The Devils Bide

Chapter 1

A long time ago there was a small child born with a still heart. The mother of the child was saddened at the thought of her child never being able to see a sunrise, or to fall in love. So the mother desperately searched for someone to help her child… but sadly none could do anything for her. The mother's heart became heavy as she clutched the child close to her chest and she cried into the starry night.

She cried and cried for who knows how long and then a man appeared in front of her. The man had long black hair that went down to his mid-back and blood red eyes that shone in the night like a star. The man sneered down at the woman and then bent down in front of her.

"What could be so bad that it would make you break down in the middle of the night? I was trying to sleep." He said rubbing the back of his neck tiredly and gave the woman a stone face. The woman just stared at the man in a daze and then she revealed to the man the small bungle she was holding.

"My daughter… was born still…" She said and then the man raised an eyebrow at the child. He undid the bundle to see a baby girl with black fuzz on top of her head and a heart shaped face. She was pale… she had alabaster skin and pale pink cheeks. The man stared at the tiny child broadly for a second and then he turned back to the woman.

"I'll tell you what; I'm feeling generous today so I will heal your daughter." He said in a leveled tone that barely showed any emotion.

"Really?! Oh thank you so m-" She started but was stopped by the man's finger pressed up against her lips.

"I wasn't finished… I will heal her but in return when your daughter turns eighteen she will marry me." He said as he glared at the woman and gave her a sinister grin. The woman looked at the child and then back at the man with a worried expression. She thought over his proposal for a minute and then she finally gave the man her answer.

"Very well… if you heal my daughter then I will give her to you when she is eighteen." The woman said in a leveled tone. The man gave her a sly grin and then took the child from the woman and took out a piece of his heart and put it in the still child. When he put it in the child at the base of the little girls neck a closed lotus flower appeared. The mother watched in amazement.

"When this flower blooms, the child will be mine." He said as he pointed at the lotus flower at the back of the little girl's neck. He then gave the child back to the mother. The mother looked at it sadly and then a second later the child took in a deep breath and started to cry. The mother stared at the girl amazed and then the man got up and started to walk away.

"Ah… Wait!" The mother yelled to the man. The man turned around and looked at the mother now curiously. The mother took a deep breath.

"Who are you?" She asked in a state of curiosity. The man smiled at her revealing two large fangs in the top part of his mouth.

"My name I will only tell my bride… and I am the Devil of this land." He said as a pair of bat wings came out from his back, and in a split second he was gone. The only trace of him that was ever there was the crying child with the small tattoo on the back of her neck.