Turn back, Sarah, before it's too late.

/end Labyrinth style warning.

But seriously, I mean the incest/non-con thing. You've done been told...

He didn't leave and neither did I.

I didn't move because I didn't trust him.

He probably stayed put because he liked that he was scaring me.

"So," he said conversationally, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of the pocket of his dark jeans, "how long are we going to be out here?"

I looked around me at the bars of the small balcony. How perfect was it that probably the last person I wanted to see was the one person who knew all of my hiding spots?

"Don't you fucking smoke those here," I hissed. "Mom will smell it."

His eyes glinted in the flame from his lighter. "Oh?" he said, taking a drag. "You give a shit if I get caught?"

Of course I gave a shit. Hadn't I proven that by not running to her when I'd had a chance? Fucked if I was going to admit it now though. "No," I snapped. "I don't. But the lease is very strict about not smoking. I don't want to sleep on the street because you're an asshole."

My brother's face scowled in the light that hit us from a streetlamp on the corner. We'd been close enough to homeless when our dad died a few years ago and we'd had to kip out in the van until Mom got the bills in order. It'd had taken pretty much everything to square away the hospital expenses.

Cancer is killer. Haha.

Derek stumped out his cigarette on the metal railing. It went out with a hiss. Everything was damp here from the rain. So much rain. Earlier, I was starting to worry that it would never stop when without warning it had.

I leaned back and looked up at the sky. Cloudy still, even in the middle of the night. I kept my eyes on it; anything was better than looking at Derek. I hated him.

His stupid too-long hair.

The motor oil in the creases of his knuckles.

His cigarette and sweat smell.

The way his mouth moved. The memory of his lips pressing against mine...

I flushed. Wrong. It had been wrong. He had had no right to do it. To steal from me.

What exactly he had taken I wasn't sure, but the queasy feeling in my stomach made me think it was something a lot like innocence. And now he was violating my secret spot the same way.

"Why're you out here?" he demanded, breaking the silence.

I responded to the commanding tone in his voice on instinct. "Because it's safe."

Derek growled. "Safe, little brother?"

Resolute, I kept my eyes fixed on the sky. "Yeah."

His laughter was the kind that you feel rather than hear. A predator's laugh. I wasn't looking at the clouds anymore.

His eyes caught and held mine. "A normal person would have barricaded themselves in their room," he whispered.

It was like his words were caressing my skin. I had goosebumps everywhere.

Slowly, he began to move from his corner, advancing on me. "A normal brother would have told Mom. Or hit me. Not moaned."

He was in my space now, his breath stirring my hair. "And now you decide to join me on a very small, very private balcony."

He wrapped one hand around my jaw, holding my head in place while he ghosted his lips down my neck. Someone was whimpering. I realized it was me.

"Not that hiding or snitching would have saved you. But the fight would have been fun."

His lips were setting me on fire. I tried to pull my head away, to yell, but his fingers might as well have been iron gripping my face.

"Whatever, I always knew you were a slut." He punctuated his words with a bite to my collar bone.

I shook my head in protest. I was not any such thing!

He smiled and the flat fronts of his teeth were flush against my neck. They were smooth and wet. I whimpered again.

"Oh," he said, "you're not a slut?"

He pulled his head back and I missed the contact. My knees shook. I wasn't w-what he said I was.

"If you aren't a little whore for me, then what's this?"

Metal clinked and my pants were suddenly a lot loser. He'd undone my belt. I shook my head wildly and tried to wriggle away. Kissing was bad enough. I wasn't going to let him take any other part of me.

Derek tightened his grip on my face and I winced. Fuck. There would be very strange bruises for me to explain tomorrow.

"I think this," he said, plunging his free hand into my briefs, "is proof of your sluttiness." He wrapped his fingers around the erection I had desperately been hoping I wouldn't have.

Almost lazily, he began to pump me. I hated him. I couldn't break away.

"You like when I touch you, whore?" He looked into my eyes, daring me to deny it.

It felt so good, what he was doing. Different from anything I'd ever done for myself. But I didn't like it. I couldn't. I threw my head from side to side. He released his grip on my face and I could speak again.

"No! Fuck no, I don't – guh." I cut off in a little breath. Derek had caught my balls in his free hand. He was gently massaging them and I thought that I might die right then and there.

"What were you saying?" he asked all innocence.

"Stop, I don't like this. I'm not a whore." I hesitated for a second, "Or a faggot like you."

I couldn't think of anything worse I could have said and I braced myself for a pummeling, but Derek didn't let up on his ministrations for a second. All of my breaths came out in moaning gasps now.

Pleased that I was effectively silenced, he smiled again. "It doesn't matter what you say. We both know the truth, don't we?"

I don't know what I was expecting Derek to do next, but whatever it was, it certainly wasn't to drop to his knees. Instead of looming over me, he was now level with my waist.

"Do anything funny, and I will bite you," he warned before he took me into his mouth.

Engulfed. I was engulfed. It was the only word I could think of to describe my feelings. There was no escape from Derek's ocean. I was drowning in his wet, wicked embrace.

"Don't. Please," I panted. "Please stop."

I looked down at him, tears starting to sting my eyes. I was going to come and everything would be over for me. He'd own me after this. It didn't matter who was on their knees; we both knew where the power was.

My distress had no effect. His eyes shone with cruel triumph and he began to suck in earnest. I felt myself slide down into his throat and I couldn't hold back any longer. I came with a strangled cry.

Once I was finished, Derek got up, making a great show of wiping his lips. I staggered back into the railing and started to slide to the ground, but he grabbed me and pulled me upright. He drew me close with a violent tug and kissed me. It was even wilder this second time than it had been the first, earlier when he'd slammed me up against the bathroom door.

This time, his tongue slid along the surfaces of all my teeth, as if he was counting them, and he pressed his face so close to mine I could scarcely breathe. All I could taste was saliva and semen and my stomach turned.

On purpose, I thought. He'd done all of this on purpose.

At length Derek drew back. He withdrew his arms from around me and without the support I really did fall. This time he didn't catch me. Instead, he turned on his heel and climbed back through the window.

He looked at me through the curtain. "I won't always go so easy on you. Come to bed soon, slut."

I looked back up at the cloudy sky as water droplets began to fill my vision. I couldn't tell if it was a renewal of the rain or my tears.

Trapped. I was trapped like a rat. I hated him.

But before long I got up. I didn't want to know what the penalty for overstaying Derek's definition of soon was.

I shuddered, horrified at the possibilities.

Swallowing the awful taste of my brother from my mouth, I climbed through the window after him.

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