Hi I hope you like this story and for all those who like Warlock don't worry I will finish it this story is just to let myself recharge and to see another type of scenario . oh and all the weapons is this story are form present day but now certain ones are now bullpup and if you don't know what that means look it up.)


It is amazing what can happen when fanatics get a small amount of a military secret known as deltaium a rare earth metal that is more radioactive than uranium and can put more energy than 21 little boys(first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima) on a target . and of course that is what happened . in 2012 the first deltaium bomb was dropped on Dallas Texas and the blast destroyed all of both Americas. the blast demolished most of the resources.

Unfortunately this tale gets worse, about five years after this event things started to change for the worse . a tyrannical dictator after all the countries of the world were bombed by the deltaium took power and things did not go well for the survivors. They were oppressed and beaten by this man and his cronies.

The weirdest thing to happened came about 6 months after this ruler came to power of the world. Deltaium had one gift to give the world. Due to the fact that deltaium is more radioactive than anything it can change anything in certain ways. The most common is just improving physicals strength and speed but sometimes it does that and give the person control over something like fire , water or any other elemental object.

Also the strangest thing was yet to happen after this gift was given ,the gods of heaven came to earth and merged in the form of armors know as by the name deities that are some many minor gods and others rare to where there is only one . unfortunately the ruler and his son the prince captured many of these gods and enslaved them but some of them willing merged with the purist while others merged with the resistance which is broken up into many different teams.

Let's see how our heroes fight the purist as Forest Brooks, The lightning phantom a survivor in Tokyo finds destiny. Please Review.

(this story takes place 3 years after the first blast so a total of eight years after the blast.