as we age

i- beaches and tire; happiness is complicated

it seems only rain clouds understand

sandcastles that overlooked the majestic

when winds blew in our faces and messed up our hair

and our legs got all damp and cut by seashells

those were days when we were wild and free

picture perfection left on undusted shelves

jumping around in tubs of paint and dreaming big

the world was an endless playground that loved us

you're tired though you plaster that smile

don't you wish we could build a time machine back?

we were born to be happy; not live our lives sad

why is this world burdening us all with lies

ii- buses and rain; reflections on the past and the future unknown

it seems only rain clouds remember

what it was like to fly without cares or worries

the exhaust of big buses and raindrops falling

my skirt makes it hard to walk and my shoes laugh

is it a dream or did I forget?

it's been a long journey which will continue

happier times have passed us by and passed away

the ringing bicycle chimes snap me back here

your warm embraces are turning cold

I doubt the true genuineness of your words

I want to trace myself back to where I started

to pinpoint the exact time where it all changed