Cowgirls and Indians

By Krin Hoekeson

This is a little story I decided to write after I spent a week at a working ranch near Worland Wyoming, the home of my roommate Sara Cummings. The time I spent on the ranch was an experience I'll remember the rest of my life, the things I saw, the things I did were priceless, here then is my account of the week of August 12 to 18 2012.

August 2012

Before we returned home for the summer, my college roommate invited me, along with my boyfriend to spend a week as her guest at a working ranch near Worland Wyoming. I wasn't sure at first, especially since my boyfriend Terry McAllister was unable to go. As it turned out, the experiences and adventure I had while at that ranch would stay with me the rest of my life.

When I started college at the University of Wyoming for the 2011 spring semester my roommate was a girl from Casper, who was apparently in college to party and to see how many times she could get laid. Fortunately, for me, we were situated on a "Female only" floor at Downey Hall. Kelly Chalmers was her name, and even though I was very specific in my requirements for a roommate, they stuck me with her. For starters, she didn't care for my Harley Davidson clothes or bike pictures and poster on the dorm wall. It was obvious she had been spoiled and rubbed that fact in my face every time she could, in short, Kelly was just plain obnoxious . Finally, in the spring of this year, Kelly was able to move to a co-ed floor where she could knock herself out with parties and guys eager to screw her. What I got as a replacement changed my life.

Sara Cummings became my new roommate, she came from up near Worland, and lived on a ranch. Sara was half Crow Indian, long dark hair which she wore in two braids Indian style, she was very attractive but could swear with the best of them, had a wicked sense of humor, and was not afraid to let you know what she thought. She told me she had three older brothers one of which had gone here at U/W, she was enrolled in the college of business the same as me, and in my FIG group (Freshman Interest Group). When she moved in, she went nuts for my Harley stuff, in no time we became as thick as thieves, our personalities clicked. Sara told me she was here to learn business accounting and computer science, on that account, we helped each other and often studied together.

Every chance I could, I went to the gym to work out on the punching bag and lift weights as Terry had requested I do, Sara tagged along with me once, and got hooked on the bag. Guys would always come over intrigued by girls slamming their fists into the bag, we didn't usually mind, and in fact, got some excellent help form a couple of them. About two weeks after I started working out on the bag, I had come out from the locker room to find another girl beating the crap out of that bag, she was intense, I let her finish her session then introduced myself. She didn't smile but quietly introduced herself as Briana Mitchell from Sheridan Wyoming. She was curious as to why I worked out on the bag, when I explained the incident a couple years ago in Yellowstone, and my boyfriend's efforts in this direction she nodded her head, "Krin, when you think you're ready get a hold of me, and we'll spar OK?" I agreed, and from then on, our paths would cross from time to time in the gym.