This is a story about a humorless boy (Mike) and his new twin neighbors from Australia (Everett and Makenzie/Mak/Mak Mak) who teach him how to lighten up. I'm hoping this will be a mix of happy and sad. I'm hoping. WOOH! PLOT! Oh and based on a book by Bart King sort of.

My perfectly normal life and uptight reputation was shattered the day my eccentric and Australian neighbors moved in. Two tan skinned, sandy haired kids popped up right in front of me. I HAD been reading on my front porch.

"HI! I'm Mak what's up?" An enthusiastic girl asked.

The more laid back boy made a peace sign with his fingers. "Yeah sorry, I'm Everett, this is my twin sis Makenzie but everyone calls her Mak, we just moved in, You are?" I sighed, my hopes of an afternoon spent reading collapsed. "I'm Mike, pleased to meet you?" I asked causiously. "Cool, good book?" Indicating the one I'd been reading. "Uh huh, want to come in?" This surprised me, but it was to late.

"Hey mom, these are our new neighbors, Makenzie and Everett." I quickly explained before leading them to my room. The sat on my fouton couch and and I grabbed my swivel chair. "Nice." Everett said nodding.

"What's wrong?" Mak asked.

"What?" surprised.

"Your not smiling."

"Oh, nothing, reflex I suppose."

"Knock knock."

"Whose there?"

"Interupting cow." Everett facepalmed.



"No offense but that was pathetic."

"Okay, imagine your in a sinking canoe surrounded by starving alligator turtles. How do you get out of this situation?"


(I'm not going to put the answer see if you can figuire it out and I'll tell you.)

I laughed at this one.

"Better." She said sattisfied.

"Uh oh, we gotta go Mak Mak!"

"Absquatulate." I muttered.

"Excuse me?"

"It means to leave very quickly."

"Oh, okay, come over will ya mike?"




He's still in the uneasy stage, where he thinks, "...okay..." but at least he's going with the flow. A little resistant but still. Don't worry he'll work it out. Next chapter: At there house, and the awesome name of my fish!