Lost in a silent world
Where only one word matters
Above all else
To unplug the vision
That has been twisted
Into a fresh truth

No one sees her getting thinner
They don't notice her shiver
Though the weather is warm
The layers pile on
Drowning in fabric
Pale, gaunt skin stretched tight

No one hears her crying
Alone in the corner
She begs for help
But still no one comes
So, methodically
She tries to fix herself
Though she sees
Almost nothing wrong
Other than what she sees

No one feels her suffering
Though it must be great
As summer shrinks to winter
And winter melts to summer
The seasons do nothing
To alter her blank face
While inside all she feels
Is so locked up
She can't let it out
Except for her lost battles
She spelled out herself

What is wrong with the world
Watching her get thinner
Day by day, week by week
Not doing a single thing
Except live their lives
And claim everyone must slim
More and more
Till society is made of bones

Even more hidden behind her
Is another also lost
He hides in the bathroom
Purging out his shame
Easily forgotten
For he has to be strong
A misconception, a mistake
Now to forever be written
In this sad history

Everyone is obsessed with the game
Getting thinner is the goal
But how to know when to stop
When it never feels like enough?
Why not stop and look around
At how it was all destroyed
From the inside out
All because of one word
That seemed harmless