Chapter 7

Lilliana was almost at the flower shop when she saw the boss sitting outside on a small wooden stool smoking a pipe, not only that but she noticed that her face looked furious. Her feet became as heavy as led and she suddenly got the urge to fain an illness and just run away from there as quickly as possible. She stood there for a few minutes and then she let out a sigh and began to walk towards the older woman.

"Good morning!" She yelled at the woman as cheerfully as she could. The woman heard her voice and looked over in Lilliana's direction with a glare.

"You're late." She said in a cold tone. Lilliana just continued to smile at the woman trying her best not to show her fear.

"Sorry… please forgive me? I promise to work extra hard today so please don't dock my pay." She said as she clapped her hands together and gave her a pleading look. Her boss just glared at her and then turned around and grabbed a bucket with a little spoon inside.

"Fine… just get to work!" She said as she threw the bucket at her and all the water splashed over Liliana's. Liliana looked down at her wet clothes and let out a sigh. She walked over to a faucet and ran fresh water. She then took the spoon and started to splash water over the flowers.

"Stupid old hag… she can't treat me like trash…" She mumbled to herself as she gave some more flowers a drink.

"Umm excuse me miss." She heard a voice call from behind her. She turned around and without thinking shot a glare at a costumer.

"What?!" She yelled and then her eyes went wide with shock. In front of her was a man around with golden hair and celestial blue eyes. he had fair skin that seemed to never even one to have been kissed by the sun and he was around 6'3 in height. Her mouth hung open a bit just staring at the man in awe for a minute.

"I am sorry… did I do something to make you mad at me?" He asked as he gave her a concerned glance.

"No, no it wasn't you… please forgive me for yelling at you." She said as she smiled kindly at the stranger.

"It's fine… if I am to be yelled at I'm glad it was from someone as beautiful as you." He said as he bent over and bowed to the young lady. Liliana's cheeks flushed red as she stood there completely flabbergasted. It was the first time someone had ever bowed to her.

"You must not be from around here…" She said as she gazed down at the man with her sapphire eyes. He looked up at her curios now.

"How could you tell?" He asked her with the brightest smile she had ever seen.

"Your hair…" She said just above a whisper as she looked at the ground trying not to make eye contact with him.

"My hair?" He asked as he pulled a strand down and stared at it then he looked at her confused.

"Yes… you have blonde hair, this is Brenen… thus everyone here has brown hair." She said frankly with a lecturing finger.

"Oh I see… then since you're so smart can you guess where I'm from?" He asked her feeling quite amused now. She stared at him for a few more minutes and then a thought hit her.

"The only place I can this of is Gilden, the golden city." She said as she pressed a finger on her lips as she imagined the city. The man smiled at her and then patted her head.

"Very good milady, you are indeed a very educated woman which is rare." He said. She smiled up at him with a slight blush on his cheeks.

"My father taught me…" She said with a sad smile. She then tucked a stray hair back behind her ear.

"He must be a very smart man." He said as he smiled kindly at the young lady. She smiled and nodded her head happily.

"By the way… I was curious… what brings you all the way to Brenen?" She asked as she eyes the man curiously.

"I'm looking for something…" He said.

"What are you looking for?" She asked as she felt her curiosity rising even more. He looked over at her and flashed her a sly grin, he then leaned in close to her and put his finger on her raspberry lips.

"If I told you that I would have to kill you…" He said in a seductive tone and his eyes gaze was so sharp that it nearly made her heart jump out from her chest.

"Okay… that's close enough!" They heard someone yell. Liliana recognized the voice and she felt a cold chill run up her spine. 'Oh please… don't be who I think it is...' She thought to herself. They both looked towards where the voice was. Liliana's mouth hung open and she felt herself become pale when she saw Kaylus standing there glaring at the man.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" She yelled.

"I don't believe I've had the pleasure?" The golden man said. Kaylus just glared at the man and then walked over to Liliana was and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm Kaylus… her Fiancé and you would be?" He asked still glaring knifes at the other man.

"I'm Kin… fiancé you say? I find it hard that a woman of her intelligence would want to marry a brute like you." He said plainly and he shot Kaylus a sarcastic smile.

"A pretty boy has no place to speak." Kaylus said as he smiled but still continued to glare at this man who called himself Kin. Liliana felt her body go numb as the air around the two became denser and the feeling of hate radiated from the two men like electricity. 'Someone… help…" She thought to herself nervously.