Ch.8 Splash down

After two hours the group of teens were ready for the mission and had meet in the hanger beside the boat. All the gear was packed and the ship had been fitted with car parts to allow it to drive on land .

" Well I guess that it is the time for all hell to break loose." Remarked Forest his back against the hull of the boat .

" Yep and that means this is going to get fun for you and me." Added Kad as he stood beside him .his rifle propped up against his side.

" Well let's get this started everyone on the boat." Ordered Rain as she climbed the ladder the deck of the boat. The had the words Black Swan written on the side.

After everyone had boarded and settled in to their positions Rachel started the check

" All systems green Bridge the black swan is ready for drop." Said Rachel flipping few switches . Suddenly a yellow smiley face appeared on the screen next to Rachel . " What Rain we've been hacked!" Screamed Rachel to Rain who came running.

" What wait a minute I know that symbol Ed what did you do?" Asked Rain as the screen changed to a girls face appeared on the screen. The face was copper colored skin with cherry red hair in a tuft onto of her head . she wore a pair of goggle with a jack on the left side . she had on a white loose fitting shirt and running shorts on that were black . her eyes were green like a cats.

" Hi Rain , cloud told Ed to hack into the boats mainframe. So Ed hacked and now I can help you guys on the mission." Answered Ed speaking in the third person .

" Ok just let us use the system." Said Rain sighing at the other teen that served as the Eureka's communicator and hacker.

"ok Ed will od that just be careful Ed quite wants to see friends back." Replied Ed as she released the swans(Boat) computer back to them.

" thanks Ed We'll bring you back a souvenir.' Promised Rachel as she started the engine.

" Come on chicks let's get this party on the road I'm ready to shred some purist tails and deities." Said Forest creaking his knuckles.

" Yes I couldn't agree more Forest let us get this war started." Agreed Aries as he copied Forests movements.

" Well boys armor up or you're going to get blown off the off of the earth." Giggled Rain at Forest And Aries's actions.

" Alright Rain copy that how long till drop?" Asked Kad as he stood by Forest at the helm of the boat.

" LET's go Aries INTERGRATE!"Screamed Forest As a blinding flash of light surrounded Forest. Inside the light Forest and Aries merged into the armor that Professor Raven had given them during the attack in Tokyo.

" Well Taurus let us follow in the ordered INTERGRATE!" Screamed Kad as the same process unfolded around him. The two were replaced by the armors that at one time stood on different sides of the same battlefield but this time one armed with a large caliber bolt action sniper rifle while the other was holding a pistol grip shot gun.

" Well Bridge we're already down here so give us the signal." Said Rachel through the head set she had put on .Her hair was in a long ponytail.

Back up on the bridge the scene outside was not looking good for our heroes. The enemy fleet had made a blockade in front of the port and it looked like they were expecting trouble. They also had at least thirty deities line up or flying around the green trail of the rift engines crossed the sky.

On side note Deltaium is nasty stuff . one of the many effects of the three blast that ripped apart that greatly helped with the reconstruction was that it created strange energy wave that had enough substance that people could create engines that could uses these rifts for flight and propulsion.

" Well cloud you just want to trash the mission and just find another way to go in?" Asked Ron as he sat at the fire controls of the Eureka.

"no Ron I know that we have put a huge task in front of them but I think they can handle it now let me concentrate this is not easy." Answered Seras who was at the pilot controls and was having the eureka fly about 1000 feet above the sea surface.

" I agree with Seras we don't have better time than now so Ed let them loose." Ordered Cloud as he stood up, holding his arm out pointing at the enemy fleet .

" Duty Calls , 3oclock tea!" Exclaimed Ed as she press the release for the hangers drop doors.

" Here We go brace your selves!" Cried Rain as the swan plummeted out of the door .

" Splash ." Was all the group of teens heard as they hit the water .

" Here We Go!" Screamed Rachel as she revved the engine. The Swan shot forward toward the fleet .

" Taurus locked on and ready to fire ." mum bled Kad as he fire the rifle and took out five deities on a row.

" Aries Let's rock ." Yelled forest as he shot a lightning bolt at the nearest ship . the ship lit up like firework and the swan raced past it. This trend continued for another mile but one they got to the main destroyers then it got interesting.

" kad protect the ship." Said Forest as he pump the shotgun expelling the shell and brought in another one.

"Wait what are going to do?" Asked Kad as he work the bolt of his rifle and took out another deity.

"lm going to do something crazy and stupid keep Rain on the boat." Replied Forest . as he rocketed of the boat and landed on the destroyer. He fired one slug at the first gun turret he found . when the slug impacted it caused the whole turret to explode.

" Man those explosive Slugs are something." Remark Kad observing the explosion form below.

" Kad what did Forest just do?" Asked Rachel as she throttled the boat forward.

" just jumped ship to cause some mayhem." Replied Kad as he fired his rifle taking down a fly deity.

" ok I won't tell Rain ." Said Rachel as she turned to get around the other side if the ship that forest jumped on.

Back at the fort two of the purist zodiac were watching the battle by use of TV. The general in charge was a regale man . his brown hair was pulled back on his head and he wore a tidy uniform.

" I'm not sure why they sent you people." Stated the general as he turn away from the TV to face the two pilots.

One was a girl the a year older than forest and with long black hair that went down to her butt with two long strips ,one on each side going down to her chin. She had on a white button up shirt untucked to where it went down to just below her waist . below she was wearing tan shorts with black sneakers. On her nose she wore a pair of thin rim purple lensed glasses perched on the end of her nose.

The other was a guy he had short ,spiky blonde hair. He was wearing brown tee shirt. He wore leather brown fingerless gloves on his hands.

" Well it seems that you still didn't have enough fire power." Said the Boy pilot pointing to the screen. All the ships had been reduce to smoking hulls with Aries standing on one that had flipped over.

" Your right Nate but I think it is time to give them a bad dream." Said the Girl pushing up her glasses.

" Come on Bery they must be tried we don't want to kill reefs Friend." Tease Nate As Bery to turned to face him.

" True but there is no harm in just having a little fun with them." Replied Bery as she headed out of the door.

" Wait where are you going? "Exclaimed the general.

" to give our quest a welcome." Answered Nate as he flashed a playful look at the general.

" God damn why do all zodiacs have to be so gunho about everything. It doesn't matter but I wonder what the king was thinking when he gave the prince and his gang the ability to bypass ay order and do their own thing." Sighed the general as he looked out the window as the two dashed off in a car to the battlefield.

Back at the battlefield Forest had gotten back on the boat and both him and kad had purged their armor and forest was till panting .

" Man who knew that being merged is so tiring." Panted forest as he sat down on the deck of the Swan.

" Well you are a fast paced fighter so you are going to have to build up your endurance.' Replied Kad as he put his halberd over his shoulder. The Swan was heading for land and was now about 15 yards off shore.

" Hey chaps brace for impact ." Suggested Rachel as she activated the transmission and rammed the boat up onto the shore. Both guys rocked back and forth as the wheels hit shore.

" thanks Rachel but I'm not a chap." Thanked Forest as he stood up and looked around at the short tree forest.

" Yes you are aren't you a boy correct." Said Rachel as she drove the swan through the forest . they hit an empty clearing and they stopped at the edge of it.

In the center of the clearing stood a girl with red hair in a simple white dress she seemed to be just magical." Wait a second Eva what are you doing here?" shouted Forest as he dropped his khopeshes ,hopped of the ship, and ran over to the girl. He put his hands on her shoulders. The girls eyes seemed to be saddened by the presence of Forest.

" I'm sorry Forest." Eva Mumbled as her hands tightened into tight fists.

" what do you mean ?" Asked Forest in a good bit of shock.

" Forest get your ass out of there it isn't what you think it is!" Screamed rain realizing that something was not quite right .

" What do you mean Rain?" Asked Forest in a daze.

" I'm sorry Forest." Mumbled Eva as she pulled a gun out of shot Forest in the gut.

" Forest!" Screamed The whole group in slow motion as Forest hit the ground shocked. Eva Faded to be replaced with Nate and Bery standing on the other end of the clearing.

" did you have a good dream?" teased Bery as she pushed up her glasses up with one hand.