There's nothing so true as the Bible's narration

Of what's gone before and what's next.

It documents history, right back to creation;

But this Book's not merely a text.

When you feel in need of some comfort and healing,

There's much to be found in a Psalm.

The writers of old have been through what you're feeling.

The Word can make you feel as calm.

A man booked a theatre, to sit on stage, reading

From Matthew, for three running nights.

He got a full house every time, for those needing

Some truth from the Gospel's insights.

The stories have catered, with every example

Of people who stood for belief;

Backed up by the Lord, when authorities trample

On rights, and inflict them with grief.

Though some people may feel a little resistant

To nonesuch theology traps,

When various verses might seem inconsistent,

Good study can fill in the gaps.

This world's unbelievers may cast their aspersions

On whether a prophecy's true.

But God's Holy Spirit supports its assertions.

He'll bring all the facts home to you.

The Pharisees picked at the Word with their tweezers.

Their questions were thinly veiled tricks.

But none could discredit those answers from Jesus.

When I read the Bible, it clicks.