as much. I 'm pleased with my six-pack and biceps even though they aren't extremely defined like Julius' and my Dads. The build is the only thing I share with them. My hair is bright red and it hangs right below my ears. I absolutely love reading and am working on writing a novel. I also have a blog I update regularly. To my father, literature is a joke. I don't care if I work out every day, and I have a hot temper that often gets me in trouble. But those details were minor. One big thing separated me from my Dad and Julius.

I'm gay.

Not only am I gay, but I'm in a relationship with an eighteen year old boy named Brendon Drayton. We are only two weeks away from our three-year anniversary. I love Brendon with all my heart, but my Dad hates him. I don't know why, though. Brendon is a wonderful boy.

Brendon and I met him during the last week of my freshman year. He was the new kid and sat next to me during Algebra 2. Our mutual hate of the subject started conversation, and we ended up talking like we were old friends. I remember thinking 'damn, this kid is cute!', but I didn't act on it. I was afraid that I would scare him off if I admitted to him that I was gay. Brendon asked that day if I wanted to hang out at his place, and I told him I couldn't go to his place because my father didn't like me going to someone else house on short notice, but he could come over to my place. During that visit, my Dad liked Brendon.

The last day of school, Brendon and I were walking home. His house was only four blocks away from mine. On the way, a car full of senior jocks passed us and yelled 'faggot' at me. I hate that word with all my being. I was so embarrassed by it, and Brendon picked up on it. That's when he admitted that he was gay. I was so relieved, but then caught off guard when Brendon started acting shy. He was extremely charismatic and confident, so seeing him so awkward and unsure wasn't a normal occurrence. That's when he told me that he liked me. He asked me out that day.

"Two minutes, Alexander!" My Mom warns now. I know she hates when Dad and I fight, and she does whatever it take to avoid it.

I call out a thanks, jump out of bed and change from pajamas to a pair of jeans and a tight gray tee-shirt. I enjoy showing off my muscles, even if they aren't up to par for my father.

I leave my room and go to the bathroom to wash my face and comb my hair before going to the dining room. The table is set and my family members are already eating. I took my usual seat and started to fill my plate with the waffles.

"Hey, Julius." I nod to my brother, knowing that if I didn't, my father would scold me for it and accuse me of not being social. Julius was too busy stuffing his face to respond.

"So, what are your plans for today, Alexander?" Mom asks.

"He's helping me clean out the garage." Dad answers for me. I roll my eyes, which earns me a glare from my father.

"I'm going to Brendon's." I say. Mom nods, Dad shakes his head, and Julius continues to eat like crazy.

"You were there all day yesterday." Dad complains."You spend too much time with him."

"He's my boyfriend. I'm supposed to spend time with him." I snap in response.

"He's a bad influence!"

"He is not! You just don't like him."

"I don't like him because he's a bad influence!"

"Give me one example of how Brendon is a-" I start to say, but I am cut off by my mother.

"Hush, both of you!" She sighs. "It's not even ten o'clock and you two are already arguing."

"Well, he starts it." I mumble, sink lower in my seat and try not to look like I am sulking.

"So," Julius chokes down his mouthful of food and starts another conversation with Dad. He knows he can distract our close-minded father from arguing with me. "I can't believe I have to go back so soon. The time just flew by."

They talk about how wonderful Julius is for being in the army and I sit awkwardly in my seat. It's not that I'm not proud of him, I just get tired of him being put on a pedestal for it.

My phone vibrates in my pocket, and I pull it out with one hand while my parents are distracted with Julius. I'm breaking the 'no phones at the table' rule, and the last thing I need is to be grounded. I cautiously slide the phone open and try to look like I'm not reading a text message as I read the text message.

Good morning champ cant wait to c u ;) ily

I smile, even though I wanted to cringe because the text wasn't grammatically correct at all, and type back a response without looking at the screen.

Good morning to you, Brendon. I can't wait to see you either. I'm heading to your place as soon as I can escape from my father XP. I love you, too.

I couldn't help but smile. As much of a strain as my father put on the relationship, Brendon and I are still happy together, and it will take a lot to change that.

Honestly, I don't think my Dad has it in him to change it.

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