The small stadium goes dark, the crowd gathers in a collective hush, and when the neon lights turn on, and the speakers begin to sing with the sounds of electric piano and trance music they began to stir again. The large wooden stage, draped in the neon lights of the colors red, yellow, and pink, saw a small shower of sparks from above, and out stepped their celebrity, parting the sparks like a curtain. Wearing an outfit of a Ancient Greek Maiden, but with a more modern flair, a dress that was one half long skirt and the other was short, and a near see-through top showing a great deal of skill, and with an almost glass like pair of sandals that were platform heels, and finally long blonde hair that was strait and full of ornaments.

Her name was Andromeda, making her debut as a singer and dancer. Weeks before she had been a normal teenager until her creative skills flared up and a talent scout in Los Angeles had spotted her. Now she was living her dream with very little sacrificed.

Her headset microphone received her words, and she began to sing as the television cameras closed in on her face. She gave a playful wink towards one of them, and started her song.

The crowd erupted into an even bigger applause as Andromeda took her bow and waved to her devoted fans, whose eyes were all on her, just the way she had wanted it.

The beating of the drums from her off-stage drummer began her next song, and the crowd began to settle down to hear her singing again.

Meanwhile, there was another set of eyes on the singer. Eyes that no one could see due to him hiding in the rafters high above the stage, and behind a silver colored eye-visor that kept others from seeing his eyes.

"For he who looks into the eyes, looks into the soul."

A creed that Zeig had been following his whole life. He moved slowly from one rafter to the next until he was directly over the stage, right over Andromeda's head. He moved gingerly, not due to the fact that if he fell he'd plunge to certain death but because he'd have failed in gaining an element of surprise. That's why he had to take down the guards in order to get to the rafters. He had not killed them, but he did injure them enough to warrant medical attention once they were found.

Just come in here, vanquish the evil, and leave without a trace. Simple and clean. Those were his orders.

He stood in the right place now, taking a deep breath, Zeig gave a silent prayer before he leapt off, going down head first before he flipped in mid-air and landed on the stand by his feet, no more than teen feet in front of the surprised Andromeda. The lights shined off the dark violet overcoat that Zeig wore, worn down and with cuts and bullet holes riddled all over, and a white string tie at his collar and a white lining on the coat. The rest of his outfit was as dark as the coat.

The crowd was not disrupted by the stranger's sudden appearance, and took it as part of the show, continuing to cheer as the music kept on going. Andromeda stopped singing as Zeig got on his feet. The long silver hair with long bangs that covered that nearly covered that visor couldn't hide the glare coming from this man's eyes. But, there was also something that was shining off him, a light only she could see. And it mysteriously irritated her.

"If you're here for an autograph, you'll have to wait until after the show!"

She waved her right hand into the air, and out of two swirls of dark violet mist on either side of Andromeda. What looked like serpents with the upper-bodies of men came from the swirls, both a little smaller than an average man, and with yellow eyes. No other features were distinguishable other than the long tails and claws on the hands.

Undaunted, Zeig reached into his coat and pulled out a small staff with a small silver trident head. Pressing a button on the handle, the staff extended into a pole that was just a few inches smaller than him and held it with his right hand, "No thanks."

The first creature hissed and came after him, slithering its way to Zeig. But the warrior was able to stab the monster right through the chest, and with a howl it dissolved into a mist and vanished within seconds. The second one was not fazed by its comrade's demise, and leapt into the air to pounce on Zeig from behind. Zeig, however, had seen it move and jumped up to meet it head on. The result was a stab right through the chest, and it vanished in a similar matter to its other.

Zeig landed back on the stage and spun around to point his trident at Andromeda, "We can keep doing this all night, Andromeda."

The girl snickered, "Try as you might, Slayer, I'm not giving this up!"

An explosion of light from all over the stage caused Zeig to momentarily to cover his eyes. The flash had distracted him, and when he had opened his eyes he saw that his target was gone.

"Damn it…"

Knowing that she would try to run, Zeig had known all the possible escape routes out of the stadium, and had memorized them accordingly. As he took off after her, he began to wonder what would he would have to do to silence that beautiful voice.

Before she would give up willingly.

Andromeda had made it to the parking lot, the wind out of her sails. She hid between two parked cars deep into the lot and began to think for a way out. "That guy will chase me forever…he'll take away all that I had worked for!"

"Not unless you kill him…"


The voice that she had heard had come from her mind! "What are you?!"

"The one who gave you this dream you so desired! All the success you had, the money, the albums, the fans even, all was because of me!"

"And what is it that you are-!"

"The 'it' you're referring to, is a daemonic force."

Andromeda looked up and gasped as Zeig was looking down at her! She got and ran into the center of the lot, a wide-open place. She would have kept running, but she had to stop. She couldn't keep running from this 'slayer' any longer. He knew what it was that was talking to her. "Daemonic?"

Zeig walked out into the lot, holding his weapon in his hand. "Yes, its basically a demon spirit."

"What does it do…"

"Whatever your heart desires. Gives you whatever you want, money, power, wealth, friends…but the trade comes with a price. An often unbearable price—"

"Silence Slayer!" This time the voice came from Andromeda's own mouth, and she clutched her hands to where her heart was, "What the hell-?1"

"It's trying to possess you!"

"You will not forsake me, human! You are mine!" A dark mist, similar to what had come from the stage began to emit from the girl, and her eyes and mouth started to give off a bright yellow light. Her arms dangled at her sides and her legs were now barely keeping her from standing..

"The possession is complete. Such is the price for being seduced by the serpent of evil."

'Andromeda' was no longer in control of her own mind or body. She lifted her arms and without even getting near them, she lifted up a car that was to her left and threw it at Zeig!

He dodged it by jumping to the left, but he didn't have time to waste as another came and just missed him by inches. Both vehicles went sailing down the lot and landed atop other cars.

The aura surrounding 'Andromeda' was getting stronger, and Zeig knew he'd have to work fast to save her. So, he reached into the inner pocket of his coat and pulled out four small crucifixes. The primary tools for an exorcism. "As a slayer for the Order of Magdalene, I am ordering that you now to leave the girl's body."

The creature laughed, "You'll have to kill the girl to save her, Slayer! Either way her soul will be mine!"

Zeig threw one of the crucifixes at the girl's feet. It stuck into the ground despite the concrete it penetrated, and the effect it made was small but immediate. What appeared to be white lightning surged across the ground to 'Andromeda's' feet. The creature screamed in pain, but it wasn't enough.

That was why Zeig had moved to her left, stabbing the ground with another crucifix. And another behind her, and finally one to her right. It was a trap, and it worked. The monster had nowhere to go.

'Andromeda' was screaming now, but her torment and her rescue was not complete. Zeig pulled out another crucifix and started to walk towards Andromeda, holding out his right hand, having set his weapon down on the ground near the circle.

What he didn't see was a car coming at him from behind.

'Andromeda' had been using what power she wielded to try and kill the slayer that was nearly succeeding in exorcising the demon from the girl's body.

But it would kill the girl before it ever gave her up, Die Slayer!" The car came flying at Zeig from behind, but to the demon's surprise, Zeig simply raised his left hand and the car stopped. His hand glowed a bright white with holy light.

"In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit—"

Zeig pushed forward, and the cross began to glow as it inched its way towards 'Andromeda'—

-she began to scream again, louder in agony—

But it would kill the girl before it ever gave her up, Die Slayer!" The car came flying at Zeig from behind, but to the demon's surprise, Zeig simply raised his left hand and the car stopped. His hand glowed a bright white with holy light.

Feeling the demon's power drop drastically, Zeig decided now was the time, "I command you to leave this child in peace. NOW!"

He pressed the cross to the girl's forehead, the resulting shockwave coming from the contact went through the whole parking lot, destroying all the windshields in all the cars and knocking out the power in nearby buildings including the stadium. The girl screamed up toward the heavens, and within a few seconds a dark purple ghost came out of Andromeda's body.

And with a final scream, it dissipated into a small fog and vanished, never to return.

Andromeda groaned in the release and collapsed into Zeig, who caught her in his arms.

While he was glad the demon was gone, Zeig kept himself from being overjoyed, his emotions kept sternly in check. Andromeda would never remember what she had done, such as it was with demonic possession. It made him almost pity her for her ignorance and naivety. He caressed Andromeda's hair and whispered, "Innocence forever lost."

The news reports of the concert were inconclusive as to what happened. Andromeda was taken to the hospital where she suffered a mild case of amnesia. The concert goers were reportedly knocked out by what they thought was an explosion nearby, though the reports indicated that there wasn't such a thing happening.

There were no reports of the mysterious Slayer that had saved them. Just the way Zeig had wanted it.

Mission accomplished.