Dying World

Why don't you come with me
So we can escape together
From this dying world
For when it all goes down
In ice, flames, or explosions
Filled with the words
That no one else wants to hear
Then we should take refuge
In the comfort of one another

There, in our special place
I will show you all my travels
Every hurt along the way
All the times I have fallen
And thought I would never get up
But was forced to my feet
Like nothing had happened

Hold your breath
Plunge into me
Brace yourself
For the painful landing
Because in the end
No one will escape unhurt
By what lies within

Just come with me, please
Before we all are destroyed
I can sense the time bomb ticking
In the uncontrollable temper
Of a redheaded hawk
Swooping in and out
Of a crumbling nest

Soon she will dive
Her beak will strike
Who knows who she will hit
But I am the main target
The most vulnerable
The most damaged
Since I cannot even fly
My wings shattered
By her own wrongdoings

Let's leave this world behind
Because I can't handle this
There is no use in staying
Where there is always
Something to shred me
Even further apart
Than I thought possible

Pull me out
Drag me out
Take me far away
Before I am lost
In this dying world