The Queen of Pharaoh

By: Litte Yagami Osanowa

Disclaimer: I just own the idea an the Fiction i made, actually i'm from Indonesian so, My Apologies if my English grammar is STUCK!? Critsm will be accepted with a full heart.

Present Time

"Laksmi!" A girl yelled walking through the Cafe trying to find the girl she was looking for but for some reason she can't find her.

'Better come out now or I swear I'll drag her here by force my self! And course i mean it..' she thought

Laksmi gasp, she looked around and found a taller Brunette girl standing in front of her looked Angry painted her face with an arms cross her chest, her blue eyes stared at her coldly.

'Oh GOD! Oh GOD! Oh GOD!?' Laksmi thought frantically 'I forgot Lydia was coming for visit today'

"S-sorry" she stutered with her hand trying to tidying her half-messy hair looked so nerveous like she was facing some kind of scary moster or something "A-Ano.. How can I help you Lydia?"

Lydia shook her head "For once i'd like to yelled at you but since you're my best friend i should rather forgive you instead getting mad at you.." then she search something in her purse "I want you to have this.. My Uncle gave me this but it doesn't suit my style plus i know you loved strange items like this.." she added handed me a perdant of an upside down pyramid.

Laksmi looked at the gift with an awe eyes 'First it's not a strange thing and Second, What is this? It's look so gorgeous..' Her Inner mind screamed in joy as She hug the perdant after that she give her very best friend a hug "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I'M GRATEFULL TO HAVE YOU AS MY FRIEND" Laksmi cried happily

"I'm glad you were happy... but, you can kill me ya know..." she protest for air to breathe

Slowly Laksmi lighten her hug and grinned apologictaly "Ooops...Sorry about that.." she said

"Okay,then.. Loved to see you but i gotta go.." Lydia winked and leave the Cafe leaving Laksmi with her new present

After Lydia left, Laksmi rushed to her office room to admires her present with an awe looks, but suddenly a light start to glow on the eyes of horus and it's grow brighter and brighter. Laksmi shielded her eyes and before she knew it, the light surrounded her fully and disappear so quickly with her self to the unknown place.

Somewhere on the desert, Before Century

After a minute, Laksmi opened her eyes, her eyes still can't focus on her sight and she felt a little dizzy on her head.

In front of her eyes was a vast expanse of sand, it seemed to go on for miles. The sky was a clear blue and the afternoon sun was blazing. Laksmi blinked and rubbed her eyes repeatedly but the same sight still met her no matter how hard she make it to go away.

"What on earth is going on!" She yelled frantically like a crazy woman, well she is in this state

Laksmi tried to take a breath for a second 'Relax Laksmi, maybe it's a dream.. yeah a stupid dream ..' she courage her self and pinch her own cheeck hoping it's really are the truth of a dream "OW! Ow! That's hurts.." she complained and rubbed her cheeck. She thought hard, it's impossible to her to be here cause one minute ago she was at her office room and later she ended in strange desert in nowhere?

'The PERDANT!..' She thought remembering 'There's a glow and Poof! I ended up here'

Now here's something Laksmi should do instead than standing around like a total fool, she decide to move on and began to walk and tried to pace what was just happened to her and as she truged through the sand without a destination, a long dark shadow caught her eye in the distance. She followed the shadow to a tall brick and the brick was built up into a tall wall and it looked too new.

'Wow, that wasn't i expect from a desert' Laksmi tought

Busied on her mind state, Laksmi didn't completly hear the horses hooves that trampled up behind her or the man as he hooped down from his saddle, until he was already up behind her and grab her around the waist and arms. Laksmi struggled against her captor tried to get free but with a quick fist from her captor, She was out of a light.

~1 Hour later~

Laksmi wake up to the sound of the city thought not modern one she was accustomed to. She found her hands and legs were chained. She looked around being so confused about what was going on with her.

Laksmi was on her knees, knelt down on the floor at the side of the street, and a few people were in the same condition surrounding her, blinking against the sunlight, she looked down her self. She had been put on a rag, so as not to attrack any negative attention to her. The man that took her, sold her as a foreign items from far away country. She listened to the man said and something just hit her mind.

'What the hell! I'm being sold!' she screamed on her mind frantically

A male stood on the stage as he watch each slave being sold. Laksmi came out and shocked him. 'She's the most beutifull slave i ever seen, She look like a goddess' he said in his mind as his brown eyes shoeing shock but he wasn't the only one, Many buyers were shock and wanting to buy the girl for the beauty she had. The male near the stage made a face as the seller began to draw things to a close and just before Laksmi being sold, the male spoken up beating the prize with ease.

Knowing who he was, no one else tried to beat his bet to the slave. The male went to the stage and paid the seller in gold coin. He looked at Laksmi and took a rope that was hooked on Laksmi hands.

"Follow me" He said pulling the rope lightly

He lead her through the streets towards a large Palace, a Huge one of an Ancient times.

"You will be a slave where ever the Pharaoh put you.."