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I hated beauty.

And class hadn't even started yet.

The room is blindingly bright pink, and it smells like a fragrance store blew up. No one seems to notice this fact but Luna, Trekka and I.

"Did Barbie die in here?" She said sarcastically.

"No, moron. This is where celebs go to dump their failed perfumes." Trekka approached Luna. I quickly popped up to the front of the room. Something about Trekka makes me uncomfortable.

A beautiful blonde hair woman came strolling in right after I sat down. "Hey, girlfriends! Ready to become beautiful?" There were a few murmurs of "Sure", "Maybe...", and "No" from the Sunsettes, Midnytes, and Hinunes. The Daelights were a different case.

"YES!" The three of them squealed at the top of their lungs. Normally, their enthusiasm wouldn't have bothered me, but as they were all sitting in the same row as me, I wasn't all that pleased.

"Introductions first, girls. I am Miss Roditee, but I'd like for you to call me by my first name- Aph.

I couldn't hold back a snicker. "Your name is Aph Roditee?"

"Yes, honey. Why?" Was this chick serious?

"No reason. Just a...cool name."

A look of confusion crossed her face, but she brightened again quickly. "That aside, time to start our very first unit of the year!" She is way too perky. "We will be learning about maintaining facial beauty!" Squeals of excitement from beside me. "In this unit, we will be covering how to properly use makeup!" Lord, kill me now. The Daelights squealed again. "Yeah...that was a joke." Her voice went three notches lower. "This course is about the beauty of your- who in here knows their symbols?"

Ten hands went up. The only ones not waving our hands energetically were that little girl from aerobics and me.

"I was supposed to get a class of people who knew." Aph muttered. "Okay then, you two put headphones on and turn up your music really loud. I shrugged and agreed, it wasn't the worst thing to do. Sparklor, I think her name was, looked a bit more skeptical, but did it anyway.

I pulled the iPod smuggled out of Delilah's house and clicked "shuffle". I sank back in my chair and absentmindedly watched Aph draw odd pictures on the board. It was kind of funny how she would talk at the same time as Michael Jackson said, "Just beat it...just beat it." Wouldn't it be cool to have a teacher with his voice? Like, a music teacher or something?

The rest of class passed with me thinking of Michael Jackson being my music teacher.


"Hey, Mirabelle! There you are!" Florabella fell into step with me as I headed to room one. "How was beauty?"

"At first it seemed shallow, then she started talking about symbols and I got lost and so did Sparklor and do you like Michael Jackson?"

"Um. That's to be expected, wonder what she meant, who's Sparklor, and only the older stuff."

"Sparklor's this cute little Hinune in Aerobics with me."


We fell into an awkward silence, saved by arriving at room one.

We found seats by the window, and, since it was study hall, started chatting again.

"How was Balance?" I'll admit, I was curious about what you did in a class about balance.

"We did this introduction thing about how's he balance of the universe having two sides- hot and cold. Neither is necessarily good or bad. Then I got a little lost."

"Sounds like this school is trying to confuse us."

"I bet the leaders will explain it after school."

"They better. I couldn't do Beauty, which trust me, I'm not complaining about, but I'm curious about what my "symbol" is.

"Luna said something about that. She said, 'Brizetta has a much better symbol than Aquililia. Wind beats water any day.'"

"Well, they certainly have names to match their elements." I laughed. I'm starting to think I'm being overly paranoid about the names, but really, who names their kid Aquililia or Brizetta?

Candy approached us. "Heard you were talking about symbols! Mine is, like, soooo pretty! It's a yellow sun with orange rays! Get it, Canticlae, sun, like celestial, in the sky?! Because my element is sun!"

"Candy, Canticlae, Sun, whatever, can you repeat that? And whisper? Or, like, write it down?" I handed her a pen and paper. She got to work scribbling her rant down.

"All I got was 'sun, orange, Canticlae, celestial, and element." Bella whispered to me under her breath.

"Me too. That's why she's writing it down." I replied.

She finished scrawling the main points of her little speech and handed us the paper just as the bell rang.

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