I'm slightly ashamed to say that I did actually write this in an airport on Friday. Unfortunately there was no one nice in said airport, I should also probably point out that I have never actually been to Spain and I was actually on my way home from Denmark.

The Airport Tragedy

I met someone nice
In an airport once,
But of course
I never saw them again.

And yes, I know
Please don't cry,
But by the time
We said goodbye,
It felt like just the beginning.

So I met this lovely person
In the airport
When I was on my
Way to Spain,

And oh they were
simply perfectly wonderful,
And they listened to
Every word I said.
So when I walked away
My feet were made of led.

I think I fell in love
In an airport once,
And it's so sad,
Just like a tragedy.

When we met
There were sparks,
And I gave
them my heart,
But they were bound
For a land far away.