Crossing into the next life
Where I no longer see
The light you created
Where have you gone?
I can't feel your light!

Losing myself to everything
The grief and loneliness
More than my soul can handle
Wasting my energy into dust
Waiting for your inevitable return
Knowing that somehow
You'll come back to me

Why don't you give me your light?
Fill me with your addictive scent
For the last time
A necessary drug of mine
Only if you don't mind
Returning from sweet sleep
Beyond the grave

We could be anything, together
But apart I've drifted into nothing
Some shell that you won't recognize
Going through the motions in the world
While pretending to those who don't know
The truth I really withhold
Deep within my own faded light

The wonders of your existence
Will touch me forever
So, give me your light
Even if it blinds me
Or sucks me into oblivion
Without it, I can't comprehend
The fathomless thing called life

I've drained your escapes away
Dripping with anticipation
For your eventual arrival
Only you can chase my darkness away
That has wasted the energy charged
Much stronger, long ago
When you were flushed with life

Where is your light?
Just tell me
To fill what's gone away
The empty shell I call myself
The addiction I can't handle
Your absence unbearable
I will find your light
For now, I have waited
Far, far too long
To take it anymore!