Chapter 2: Learning one place

Laksmi could only watch queitly as the stranger male led her to the palace. She was still trying to fully comphrehend the fact that she had traveled Three Thousand-Years into the past, and now was being sold into slavery! The day definetly not turning out into her better ones.

She had enough sense to listen as the male intructed her what she going to do.

"The Pharaoh?.." Laksmi mumbled softly

Mahaad pulled Laksmi along the Palace hall "Yes, The Pharaoh. You will do well to obey his every word" he warned

Laksmi bit her lips 'Did i said that out loud?' she thought

As they walked pass the guard and into the court yard, He added "You will be cleaned up before you are shown to the Pharaoh"

Laksmi followed the male in front of her and they finnaly stopped in a large bathing chambers, in it was a several woman wearing a white dress reached it knee. When she look at them, she hurriedly looked down blushed.

"Here is the one for you to get ready" Mahaad said as the woman nodded and walked towards them

"Yes, Priest Mahaad.." She said before take Laksmi rope

'Priest Mahaad...' Laksmi noted in her mind

"Come on girl, Let's get you clean and tidy" she said with a smile

Laksmi nodded and pulled off her clothing and covered her body with a white yet soft blanket and the woman led her to enter the water. She began to clean her self, She admit that she look so damn dirty that time as the woman washed her back gentlely.

"What's your name sweetie?" the woman asked

"L-Laksmi" She answer slowly receiving a gigle in response

"AW~ Look ladies... isn't she beautifull" the woman cooed to her friends

The other began gigling towards her and make her blush even more. Soon Laksmi dried her self, dressed and now looke so comfortable. Now she feel so fresh and clean. Priest Mahaad arrives to pick her and notice the beauty she had just like the Goddess of Light.

"The Pharaoh will see you now" he stated "Come.."

Laksmi followed the Priest with nervousness. She keep her head down again let her hair and pony covered her face. When Mahaad finnaly stopped, She knew she had arrived and took a very long deep breath to calm her self also keep her eyes on the ground and keep quiet and listen carefully.

After the door opened, Laksmi walk follow the priest and bowed to a young male sitting on the throne. He has wild tri-colour hair that intend in red tips with blonde bangs framing his face. He had three blonde pieces that went up his hair like a lighten bolt.

His Crymson eyes looked at Mahaad and Laksmi, He raised a brow "Who is this?" he asked as Mahaad stood up

"She is a slave, I found her being sold.. I brought her as a gift and since you did say you needed a new slave" He explain as Atem sat back resting his chin on her hands

"That is true.. Alright.. Girl what you can do?" he asked looking at Laksmi again

Laksmi were very nerveous, she remember reading a book about egypt that it is not respectful if you see The Pharaoh in the eyes. She looked down tried to find a good answer.

"Anything you need me to do, My Pharaoh.." Laksmi replied slowly

"Anything you say?" Atem asked and Laksmi replied it with a nod. "We'll see if that is true.. Put her with the other, she is open to work for me or the priest only"

Mahaad nodded as Shimon the elder male smiled "So it shall be written, It shall be done" He said as Mahaad took Laksmi and left the room

Mahaad led Laksmi through many hallways and again they're in another room. Inside the room there was a large male writing things down.

"Misun you have a new one" Mahaad spoke

Misun look at Laksmi with a dark brown eyes "She look a bit tiny" he said

Laksmi looked up from the floor and she found her gaze locked with the slave master, he look frightened to see her, but why?

"I'm sure you can find something she can do" Mahaad said before he left the room

Misun look at Laksmi "Allright, you can wash the laundry" he said and followed by Laksmi.

She saw some Men,Woman and Children walking by watched her. It took a lot of people to keep the Palace in working order and they finally arrive at the laundry room, in the middle was a huge basin full of water, surrounded by people pulling clothes from piles and dunking into the water, running them up and down a washboard propped against the inside of the tub.

"Get to work, Girl" was all Misun said to Laksmi before he left

Laksmi not wanting to look like an idiot, grabbed a washboard from the wall and a piece of clothing from a pile before dunking them both into the water copying the girl next to her as secretly as possible.

'Well this is my new life now, living as a slave washing a laundry, maybe i might get used to it someday' Laksmi thought

"Hey..." a voice beside her said "You're new aren't you?"

Laksmi turned facing the girl beside her and stuttering "Y-Yeah.. I guess i am"

The girl smiled "You're a little pale. Not from here?"

She looked down at her washboard and replied slowly "No. I'm not"

"I see" she said "It's been along since anyone new come that wasn't from here. By the way I'm Sara" she introduced herself

Laksmi smile gentle to her friendliness "I'm Laksmi, Nice to meet you Sara"

"Laksmi.." Sara repeated "That's a strange name but it sounds cool!" as Sara went to drop the pieces of clothing she was washing over a line across the room, she called Laksmi over her shoulder "You know, you look an awful lot like The Goddess of Light"

Laksmi blinked following Sara "I do?"

"You never noticed?" Sara chuckle

Laksmi shook her head innocently "I didn't know it.." she said

"It's okay... You can look at the statue inside the temple and i'll accompany you.." Sara said happily

"Really! I'm so excited.." said Laksmi gigling to Sara

Both girls laughed and there was a moment comfortable sillence before Sara spoke "You know Laksmi.." she begun "I don't think i've ever had this much fun washing laundry before"

Laksmi gigle "Neather have I"

Laksmi realize it's been half hour she spend at the Palace and now she already had a friend. She smiled broadly, maybe life as a slave just took something to getting used to.

-On the other side-

After a few hours, Atem walked from the throne room glad the meeting are over as he went to his wing abnd entered the lounge chambers he had sa he sat down on a chair. Seth walked over towards him.

"My Pharaoh, Is there anything you need?" he asked

"Have that new slave bring me some fruit.. I need someone to fan me" he said as Seth nodded and walked away

Atem watched before he covered his eyes with his arm wanting the headache to go away.

-On Laundry room-

Misun came found Laksmi and looked at her "The Pharaoh wants you to bring him som fruits.." he said looking at Laksmi "Hurry up and move now.." ha said and walked away

" I guess this will have to wait later.." Laksmi said look at Sara

"Nah, I'll have it done by the time you get back.." Sara said "By the way, fruits are in the kitchen, which is two rooms down through that doorway behind me, and there should be a fancy wooden bowl or two on one of the table, The fan's ussualy in lounge chambers" Sara explain the route

Laksmi thanked her, thought stopped her self when she about to leave "And The Pharaoh.. Where he is exactly?" she asked

Sara laughed " Oh,Yeah.. I almost forgot. From the kitchen you head out into the main hallway, and then two innediate lefts. A couple guards are standing watch in front of the hallway leading the Pharaoh chambers and two more stand out side the entry way to those, also. You can't miss it"

"Thanks Sara.." Laksmi sweetly said

"No Problem. When you get back, i'd like to introduce you with the other.."

A nod and a wave later, Laksmi was out at the door. She carefully but hurriedly gathered what she needed from the kitchen and went the way Sara told her. When she saw the guards, she knew she had gine the right way.

"State your purpose.." one of the guard said

Laksmi gulped "I am bring this fuit for The Pharaoh"

The guards nodded "You may proceed.." he said and make a way for her to get through

With a humble bow, Laksmi walked past the guards and down the hallway, to the doorway where there stood two more guards. They simply opened the door allowing her to pass and she immediately spotted The Pharaoh in one of chair and she walked over towards it, setting the bowl of the fruit in the one small table next to him and scanned the room looking for fan. She found it propped against the wall, retrieve it and then walked briskly back over to The Pharaoh, begining to fan him.

Atem had heard the slave already come and move around, feeling the small breeze he smiled and removed his arm from his eyes and looked Laksmi.

"You're look beautifull.." He said as he reached for fruit and took a bite of it

Laksmi blushed at the comment, well that sure is a popular word to describe her as

Atem watched Laksmi to see if she make any mistakes and when she made one he smiled "You may speak when you wish.." He said as he shifted a bit

Laksmi thought for a second and choose to remind silent

"What is your name?" Atem asked after he finished eat the fruit

Laksmi eyes widened when she finally look the Pharaoh in the eye but her Saphire darted back down and she manage to sputter "L-Laksmi.." she replied

"Laksmi.. Where is that name from?" He asked with a smirk noticing she looked at him again

"Umm... Paris?" Laksmi replied

"Paris? Never heard of it.." Atem said raised an eyebrow

'Of course you don't.. I'm from the future and you're just a Pharaoh in the past, Geez does he don't know many other country around the world? Well, theres no airplane this time so.. definetly no..' Laksmi thought

After a pause Atem added "You look like the Goddess of Light statue in the Palace temple, isn't that weird?"

She couldn't help but spare another glance at The Pharaoh and then back to the ground. "Yes.. It is weird, My Pharaoh"

Grabbing another fruit he took a bite, turning his gaze out the Balcony looking at the sky. "How old are you?.." he asked

Laksmi looked up the Pharaoh "I am Sixteen.."

"That's three times, I could have you whipped" Atem said as he stood up "You can stop fanning me.."

'Am I in trouble? Oh GOD! I really have to think before i act...' Laksmi thought frantically

Laksmi scurried over to place the fan back in it's corner.

Atem walked over to a table "Come and take this off.." Atem said gesturing to the gold bands from his hand and leg "Once you have done that, you will draw me a bath then you can leave" . With minor difficulty and with a bow Laksmi disapearred into The Pharaoh's private bathing chambers. All the while she keept her gaze to the ground and only when she get back in the hallway on the way she look for Sara she look up.

Sara was helping with dinner when Laksmi back. "Hey, Laksmi! How did it go? Did you get a good look at The Pharaoh?"

"Yes.. Three good looks actualy, and i'm not the only one who's counting" Laksmi said

Sara eyes widened "You mean you got caught? Laksmi-"

"It's okay Sara" Laksmi interupted "I haven't been punished.."

Sara sighed in relief "Thank goodness, i thought he have you whipped or anything.."

Laksmi shrugged " I'm sure he just excusing because i'm still new here. I wouldn't look too much into it.."

"Though i was right didn't i? You gotta admit he is kinda handsome" Sara tease

Laksmi blushed "Sara! Remember our place! He's our Pharaoh and we're just a slave. We're nothing more to one another"

'But i agreed with her.. he does look totaly HANDSOME! Well maybe like a movie star in my world'

-Other Place-

Meanwhile at The Pharaoh bathing chambers, Atem groaned as he sank into the water before chuckled "She forgot the oils" he mutured as he called in a servant to fix that before sending her away. Normally servant washed The Pharaoh but he wanted to be alone so he did it himself.

'That girl.. Laksmi is very strange' He tought in his mind as he sank deeper before going under then coming back 'Why does she look the same like the statue? Her eyes were beautifull' Atem shook his head before he smirked

"I could always call her.." he said to himself as he pictured those eyes again "So Innocent.. so sweet.."

-Other Place-

Laksmi swap Yuna hands off her hair, looked a little annoyed to her new silver hair friend with her Ruby eyes.

"Come on Laksmi. Let me tried to tied your blond hair.." Yuna begged

"No, trust me.. I look weird with a tied hair.." Laksmi complained

Sara come with a plate of fruit laugh at them both who busy with their new activity "You two better eating than chatting. There's still a lot of thing to do" she said as she took bite of her fruit

"Oh,Come on. Don't you agree she will look more beautiful with this cute hair band?" Yuna said wink at me show the blue hair band

Sara nodded "I agree but i don't think Laksmi didn't want to wear those thing.." she said wink at me

"True.." Laksmi gigled

Then Misun come to the dinner table "Meal time is over.." he stated "Get back to work now!" he added

Yuna pick up the plate and put it on the sink

"I'll wash the dishes" Sara said

"We'll dried it then" Laksmi and Yuna said in the same time

They worked together and laugh and chatting and more, Laksmi never imagined live as a slave would be much hapier like this and it's better than her imagination.

"You know Laksmi, I'm glad that i met you" Yuna said smiling

"Same with me.." Laksmi replied smiled back

-Meanwhile at the Throne room-

"WHAT!?" Atem yelled as he looked at the messenger who was shaking

"I-it was.. T-their idea to come three days earlier than the schedule.." He said scared at The Pharaoh

Atem sighed "Fine.. I'll get things ready"

The messenger bowed hurriedly and left the room

"Summon Misun!" Atem said and Misun come to him bowed slightly "I need some of the slaves to help get this place clean and ready for Royal Visitors tommorow" Atem ordered and with that Misun left to accomplish his task.

-Two hours later-

"This is totally IMPOSSIBLE!" Yuna grunted "We're supposed to clean the Palace top to bottom in only one day! Are you nuts!?"

"Calm down Yuna.." Sara whispered "..Before someone hear you"


"Let's get to work, Ladies" Laksmi said sweeping the floor "My Mom said 'Talk less and Do More'" Laksmi said completly imitated her Mom talking

Yuna Huffed and Sara gigled, They're back to work again

'I wonder who's so important that they could inconveince the Pharaoh in such a way' Laksmi tought 'What am i curious about?.. It's nothing of my bussiness anyway..'

-On The next Day-

Once the Palace already clean and tidy, Atem was talking to Misun over getting a collection of slaves for serving the meal to the guest.

"I want Laksmi the one that have a Blond hair and pale skin to be mine" Atem said as Misun nodded

"Of course Pharaoh.. as for the others i'll choose the best we have" Misun said and Atem nodded and walked off passing a few slaves and stopped in front of Laksmi and smiled in his mind.

"You come with me Laksmi" Atem said as he starting to walk again with Laksmi now followed him behind.

Atem headed to the Palace garden and sat on the nearest bench

"Tell me about Paris.." He said

Laksmi stared in awe around at the lavish grenery that surrounded them not even in Paris she had ever see something magnificent. She thought for a while about the best answer she could tell to The Pharaoh. Well there's only two options, one Tell it like a storytale or Two, Lie on his face. On second tought Laksmi choose option one.

"It's a beautiful country filled with grass and flowers bloom everywhere. The breeze of sunshine and the sound of bird sing every morning. It's hard to describe, My Pharaoh.." Laksmi said keeping her sight onn the ground not wanting to be whipped for real.

Atem made a face "You live in such beautiful country.. How can you ended up here?" he asked narrowing his eyes. Touching his puzzle, he looked down at it "Explain it to me.." He added

Laksmi bit her lips, looking up carefully not wanting to meet the Pharaoh eyes and gasp when she looked the Pharaoh puzzle. 'Hey, Was that a perdant that Lydia gave to me? If the Pharaoh have it then it means that the perdant belongs to him.. But why the perdant suck me in this peroid?'

Second later, Laksmi remembered her situation and rembered something about 'Revolution War' she had read on the library, just a little story-talking to make an excuse.

"There's a war.. Everybody killed, scream and shout are everywhere. Fire burned all the houses, I'm trying to runaway but i got caught in the end and when i'm realize in the next morning—I was here" Laksmi explained a bit nerveous

"Oh..I see" he said and relaxing again

Laksmi sighed in relief, Another reason to make the speech on the control.

"I want you to be my personal servant on the dinner tommorow" Atem said "You're beautiful and good enough to be my servant" he added with a smirk

Laksmi blushed deeply and looked back to the pond "Y-Yes My Pharaoh"

'Why do i keep blush when he said sweet-nothings to me? God! He's charm is too mauch for me to handle..' Laksmi thought

Atem spent his free time with Laksmi, talking a bit until he sending her back to the slave quarters, He had to get ready for The Guest tommorow.

"This will not end well.." He mutured quietly

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