Chapter One

"Come on, Sara! Give more energy to it!" my dad said. "You're doing it like a girl! Come on, Sara! Do better!" he continues. I looked at him. "But I am a girl, dad! And it's not that easy, you know!" I said. "Oh yeah, I forgot! Haha, sorry!" dad says, laughing. I looked at mom. She just rolled her eyes and giggled. I frowned, but then I laughed along with them. I look over at my brother, Rick (he's 10 years old). He was practicing so hard! 'I wish I could be as good as Rick!' I thought.

"Sara, what're you doing, just standing there? You won't get any better at your swordsmanship if you don't do anything, you know." Rick says. That's right. Dad is teaching me and Rick some swordsmanship – of course, Rick and I are using fake/wooden swords. I moaned. "Dad, why do I have to do this again?" I asked.

"For self-defense, of course!" dad answers. "But it's not like I'll get into any trouble that I'll have to use a sword, right?" I said. Mom giggles. "Of course you won't, Sara. You're a good girl and good girls don't get into trouble. But it doesn't hurt practicing swordsmanship, right? It might come in handy one day, you know."

I sigh. "Alright! But can we please practice archery tomorrow?" I begged.

"Okay, we'll practice archery tomorrow." Dad says. "Yay! Thanks dad!" I said, jumping up-and-down in excitement.

My name is Clarissa Millenix. I'm 6 years old. My dad is teaching me some swordsmanship – though I doubt that I'll be using it that much one day. To be honest, I prefer archery better than swordsmanship, but since dad begged me, I had no choice but to give it a try.

We practiced until another hour. Then, we sat down and take a break. Mom had already prepared us a cake – my mom's special strawberry cheesecake—and sandwiches and also some lemonade.

"Mama, do you think I'll be in danger one day?" I asked her. She looked at me, surprised. "What makes you think so?" she asks. I shrugged. "I was just wondering. It's possible, right? I'm scared if that happens," I answer.

Mom smiles at me. "Of course you won't. Well, I hope you won't. Besides, you're a good girl, and good girls don't easily get in troubles."

"But if you ever get in danger, there's always me and dad to protect you!" Rick says. I smile at him. "Yeah!" I said.

Soon the sun will set, so we decided to go home before it gets dark. "Sara, Rick, go and get ready for supper. And once you're done, hurry and come down here to help me set the table." Mom says. "Okay!" Rick and I said together as we race up stairs.
About 30 minutes later, both Rick and I were busy preparing the table for supper. Mom was busy cooking while dad is serving the customers in the bar – my family owns an inn. "Sara, could you please get the guests and your father? Supper's ready," mom asked me. I nod and run up stairs and start knocking on every guest's door. Then, I went downstairs and into the bar. Dad was having an arm wrestling with one of the customer.

I waited until they finished their arm wrestling. "Papa, supper's ready." I told him. He looked at me and smiled. "Alright. It's already closing time. Could you help me clean the tables? We'll eat after that." He said. I grabbed a cloth and start cleaning the empty tables. About 15 minutes later, the bar was cleaned and all the customers have gone home.

"Let's eat, Sara. I'm hungry!" dad says while walking to the door. When we reach the dining room, everyone was already eating. "Sorry we're late. We had to close up the bar first." Dad said as he takes his seat. Mom smiled and continued eating.

"Sara, why don't you go upstairs first? I'll be in your room in 10 minutes. I still have to tidy the dining room for now." Mom says when she noticed me half awake and half asleep on the table. I nod and walk upstairs to my room. I reach my room and changed into my nightgown. Then, I walk to my bed. Suddenly, I heard scratching noises from the window next to my desk. I walk towards the window and saw a black cat sitting there. I open the window and invited it in. "Hi! I'm Sara. It must've been cold outside, so why don't you stay here for a while?" I said after I sat down on the chair behind my desk.

The cat looked at me. Then, it walks towards me. "So, what's your name? Where do you come from?" I asked the cat. "My name's Cleo ," said a voice. I look around the room and then at the cat. "Did you just say something?" I asked. The cat gave a little nod. I gasped. "You-you can speak!" I said, amazed. "Isn't every creature able to speak?" She said, laughing. "No, I mean I could understand what you just said." I said.

"So, your name's Cleo?" I asked. Cleo nodded. "Cleo's a nice name," I said, smiling. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I turn around. Mom was standing in the doorway. "Who are you talking to, Sara?" she asks. I smiled at her. "Mama, this is Cleo! I brought her inside since its cold outside." I answer. "Cleo?" mom repeated, looking at Ella behind me. Mom sounded pretty happy and surprised. "Cleo! Oh it really is you! How are you? It's been such a long time, I've missed you so much!" mom says while walking towards Cleo.

"Mama, how do you know Cleo? Was she your friend?" I asked. "Yes. Me and Cleo used to do everything together. After I married your father, Cleo decided to go travelling." Mom answers. I looked at Cleo. "That's true. We used to be best friends. So Catherine, how are you? I've been doing fine lately. I decided to come visit you since I was nearby." Cleo said. I looked at mom. "Mama, can you understand what she's saying too?" I asked her. Mom nods. "I'm fine. It's great that you decided to stop by. So, how long are you planning to stay?" mom asks.

"I don't really have anywhere to go to, so if you don't mind, I was planning on staying here with you." Cleo answers. My mom's eye lit. She looked so excited. "Really? You're planning on living here? Why, that's great! You don't mind sleeping with Sara, do you?" mom said. Cleo nods.

"Great! Now, Sara, what story do you want me to read to you tonight?" mom asks. I thought about it while I walked to my bed. "I want to hear the story about witches and wizards and sorcerers!" I said after a while.

Mom smiled and sat on the chair next to my bed. "Alright. Now, listen carefully, okay?" she said.

"Long ago, people believed that magical creatures, such as; fairies, unicorns, mermaids and leprechauns existed. And it's true! They did exist and they coexist with the humans. But then one day, there was someone that made both humans and magical creatures fought with each other. And soon, there was a war between the magical creatures and the humans. They fought for decades until one day, came a girl with beautiful black hair and ocean-blue eyes. Her name was Crystal, and she's a human girl. Crystal hated that war. She wants both humans and magical creatures to coexist, like the old days. So, she decided to call both leaders from the humans and the magical creatures to a meeting. Just the 3 of them, and no one else. 'Dear child, why did you call both of us here?' said the leader of the humans, King Peter asked her. 'Yes. You do know that there's a war going out there right this instant, do you not?' the queen of the magical creatures, Queen Carol agreed. 'I want both of the humans and the magical creatures to coexist! Just like before! I want everything to return to how it was in the old days. Do you know how many people suffer because of this foolish war? Lots of people had to lose their family members. Lots of children got separated away from their family because they had to be evacuated to somewhere safe. Lots of people had to suffer. I don't want that.' Crystal answered, tears falling down her check as she spoke. 'But we need to settle this problem.' King Peter said. 'Yes. And since we couldn't discuss the problem, we had no choice but to go to war.' Queen Carol agreed. 'Then how do you aspect us to finish this war?' King Peter asked. 'I want you to make a declaration of peace.' Crystal answers after a moment of silent. 'A declaration of peace?' King Peter repeats. 'Yes, a declaration of peace. I want you to show both humans and magical creatures that they could live together again. I want them to trust one another once again,' Crystal says. 'But we'll need something to prove it. Something that won't easily be lost or disappear. ' Queen Carol said. There was silent. Nobody knows the answer to that. 'What about this: Queen Carol, please give me some of your powers. Me and my descendants will become witches, wizards, warlocks, sorcerers.' Crystal said. 'What do you mean?' King Peter asked, surprised. Queen Carol is also taken aback to what Crystal just said. 'I am born as a human. But if Queen Carol gave me some of her powers, then I'll also have the power of the magical creatures, which mean I'm half human and half magical creatures. It's also pretty much the same as a declaration of peace between the humans and magical creatures: someone that shares the power of both sides. And if one day I die, than my descendants will inherit it. What do you say?' Crystal explained. Queen Carol and King Peter looks at each other. 'Very well. But to avoid the war for restarting, then us, the magical creatures shall live in a different dimension that only you and your descendants know where to find the portal to reach us. You will be the one that connects our world and the human world. Will you be able to handle the responsibility?' Queen Carol asked. Crystal nods. 'Alright. After you give her some of your powers, will you immediately leave our land?' King Peter asks. 'Yes. I will gather all magical creatures and we shall live in another dimension. Some humans that are willing to come along are allowed, but they shall never be able to go back here.' Queen Crystal says. 'And magical creatures that decided to remain here shall also never be able to go to your dimension.' King Peter agrees. The two shake hands. Then, Queen Carol gave Crystal some of her powers. After that, both King Peter and Queen Carol announce their declaration of peace. Then, Queen Carol and other magical creatures and some humans went to the other dimension and they are never seen ever again. Some magical creatures still live here, though they never show themselves in front of any humans."

"Mama, how do we know who Crystal's descendants are?" I asked her, already half asleep.

"They say that Crystal's descendants' hair color change into blood red whenever they are angry, and that they can understand animals." Mom answers. "Really? We can understand what Ella's saying. Does that mean that we're one of Crystal's descendants?" I ask her, trying my best not to fall asleep before mom answers my question. Mom didn't answer right away. There was silence for a moment. And then I accidentally fell asleep. I didn't got my answer.

The next morning, I woke up and hurry and get dressed. Then, I ran down the stairs and into the dining room. Everyone was already there. I probably overslept. "Good morning Sara!" my dad greeted me. "Morning papa," I replied. "So, did you have a good night sleep? What did you dreamed?" he asks.

"I dreamed that I was in a wood – a magical wood. There are unicorns and fairies and lots more magical creatures there. I made friends with one the fairies. Her name was Amber, just like her amber colored hair. She was really nice and cheerful. She invited me for tea! We ate cookies and drank delicious raspberry juice." I answer. "Really? How wonderful!" dad said. "So are you ready for your trainings today?" dad asks.

I nod. Later that afternoon, we went to the meadow just near our house. Cleo didn't come along because she needed to rest after travelling so far. "Okay, kids. Now watch me." Dad says as he took position, ready to shoot with the bow and arrow. 'Just like a real archer!' I thought. Dad shoots the arrow and then it went flying in the air and hit the target – a big old oak tree. "Wow!" Rick and I said together. "I want to try! I want to try!" Rick says, jumping up-and-down. "Alright. Here you go," dad says.

I watched as dad helps Rick gets the arrow into position. He shoots it, and the arrow missed, just by a few feet. "Don't worry, you'll get better if you practice," dad says. "Alright, now's Sara's turn!"

I walk forward and hold the bow. Dad helped me got the arrow into position. I shoot it and the arrow went flying. It landed a few centimeters above dad's arrow. "Wow! You reached the target! Well done, Sara!" dad says. "Mama! Mama! Did you see that? It hit the target! I managed to hit the target!" I said at mom while pointing at the arrow. "Yes, well done, sweetie!" mom says, smiling.

I looked at Rick. "You're just lucky!" Rick says. He was such a sore-looser. "Dad, can I practice swords instead?" he asks.
"Why do you want to do that? Well, it's not like you can't or anything, I was just wondering. Why do you want to practice with swords instead?" dad asks. "It's because I wanted to master my swordsmanship first. Then I'll move to archery," Rick answers. "Ah, I see. That's a great idea. Alright, wait right there for a moment. I'll get the swords." Dad says. "You are such a sore-looser, Rick." I said. "What do you mean? I'm not a sore-looser! I just didn't want to move to another kind of weapon before I finished with the swords!" Rick says. "Yeah, sure, whatever." I said.

"Alright, I think that's enough for today." Dad says after a while. "Here, Sara. I brought some apple pies. You like them, don't you?" mom says, handing me a slice of pie. "Oh wow! Thanks mama!" I said as I grabbed the plate and start eating the pie.
We had finished eating. Mom and dad were cleaning the plates and placing them inside the basket. I was just picking flowers when a very pretty butterfly flew right in front of me. I gasped. It looks like one of the butterflies that were in my dream last night. I stand up and followed it.

"Sara, where are you going?" mom asks. "I'm just going for a walk." I answer, not looking back. "Alright, but don't go too far, okay?" mom says. "Okay! I won't!" I replied.

Just then, I realized that I was still holding on to dad's bow and arrow. 'I should return it to him. But oh well, I'll just give it to him later. Dad probably won't mind if I hold on to it.' I thought. So, I continued following the butterfly. I followed the butterfly until we reach the corners of the woods. At first I hesitated to go into the woods, since I've been warned to never go in there. But I was too curios, where would the butterfly lead me to? So, I decided to go inside the woods. It's been about 15 since I've followed the butterfly into the woods. "Excuse me, but where are you taking me?" I ask the butterfly. I waited for an answer, but it didn't answer. Suddenly, the butterfly stops. I walked closer to it, wondering why did it stopped. I gasped. Right in front of me was a beautiful clearing with lots of flowers everywhere. "Oh wow! It's so beautiful! Is this what you wanted to show me?" I said. The butterfly circles around for a few seconds and then left.

I walked into the clearing and sat down in the middle of all the flowers. There are so many flowers that I haven't ever seen before. I decided to pick some and give them to mom. She would be really happy, since she loves flowers.

I was picking the flowers happily while listening to the birds chirping here and there when suddenly, I heard some twigs snapping. I look around. "Is anyone there?" I asked. There was no answer. I decided to forget about it and think it was just my imagination and continue picking the flowers, but I had a very bad feeling.

When I look to the trees in front of me, I saw a shadow – it was quite far from me, though. This time, I know it wasn't my imagination, because I heard its loud breathing. I stood up. "Who-who's there?" I said, trying my best to sound normal. It looked at me and started walking quickly towards me. "Is-is that you, Rick?" I asked. The thing didn't answer. "Okay, Rick! Very funny! Is this what I get for calling you a 'sore-looser' earlier? Well, I'm sorry, okay! So quit it! You're scaring me!" I said. Suddenly, it stopped. Just then, I realized that it was much, much bigger than Rick. Actually, it didn't look like Rick at all. "Rick?" I asked, hoping that it really was him.

Then, it jumped right in front of me. 'Oh no, this is bad!' Was the first thing that popped in my head. Then, it roared. The roar itself was so loud and so strong, that I'm sure that anyone outside the woods would be able to hear it. I screamed and I started running for my life.