Now that you are named
You can no longer hide!
Tear yourself away
You don't belong inside
Evil, haunting spirit
Ghosts of my past
Be gone, I say

At least, that is my hope
However we know better
Your sweet, dark whispers
Tumbling, tangled thoughts
I believe you will very soon
Take charge of me again

Lilith, take your leave
I hate you, I really do!
No one deserves this
The addictive highs
And saddening lows

"Oh, but I'm not going anywhere.
Can't you see, it's all very clear
You and I are one and the same!"
I stare down the mirror
An image of my future
Scars painting my skin
Every single inch

I hate you, I fear you
But now what you say
Makes perfect sense
If we are one and the same
Then I must feel all this
For myself! Oh, how!
I turn from the reflection
And look down again
Almost perfectly unmarked

Lilith growls quietly in my head
She tingles in my aching arms
As the call begins to sing
A siren song worthy of Odysseus
Such a shame I can't ignore
For it all resides within
My fingers curl tightly
As I fight the song

She is a part of me
No, she is me!
That I believe
Is the worst part
I cannot destroy myself

Only silently watch
As she grows stronger
Than the once sane side
That used to be the hope
That used to be the joy
Of all I was, long before
Such darkness consumed me