Chapter Two

"Liana, where's Sara?" dad asks mom when they've just finished tidying up. "She went for a walk just a while ago." Mom answers. "Well, she should've been back by now. It's almost sunset and we should go back to the inn soon," dad says.

"Don't worry, Allan. She'll be back soon." Mom says. "I'll just go look for her. Why don't you and Rick go home first, and we'll catch up with you later?" Dad says.

Then, Rick came running towards his parents. "Mom, Dad! I just remembered something!" he says. "What is it, sweetie?" mom asks. "My friend Tyler said that when he and his family went on a picnic here the other day, they heard a loud roar from the woods and he and his brother saw a huge shadow walking around inside the woods." Rick says.

"Really? How did the roar sounded like?" dad asked. Just then, they heard a loud roar from inside the woods. "Just like that one!" Rick answers. Dad and mom looked at each other, they both looked worried. Then, there was a scream – a little girl's scream.

"Wait! Isn't that…" Rick says, trying to recognize whose screaming voice it was. Then, he gasps.

"Sara!" all three of them said together, and they started to run towards the wood.

"Sara! Where are you?" Dad asks as loud as he can when they entered the woods. "HELP! HELP ME! ANYONE! HELP ME! PLEASE!" a little girl screamed from the direction in front of them. She sounded a bit faint, which means she must've been quite far away.

"SARA! Hold on! We're coming!" dad says and started to run towards the direction of that voice.

"Sara!" mom and Rick shout every 5 minutes. They are all very worried about their little Sara. Sara, just a 6 year old girl is already being chased by a beast. All three of them are thinking the same thing; is she still alive and will they make it there in time? Their poor, beloved little Sara.